Who are your customers and are you selling them what they want?

who are your customers?I just had my first ‘podcast call’ with Bonnie, one of my newer students. I really like her. Her first question hit me unexpectedly low: she asked: who are you making the podcast for… who is going to listen to it? who are your customers?

I hadn’t given it any thought… I only thought of what I wanted to teach… hm.

I learned an awful lot from the call… It didn’t turn out the way I envisioned it: 10-20 minutes me lecturing… instead it was a conversation with an intelligent person who, you could hear, could and would implement what I teach.

My Sunday call is, in contrast, with a person who will never implement anything I teach. Continue reading “Who are your customers and are you selling them what they want?”

April fool…

The Hungarian saying about April Fool is ‘April’s fool, May’s stupid ass’

But when you look closely, the human mind makes us an April fool all the time.

I look out the window. the trees are covered with snow.

What does this mean? This is the first question any human asks, isn’t it? What does this mean?

Nature is probably aware that it’s April Fool’s Day, and it speaks of two sides of the mouth: the bottom of the sky says: warm weather is coming. the trees and the dark clouds say: winter is here to stay.

When I left Hungary back in 1982, I drove a tiny Italian car that had the size of wheels like a toy car, so it made me feel every pebble on the pavement, it was talking to me through my butt.

Had I asked what this meant, had I come up with the most plausible answer, I would have turned around, and said: what i know is better than the unknown… Continue reading “April fool…”

Your life is built on a story. Make a better life. Learn confabulating

confabulating your life storyWhat is confabulating? It is telling a story based on actual things that happened… But you can make, based on actual things, hundreds of different stories. But alas, most people retell the same boring story… and they are surprised that their life is predictable, boring, and not fun.

Storytelling is part and parcel with humanity. It seems that without stories people shrink, people get narrow, people can boring.

I crave stories.

When I was an architecture student, there was no time to read. It was horrible for me.

Luckily architecture, the actual doing the work doesn’t need all your attention. It is only 5% that is brain-dependent, and the rest of it is manual work. That is what I hated about being an architect, by the way. I like to use my brain, and 5% is not enough for me.

To give you a sense of what 5% is, it’s about the time you spend drinking coffee in a normal business day. Continue reading “Your life is built on a story. Make a better life. Learn confabulating”

Anchor to doom, ET phone home… and connecting to Source

connecting to sourceConnecting to Source, being connected to Source is what you may want but you haven’t been able to… This article explains why and how you can. It’s a process.

I didn’t plan to write about this… I didn’t plan because like so many things that have disappeared… what isn’t there is… well, what isn’t there isn’t there.

But from time to time a client, a student reminds me…

And that’s exactly what happened: a client, an all around great guy wrote:

I looked to at what i might be hanging onto without noticing..

could grief or despair have some part of it? I used to find myself listening to music about sadness and hard times and used to think about sadness a lot. I used to almost create it in relationships with anyone, family/ friends/ myself.

I connected to him, deeply, and there it was: a whole lake of sadness that he was circling…trying to avoid being sucked into. It felt like the pit of despair, it felt like a black hole. Continue reading “Anchor to doom, ET phone home… and connecting to Source”

When your successes are temporary and your failures always return… The anchor to doom attachment

anchor to doom aka your dominant beliefThe anchor to your doom attachment

What gives it away is the implied inevitability. The language. That it’s always, or never.

Like I am never going to be successful. Stings. Hurts. My eyes are watering. I scramble to avoid it, fight mightily, only to give up after a while and resign… burn, and get up from the ashes like a phoenix bird… This has been the story of my life. Horrid.

Now, imagine free falling towards the Earth, accelerating. Your language, I guess: I am going to die. I am going to be pulped by the impact.

Imagined it? Now imagine that I order you to pay attention to the weather, to the shape of the clouds in the sky.

Continue reading “When your successes are temporary and your failures always return… The anchor to doom attachment”

Own what owns you

Fritz Land film MOwn what owns you

One of my favorite movies is M, a 1931 German thriller. 1

I have watched it many times, it shakes me up every time.

Now, I have written about it, and here I go again.

This time I want to bring your attention to a different aspect, a way to watch it, that will make a huge difference for you. Continue reading “Own what owns you”