What makes soap operas addictive? What are YOU hooked on?

got its hooks in youVery “interesting” experience. I watched the first year of Dexter, and although I wanted to watch all episodes, the first year was not addictive.

But I had a premonition about the rest of the series.

Made up by skilled television writers, I knew it was going to be something dangerous to my well-being.

Unneeded complications, many different side-story lines, all dramatic and irrelevant, all stories I would not watch Netflix for. But all of these side-stories had a claw as sharp as the tiny hooks of burr… of velcro.

I felt myself getting hooked on the horizontal world, the irrelevant, the shallow, the dramatic nothing.

And I can feel the ego now clawing for me to return… as if I could not survive without that drek. I am serious. The pull is tremendous.

Now, why am I sharing this? Because this is how the horizontal, the family, the circle of friends, the news, the elections, social media hooks you. On the world or irrelevant, with tiny hooks like velcro.
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Could you be crying and be unphased at the same time? Does the White Lotus cry?

the white lotus, the symbol of being unphasedCan you listen to insults to your family, your god, your country and be unphased?

Can you watch death and grieving and be unphased?

I am unphased 91% of the time. Very few things pull me out of the equilibrium, where I need to recover so I can return to being well and unphased. All of them are self-created, none of them are real.

I cry a lot. I feel people’s grief, I feel centuries old sadness, I feel the pain of not being allowed to grow, or even to live.

I am re-reading a book about the story of a family, the Levis, through 800 years of persecution.

I first read it 35 years ago. I remember it pulled me right out of equilibrium then… I had very little idea who I was, and the book added to it in an unsettling way: I decided that I was one of the 36 men who were bearing and absorbing all the suffering of the world.

I felt proud, I felt justified, and I was sad. I cried myself to sleep night after night.  I was self-righteously indignant.

It was just before I took off for Israel, in 1982.

I also had the thought, in the back of my mind that the story of the 36 is a story the majority invented to not have to be responsible for their suffering.

But I was pulled out of my equilibrium, to the direction my soul correction dictates: I am special. And into the direction my floor slopes: I am useful for something, you can’t kill me now.

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DNA… how many strands of dna does a human have? Eric Pearl and his reconnection method

eric_pearl_bookLet’s talk about DNA… frauds, misinformation, bull crap

I am reading Eric Pearl’s book, something or other Reconnection.

The book has a 2% truth value. Which means that 98 percent of it is untrue. And 20% of it is deliberate lie… the rest is delusion, tree of knowledge, etc.

I read the book on Kindle, and I am at 40% in reading it.

I am reading it as a novel, a fantastical story, and as such, it is funny, witty…

He meant it as telling the truth, and teaching how to heal people…
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Step by tiny step: raise your consciousness to raise your vibration… the connection is revealed in this article

7 levels of awareness, 7 levels of consciousness, or how to raise your consciousnessWhat needs to change for vibration to rise? Can an energy raise your vibration? Can changing your beliefs change your vibration?

Like with everything, things are best measured when you are at your worst, including your vibration. When the s-h-i-t hits the fan. When someone pushes your buttons. When all your dreams come tumbling down.

Why? Because the rest of the time you are just la-di-da… no challenge. You fancy yourself safe, successful, high vibration, but it all proves to be a pretense when the going gets tough.

Of course, your dramatic mind can make every action feel like the crucial action that your mind depends on… running late, clicking the wrong button, the computer malfunctioning, forgetting something…
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Drama… your story… did it happen?


What do I call drama?

Every negative, uncomfortable, unpleasant feeling that you feel, experience, indicates drama. A story played out inside you. While you are involved in that drama you are not involved in life, you are taking an entertainment break: your relationships, your health, your work will suffer as a result.

Some of us are even addicted to that drama: for all I know it creates a sense of aliveness for the morbid, especially for people whose life is otherwise empty, void of purpose.
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