Approximately… the price you pay for being casual and democratic

I have been telling you, telling my students, telling my clients, that you hear what I say… approximately. You follow instructions… approximately. You read… approximately. You keep your diet… approximately. You live… approximately.

You only got up this morning because you didn’t die the night before.

I am re-reading The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. 2600 pages… What can I say, I like long books. lol.

I have started to check every word in the kindle’s built in dictionary some time ago. Maybe a year ago, maybe two. I originally read the Baroque Cycle four years ago.

The book has plenty of words I needed to check. And to my dismay, I found that the first time around I only understood what happened… approximately.

Approximately is missing 90% plus of what you read, and you are left with the inconsequential 10%. The stuff you already knew. The gossipy stuff. The mundane stuff. The stuff that allows you to remain the same, your world view to remain the same.

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Looking at things from a burka… can you take off the burka and yet see the same?

I read. I read a lot. I read and re-read books that I like.

So now I am re-reading Neal Stephenson’s historical fiction of the 17th-18th century… 1

One of the characters in the book is Eliza who in her very young years was a slave, harem girl. She is about 45 at the time of the book.

She is in a carriage, that reminds her of the time of her harem-girl time, when she and other girls were taken to outings dressed in a burka… the point of similarity between the two times.

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The Amish Horse Training… key to the silent mind

Yesterday I had a rude awakening.

In a call with a private coaching client the clarity issue came up… After several instruction sessions, he still didn’t understand how to do the Amish Horse Training Method. You could say that I spoke butterfly and he heard caterpillar…

As I have written before, one of the measures of Axiology, the science of value through measurements, obviously heroes of mine…

Clarity. How accurately you see, hear, read…

Most people have low clarity.

I measure your clarity in the vocabulary measure… #10 which is what I find useful. 1

If your clarity is low, (under 1000) you will not be able to follow instructions. you will not be able to understand what an author said, the way they mean it, the way it is written.

I noticed last night that when I encountered a word in a book, on my kindle, that I only knew approximately what it meant, that unless I went to the dictionary right away, instead of reading what I was reading, the mind hijacked my attention and started to deal with the word, instead of the book, or what I was reading.

This matches my clients’ experience when they listen to me on a call. When they encounter a word they are not sure about, they spin off to a narrative type space (the mind) and stop hearing what I am saying.

Being a teacher, this spells disaster for me and my teaching.

If you can’t follow my teaching, your results, consistent with my teaching, are not forthcoming.

  • The average understanding of my students! of my teaching is 10% (according to muscle test)
  • The average understanding of visitors of my site of my teaching is 3%.

It is caused by the lack of accurate vocabulary 100% of the time.

I can’t train your vocabulary, that is your autodidact process. But I can train the Amish Horse Training Method

Without being able to do the Amish Horse Training Method, accurately, the way it was meant to be done, without cutting corners, inside and empowering context, you will NEVER in a million years will be able to reclaim your power from the mind, from the voices, from the memes, from the Dark Side.

It is frustrating to teach people who cannot hear you. You can imagine.

But when I ask the question: is it worth it? The answer is yes. Even if I can only manage to teach one person… and that one person becomes an expanding human being, the practice has proven itself to be accurate, and to work.

And then I can have a choice to add others to that side, or call it a day, and retire or die.

Until then: my work is not finished.

As long as you habitually go to the mind, nothing new can enter.

Your clarity will actually decrease. Any and all course, book, teaching will be misunderstood. And you’ll go deeper and deeper to the place where you have no control over your inner environment meaning, no control of what runs your life, and no control of how you feel.

I have a plan for a solution. It may not work… but you never know until you tested it. That is how it is with everything in life. Theories are nice, but unless they work in the real world, they are not worth the paper they are written on.

And 99% of theories have never been proven… and yet they are treated as the truth. All of the theories in this space: self-development, raising vibration, self-growth… are unproven theories, proven to me by the low personal vibration of their originator.

