Validation: The Fastest Way To Raise Your Vibration.

As we are embarking on another 30-day challenge to activate seeing in reality… I change the focus and therefore the process, but want to achieve the same thing: accuracy, astuteness, intelligence… in seeing what is in reality and have accurate, astute and intelligent responses in return.

Because, as weird as it sounds, the best the collective human race can do, at this stage is a 1% accuracy… which isn’t sufficient for happiness, peace of mind, powerful life… none of it.

Why? Because we look not out there, but in here… in the mind, and we keep seeing the same thing, regardless what is outside.

Your vibration, everyone’s main concern, can only be high as your astuteness is… this is why the average vibration on the planet is falling like a rock… it is 100 in 2020.  When I started this website, in 2011, the average vibration was, if I remember correctly, 150… 100 is the level of religion, any ideology, fascism, communism, racism…

So, although I can’t do much for the Planet, I can help individuals lift themselves from the morass and see more, and see more accurately.

The easiest method and fastest method of doing that is validation, the practice, coupled with the DNA capacity activation.

To be able to get into the vibration of appreciation (300 on the map of consciousness) or get into the vibration of gratitude (above 300 on the map of consciousness), you would need to be a vibrational match to either, and 99.99% of the population isn’t.

The good news is: the act of validation will temporarily raise your vibration to that same vibrational frequency and that is the vibrational frequency where you can TEMPORARILY activate the Law of Attraction and have your desires be fulfilled. You can start exactly where you are.

If you diligently practice validation, you will be able to keep your vibrational frequency at this high level. You will experience first-hand what having a higher vibration is like: pure bliss.

Let me explain the process of validation

You find something worthy of acknowledgment in another.

It can be big or small. You can always find something easy to start with: you have nice teeth, or you smell good, or your socks are a fabulous color. Practice this first to find out that people, if you are honest, will appreciate being seen…

Next, a step harder, is to have a goal in mind: one could be: to experience being heard by another. I have a student for whom that would be reason to celebrate.

Another goal could be to bring a smile to another’s face.

Mine is often to experience people returning to the present moment. I’ll feel it because I will experience that they can actually see me. Not an easy feat… I don’t always succeed. You show up for them as a disruption… ok, I do… lol. Hey, I am a disrupter…

Why does validation work? Why it alters YOU? Why it’s worth doing?

Validation coupled with the DNA activation is like getting glimpses of heaven.

Validation is much like smiling. Once you start it, it causes a state change. Your mood start matching the smile, it goes up with it. You don’t have to feel like smiling when you start, and when you end it, you can’t help feeling happy.

In the beginning you will have to strain yourself to find anything worthy of acknowledgment. But as you practice, it will be easier and easier.

I remember when I started I looked at people’s clothing, their bodies, their hair to find something to acknowledge. Then I graduated to behavior, and later to who they really are. Today I am able to connect to their real self and acknowledge that.

validationCatch: in order for validation to work for you, you actually need to look before you speak. Which means, you can’t just become a robot, and spout nice things, that will actually lower your vibration. Trickery doesn’t work in the world of vibration.

Remember that this exercise only raises your vibration while you are doing it. So doing it diligently is your best bet.

Eventually you’ll be able to keep the DNA capacity open… but continuing living a life of a validator is, I say, mandatory to keep the capacity open so you can see

Put up reminders around you. After a long while it will become second nature to you. By then your vibration was permanently impacted.

The 30-day Validation challenge starts on Monday, 10/26/2020

I activate the capacity and let you know in an email.

So, as you see, the first exercise for validation asks you to see… and tell them. See more every day, and tell them.

A second exercise for validation is different

It talks to something you can’t see. It is designed to open up your sight to see what you have been denied access to by your own mind.

Some twenty years ago I had a homework in one of the courses I did to acknowledge a missing item, something I could not see, something that was missing for me. The instructions were: lie authentically.

That sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? lie and authentic in the same sentence? Bah.

But it worked brilliantly. It took me a week and 43 people, but by the 44th I could actually see free, my missing item, and acknowledge it authentically. Until that point I just said the words, and was very surprised that people thanked me for noticing it, or just nodded in agreement. I really could not see… but they could. They had a different missing item, not the same as mine.

I have used this in my coaching with the same surprising results.

My missing item was “free.” Yours will be likely different.

So my acknowledgment was: “I see that you are free.” Or “I acknowledge you for being free”.

If your missing item is powerful, then you would say: “I can see that you are powerful”. You’ll be surprised to see how many people will be pleased to hear it.

How do you get your missing item? Go and read my post on the three wishes… it’s given there exactly.

This second exercise, done properly and past the time that you can actually see your missing item, raises your vibration permanently.

I just got an email from a long time student who said:

how can something that is all about me raise my vibration? After all my missing item is ‘belonging’… and it is all about me.

My answer is: the exercise is to acknowledge that they have your missing item… and that is not about you. If I tell you: I see you are loved, and you smile and feel warm all over, and say, thank you… was that about me? No.

So none of the validation exercises are about you. If at any point you feel it’s about you, then you are doing some ego exercise.

If you think you are ready to make the jump, please do so before Monday

Get your ‘recognizing/seeing value’ capacity activated

PS: It’s a good idea to watch the movie “Validation” before you start.

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I just watched two episodes of a Korean series where most people were dimwitted.

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When you go home for the holidays, you have a space inside which you interact with your mother. You have a space inside which you interact with your father, another space with your siblings.

Some people live their whole life out of one favorite space.

When you know what space you think you are in, and the other person makes no sense, that is because they relate to you inside a different space.

For example, Nancy lives inside Mother-child space. She is either the mother, or she is the child. When she is the child, I am either the mother (she loves that) or Not mother… she hates that. When she is the mother and I refuse to be the child, she throws a tantrum.

This is invisible for her. It’s the water she swims in.
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I remember saying to myself: my money is not good enough for you? and wept.

I had no idea how I “accomplished” that… in 20/20 hindsight it is still a little spotty.

What wasn’t clear to me, never even occurred to me, how my attitude effected the service provider. My “To what degree you think of yourself:” starting point measure was, at the time, 70%. From my behavior I would have guessed it was higher.

Mainly I overrode what they said. I argued, I knew better, I acted with contempt…

What I didn’t know then is that being a service provider needs to be a win, or no service.

A customer who is not happy is a drag on an provider, and not worth the little (or even a lot of) money they pay.

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This brings me to August Rush.

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