Please help me in this test… Thank you

I trust you that you’ll do what is in your best interest. That is what I want you to do… because then the information I’ll glean from this test will be valid. thank you.

Who is my ideal client? It matters not what you say, it matters more if it is heard by the right people…

I have been asking this question for a few years now.

Marketing teachers tell me to find people who are kept awake at night by something that nag at them, that doesn’t let them sleep… a problem, an itch that cannot be scratched. I am not attracted to the suffering.

I want to expand my business to start selling “stuff”.

But what stuff shall I sell and to whom?
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Satan? Ego? Useful or Faulty Design? Do names matter?

I have been observing myself as a spiritual practice. Trying to ‘remember myself’ as Gurjieff would say it, call upon the ‘witness’ or ‘observer’. Be awake. Either way, I have noticed something interesting about myself: see if you can relate.

I am in front of my computer* (where I spend most of my day). I encounter something that requires the slightest push on my end. I see myself automatically going to the computer game of my choice, Freecell. Continue reading “Satan? Ego? Useful or Faulty Design? Do names matter?”