Powerlessness comes with The Original Design

Eliminate Powerlessness of The Vessel

As far as I can see, feeling powerless, feeling at the mercy of something out of your control, is part of the human experience, in fact it is a fundamental part of the human experience. And it is a part of it, even after the activation of The Original Design where homo sapiens turns into Human Being.

Why is it part of the Original Design? Because it was part of the experience of the Original Vessel, according to Kabbalah. And because I haven’t seen much in Kabbalah that wasn’t, that didn’t turn out to be true, I am going to conditionally trust Kabbalah…

I am not going to tell the story again, if you don’t know it, please look it up.


But just to set it up for you: there was The Light desiring to bestow its light. It created The Vessel. It flooded The Vessel with light. At some point The Vessel said: Continue reading “Powerlessness comes with The Original Design”

Updated: Humility: What Is It And Why Should You Have It? Is Being Humble Meek? Powerless? Stupid? Get Ready To Be Surprised!

Sometimes guidance comes from a student or client request.

Today I heard from a long time client who never managed to go from a to be… despite of the many courses she came to.

She had a difficult time accessing an activator, part of the Second Phase Activators (I downloaded more than 100 activators in that course!). I checked and she was right, somehow the video got corruteed in the more than three years it was moved around…

I listened to it and it dawned on me that without activating humility, of course you’ll never learn anything. Anything new, I mean.

Here is the article I wrote at the time, and in the meantime I am trying to rescue that video: given that it is the cornerstone of all learning, all growth, all evolution, all raising your vibration, if necessary, I’ll dedicate another webinar to the topic…

In the meantime, here is the “oldie but goodie” article

On Humility

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Updated: Higher Vibration and The Illusion of Dark Side

dark side illusion Questions about dark side and dark energies are coming up a lot nowadays.

My approach to dark side


… is Kabbalistic because Kabbalah’s approach to this issue is more useful for someone who wants to understand the issue or Dark Side.

You see, “where attention goes energy flows.” And that attention actually creates or strengthens that which it energizes, even if it wasn’t there before. Especially when you say you don’t want it. Resistance to something is like pouring oil on the fire… makes it bigger. Like “I have no time”, like : I am confused,” like “nobody likes me.” creates exactly what it complains about. Or “I am NOT stupid” or “I don’t want to feel this” or telling fear to go away, and the thousand and one way you can resist something. Even ignoring something is resistance to it.

In a recent Landmark Education seminar I learned that the poison that human beings swallowed wholly and greedily is “there is something wrong here,” the foundation of human misery, the dark side: Right and Wrong… behaving as if there were a right way and this isn’t it.

It seems that you never stop for a second to ask the questions that could create choice:

Possible question to create choice #1:
You ask: Hm, Something wrong here? Says who? Then answer: _I_ say so (the same person who asked the question). Next: ask: who assigned me to be the judge? Do I know how it is supposed to be? Do I see the whole picture? — And if you are anyone other than God, the answer is that you can’t see the whole picture, and therefore you don’t know if it is really wrong what’s happening… so you can see that you can’t tell wrong from right… Not knowing is a much higher state than being sure.

Possible question #2: Who or what wins if I choose to say “there is something wrong here.”
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Activators produce permanent change once they are established… What’s in the way? What’s the difficulty?

PhotoReading and normal reading produce different results Activators produce permanent change once they are established… What’s in the way?

In several tests, comparing comprehension and the ability to recall and use the information after reading a book, people performed much better when they read the book with the PhotoReading method than when they read it “normally.” The retention, the length of time that the knowledge is available was also multiple of the “normal” reading length.

The tests compare the same person, (as opposed to groups) so the base knowledge, the vocabulary, and interests, (which are fundamentally influencing the results,) are the same in the comparison. Person A, normal reading, vs. person A PhotoReading, got it? If you compared my results with yours, the comparison would not be valid, because we have a different level of knowledge and vocabulary, and interests.

So the comparison is comparing comprehension between two states:

  1. you have a chance to read every word with your conscious mind, look up words that you don’t know, re-read paragraphs that you don’t understand completely, ponder, etc. You can read, at the rate of about 30 pages an hour, and it will take as long as it takes.
  2. in an altered state of mind, with eyes fuzzy and focused behind the pages so you cannot actually see what’s on the page, at a rate of 1 page a second… a normal book takes a few minutes to read this way.

Why would it be so? After all it doesn’t make sense, does it?

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The difference between activators and energies, and why is RESPECT my homework for the week

The difference between activators and energies, and why is respect my homework for the week


Energies are directly downloaded, transmitted, or infused.

  • I can put my hand on your head, and give you an energy download.
  • I can contact you energetically, and give you an energy transmission. I can do it for as many people as many can connect at any one time… even if it is a million people. They just need to become energetically one, by connecting to Source at the same time.

    That may be the method we’ll use for the potential calamities of 2012: mass energy transmission.

  • And energy can be transferred or infused into a physical object, namely into the water in the object. It can be water, alcohol, any food item, like chocolate, etc. Then, when you consume the item, it gets into your body.

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How We Raise Your Vibration: Activators explained… again.

zapping the emotions that kill you Activators explained… again.

Activators are specific type of energy submissions. They don’t add anything, they work with what you have.

There are two types of activators:

  1. positive (adding) downloads: adds something that contributes to your well-being. Similar to adding fertilizer to your garden soil.
  2. elimination or take-away downloads: Similar to pulling weeds, or picking off pests that eat your plants.

Both types of activators have two components:

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Vibrational Review: Stephen Pierce

stephen pierce momentum maker Vibrational Review: Stephen Pierce

Stephen Pierce is a Born Again Christian. His vibration is 270.

He is a multi-millionaire marketer. A Black guy with a great story: long ago he was at the wrong place and got shot… he picked himself up.

He is unusually intelligent, you might say he is a genius. Also married right: his wife’s family are the nicest people I have ever met and the family works together as a unit. Have never seen anything like that. I spent a weekend with them a few years ago, when they still lived in Michigan.

Update: he is now divorced. I wish him luck.

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Case Study: Evolution Modality of Christine Hoeflich

christine hoeflich activating 2012 Case Study: Evolution Modality of Christine Hoeflich

I have a personal principle that I don’t write about something, don’t criticize something until I immerse myself in it.

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Connect To Source or Die

connect to source or die Connect To Source or Die

What is the Quickening movie about?

That movie is a 2012 prediction.

What is the foundation of even having any predictions? There are two: the Hopi myth that seems to be coming true (I didn’t do any research! do your homework!) and the Mayan calendar.

The Mayan calendar which is conveniently (?) illustrated by one of the temples, it is shown that humanity is approaching its current state’s fifth night.

Each period, including this one, is divided to 5 days and 5 nights. According to the Mayan Calendar the time of the fifth night is approaching. The traditional interpretation puts the end of the fifth night to December of 2012, a Swedish researcher says, that it will be as soon as October of this year, 2011.

What are the types of calamities we can expect?

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Activator Downloads… Activate The Original Design’s Circuits, The Divine Blueprint

circuits activated light up I saw another episode of Star Trek last night. The issue was if Lt. Data, an android, had the right for self-determination, or free will, like a human being. In the trial, the prosecutor studied Lt. Data’s design, and circuits, and to demonstrate that Lt. Data was a machine, he turned him off. It was like he killed Data, heart wrenching.

It occurred to me that human being is a superior machine, but its superiority depends on the number of active circuits…

Mr. Data illustrate that to have respect, self-respect, to honor, to be honest, to be courageous, and the list of these characteristics and abilities is long, is either active in a human being or not. But… it is there by design and the circuit can be activated.

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