So what is the plan to start moving you out of the influence of the mind?

The Amish Horse Training Method Training.

Will it work? We shall see. They may work for those with a tad more clarity, and won’t work for others.

The workshops will be in a webinar format.

I haven’t decided on the time and day yet, but you can register and send me your time preference.

You won’t be admitted if I don’t have your 20 point Starting Point Measurement…

Here is the cost schedule for the training:

one time pass: $29. You can book additional sessions with a discount in the checkout process.

In the training I’ll explain the Amish Horse Training Method. Then I’ll ask you to repeat back to me what you heard. Based on the discrepancy between what you heard and what I said, I’ll add clarifications.

Even though I cannot ask you to “do” the Amish Horse Training Method on the call, the quality of your listening will be revealing of your clarity, and of your ability to hear what is being said and the voices.

The Amish Horse Training method, in essence, is a self-training to be able to hear the voices as voices, and not yourself.

Your clarity will depend more on your level of being able to hear the voices that are narrating what I say, than even your vocabulary.

My recommendation is to come back and do the training again and again, until you get what it is you are supposed to do to become free of the mind, at least on the level of the voices.

The client I mention in the first part of the article has practically gone through this training three times, and is still not able to do it. He can recite what he is supposed to do, but for now they are just words.

Like with everything that is worth doing, this is hard.

I didn’t realize it until yesterday. For me it was easy. Why? Because by the time I got to it, I already had lots of spiritual capacities open, and a much higher level of clarity than most people.

When was it that I began this particular training? I first heard of the voices as voices from Paul Turro, a Wisdom Course leader in 2003. He illustrated it too… and because I am an empath, I could feel the separation: the voices were not part of him… they were just voices, disembodied, outside of him.

That clue was what had been missing.

His vibration is, just checked, is 200… and he still leads the Wisdom Course in San Diego.

So it’s hard. The payoff of not even attempting to climb this mountain is that you can remain comfortably in pain.
The cost: the same.

OK, here is the payment button

and if you haven’t gotten a 20-point Starting Point Measurement, get it here

PS: Someone asked: why aren’t you making these sessions free?

Two reasons. 1. I need to eat… 2. I don’t want people who are not serious. This is hard, because the Dark Side is working diligently against this method. So I need people who are, at least, in their heart are serious. I don’t expect a lot of people… because TLB 1-s are not able to look even as far as tomorrow.

If I offered a “wipe away all your negativity” I bet I would have thousands of applicants for this price.

PS: some people call the voices Self-talk… and may even suggest that you cultivate it. They are speaking for the Dark Side…

I remember participating in a course, and buying books on self-talk (affirmations are self-talk methods). The more I did it the more miserable I was. I started to have more emotional distress than ever before. The emotional distress is normal: the marker feelings come as a result of self-talk, or the voices.

The connection between how you listen and how alive you are…

You listen… approximately. And your life can be no better… you are at best approximately alive.

Your powers of distinguishing the relevant from the irrelevant, the worth listening to or the noise, the worth reading or the noise, the worth knowing or the noise are not even on a kindergartner level.

Why? Because you have all these amazing human abilities, but you don’t use them.

When I tell you to practice the Amish Horse Training Method, and I explain that the way it goes is that the Amish farmer ties the young horse in training to a pole next to a busy highway, and leaves it to deal with the noise of the highway for 30-60 days. Continue reading “The connection between how you listen and how alive you are…”

How is the relationship between you and you? Love? Respect? or is it wretched?

The love between you and you... your inner peace is the function of integrity. You cannot be happy, or at peace, if there is no love between you and you.What is the “feat”, what is the accomplishment that will come from doing the Amish Horse Training Method faithfully and as it is meant to be done?

As it is meant to be done… this sentence has a rhythm, a music… and it is rare to see it happening.

this sentence is part of the integrity statement:

“Nothing hidden, being truthful and honest, doing complete work, working from an empowering context, and doing very well what you do; doing it as it was meant to be done or better, and without cutting corners.

