Procrastination… Do his methods work?

Andrew KirbyThis article is about a youtube guru type, who now teaches classes and consult to eliminate procrastination.

I have a special email address I use to sign up to things I don’t really want to be bothered further on.

It was the email I made for a client back in the day when I sold advertising on my sites.

Anyway, I check that email for interesting stuff… and to cull it. Once a week, or so. Or when I feel spent. I always find something that potentially gives me an energy injection.

Today I did and I didn’t.

I found an email from a youtube personality I have watched a few times… a young British dude. I’ll say his name, later, but not just yet. I want to set the scene.

He is advertising a course or a workshop or consulting or whatever it is, about procrastination. Continue reading “Procrastination… Do his methods work?”