If you want to enslave a man, the best and fastest way to go about it is to rob the man of his common sense, his guidance system.

Brave New World... the ultimate destruction of manIf you want to enslave a man, the best and fastest way to go about it is to rob the man of his common sense, his guidance system.

Train him to not trust his feelings. In anything. Train him that he can’t trust his feelings. Train him that all decisions should be made by men smarter than him. Train him that he can’t be trusted to made decisions about the education, the health about his children.

Train him by printing on plastic bags that they should not be put in the cradle… because a child may suffocate playing with it… Do this so the man will stop thinking for himself and start relying entirely on thing being given to him chewed and digested.

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One model for a satisfying life is the battery.

cell-battery-rundownIf you suck the last little bit of energy out of your battery and then charge it, next day it will give you a little more… 1I just read that this is not true for all types of batteries… well, it is true for most people…)

But if you suck the energy sparingly, if you are more worried about the battery than about building something with the energy… at the end of the day energy is left in the battery.

You charge it overnight, and next day the battery will show full, but its full is only the 70% you used the day before…

And little by little, your sparing the battery attitude, your stinginess leaves you with hardly any energy to get things done, to think, to dream, to imagine, to be creative.

This is how life works.

The energy-loss, the loss of vibrancy, capacity loss can be gradually reversed…
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Should you strive for leaving a legacy?

footprint in the sand

This is continuing the theme I started in my last post, looking at your life and priorities. This is a politically incorrect article… The footnotes are really important in this article, don’t miss them.

Let’s take a near posthumous look at your life… so you can see what was important, and do it while you still have time.

If you are afraid of death: this is especially for you. 1

Someone who lives fully and does what is important to them, isn’t afraid of death. They weren’t afraid of life, they aren’t afraid of death. That doesn’t mean they want to die… they are just not driven to panic by the sight of an life that never happened.

Yesterday I spoke about wanting to get my work out… but upon further examination, I realized that I fell for the cultural, societal mumbo jumbo, that is designed to have you be unfulfilled, and lose your self interest.

What am I talking about?

About legacy… What is your legacy? Can you feel the cold hands of dread squeezing your heart?
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Fear of death

threatened-gunYesterday, in the Playground session, we spoke about the fear of death.

“They” say all fear is fear of death. I am not afraid of death. I have faced death several times. Some of the times it was because I was ill. Many of the times I did it to meet death, to make friends with death. And even more often I faced death to get beyond it. To get where only through death you can get.
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Updated: Soul Correction: Fearless

soul correction fearlessFear is an issue. It’s universal. You have it, I have it. You have to have it. It is the 200,000 year old hardware… where your life was lived out in an environment where everything was a threat to your survival.

Today’s fears are the same, except today the threats to your survival are missing… and yet, the fears continue.

Your path to the next level of evolution, Human Being, is the beingness of fearless… where you consider fear a necessary evil, and you take it with you wherever you go, big and small, safe or dangerous, like you would take a child with you who needs your support.
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Turning Points Part 2: commit to life

turning point Turning Points Part 2

In the movie, The Piano, there seem to be several turning points. The main character (Helen Hunt) is married off to New Zealand. She falls in love with a laborer. Seeming turning points.

Why are these not real turning points?

We will only be dealing with created, conscious, turning points, not when life changes or we change, but it’s not conscious. These are moments when we are unusually strongly connected to Life, and thus can cause our lives to turn instead of continuing down the same unproductive path.

The real turning point, in the movie, happens on the way back to the States: Helen Hunt’s character decides to end her life. She, unbeknownst to others, ties her ankle to her beloved piano. Half way to the ship (I think) she orders the men to throw the piano overboard. They comply and the heavy piano pulls Helen Hunt’s character to the depth of the ocean.

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