“In other words, HONORING ONE’S WORD: Doing what you know to do, doing what you said you would do and on time, doing what others would expect you to do even if you haven’t said you would do it, and saying when you are not doing this as soon as you realize you won’t be doing it or won’t be doing it on time.”

Judging from the integrity numbers I get in the Starting Point Measurements, no one is doing the Amish Horse Training Method the way it was meant to be done. The average integrity number is under 10%. Continue reading “How is the relationship between you and you? Love? Respect? or is it wretched?”

The life of a pinball… or Your expectations and your disappointments

Your expectations and your disappointments reveal to you and to everyone who knows anything about the unconscious world view that makes sure you are miserable.

You learned that the Universe, Reality, your body, other people are like a vending machine. Push a button and outcomes what you wanted.

Or a car, or an electric mixer. Mechanistic, there for your service.

Even the evil people, religion, law of attraction, manifestation people teach that… with one little twist: if you are good, then the machine will turn on and spit out what you wanted.

So these people with their little twist make it your own fault if and when it doesn’t work.

But what you think about the world and the way the world works are very different.

And you go from expectation to disappointment, anger, dismay, disgust… according to your temperament. Continue reading “The life of a pinball… or Your expectations and your disappointments”

Why you can’t tell if somebody is smart or not… Because in the dark all cats are gray

One of the most surprising thing in the world of humans is that humans can’t tell if they are smart or not. This error leads to lives that are not fulfilled, filled with fear, trepidation, or on the other extreme: boasting and disappointment. 1

I just watched two episodes of a Korean series where most people were dimwitted.

Dimwitted is just another word for “not smart”… but it is a good word because you can see that something is dimmed… as in “it’s dark here… you can’t see much”.

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Coaching that gets results vs. coaching that sounds so transformational!

Being a coach is easy if you have no idea what they are doing, because you have never done it.

You just do what everyone else does, and hope for the best.

A “normal” coach only knows what they learned. Tree of Knowledge. Not worthless, but not authentic.

Most coaches have a mixed bag: they did some things, and learned others.

And a master coach is someone who not only has done it, but has done it successfully… and has produced success. Continue reading “Coaching that gets results vs. coaching that sounds so transformational!”

Why do you choose the shotgun method that doesn’t work, while you know that the process method works?

I am reading this guy’s book. I say “this guy” because I don’t want you to read it. I want you to read my blog…

In a lot of ways he and I teach the same things, even though we use different words. He uses words from psychology and woowoo science… I use words like Amish Horse Training Method, Memes, Marker Feelings.

He is a money/marketing man. His vibration is 200, his accurate vocabulary is 600.

He is proof that you don’t have to have a very high vibration to be able to look from high enough so you see enough to make millions and even teach others to make millions. Continue reading “Why do you choose the shotgun method that doesn’t work, while you know that the process method works?”

Raising you vibration will pay off in spades?

Billionaires are rare creatures.

One of the things you can learn about them is this: they could have become billionaires in almost any business. Not just the one they actually did.

I mean it. But they chose the business they chose, and they chose given what they saw.

One thing the non-billionaires share is that they can see less and less clearly than billionaires.

Their view is cluttered with memes… and remember that memes are words that block you from seeing, block you from even looking…

So we could safely say, that billionaires see more memes for what they are… rules invented by someone else…

…while you see can’t see that all memes, all ideas, all thoughts are rules someone else invented for you to stay the same.

And the 67 steps, especially combined with my coaching program, is a cleansing regimen: cleansing you of the memes that cover your eyes. For a minimum of 18 months.

Now, will you achieve billionaire level clarity in 18 months?

You could, but it really depends on the amount of accurate work you put in. More on that factor than where you start. Continue reading “Raising you vibration will pay off in spades?”