Source has learned how to push my buttons…

Source, in our 17 years of cooperation, has learned how to push my buttons.

You tell me I can’t do it, I’ll defy you, and by hooks or by crooks I’ll do it. I am a ‘Forget Thyself’… it is my nature.

So Source has been telling me that I am due to die… and the same mechanism is now pushing me to 1. defy the deadline 2. maybe manage to take some people over the hump and into the Promised Land.

I like this game. And I much prefer it to hope and nice-nice.

On another note: it is part of human arrogance to think you already know everything important, and only minor details you may not know…

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What if integrity is living like the Creator intended?

What if we are not mice that make a mess while the cat is elsewhere… What if it is in our best interest to consider that the Creator is watching us… and doing what he intended for us to do, without grumbling, willingly, and with joy?

What if liberty to do whatever you want to do is not just stupid but also what makes you miserable… because the smart way to live is by the design the Creator created for us? And that is not liberty… it is living by design.

Design is always restriction.

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Fear, arrogance, laziness… how do these stop you?

I am finding that what stops people from moving ahead in life is either fear or arrogance…

You could argue that laziness should be listed too, but I have found that laziness is a coverup for either fear or arrogance.

Nick Kyrgios (tennis player) is paralyzed by the fear of never being good enough rather than laziness. FEAR, not arrogance or laziness, has surely created the beast that is Nick Kyrgios

I get a lot of requests to eliminate people’s fear, but I am sorry to tell you: I can’t and no one can.

Fear is not the problem, and it doesn’t need to be eliminated.

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How I learned what I never expected from the Bach Profiles

In this article I follow the meandering path that took me to the Bach Profiles and the insight… bear with me…

People throw about words that even they don’t know what it means.

Framework, wireframe, system, and many more, but I’ll stick with these…

But before I attempt to shed light at what hell using these undefined words cover up, let’s look at this phenomenon of using words to hide meanings.

To hide intentions.

To hide evil inclination, agenda, manipulation, etc.

And the most surprising thing to me is this: seemingly intelligent people, the students, the buyers, echo the words…

If the seller didn’t know what they meant, the buyer surely doesn’t know.

I have been observing this in my Trumpist friends…

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Can the “Ask and it is given” work for you?

Ask and it is givenAsk and it is given… But if that were so easy and simple, there would not be a whole system of thought, Kabbalah, receiving in Hebrew…

You pray and you think you are effectively asking for what you want. You believe that you will get it… but only 1% of the asks are given…

This article is about why only 1% of what you ask for is given, no matter who you ask from. Yourself, someone else, or some deity.

In yesterday’s core group huddle I started to see something that is so hidden and so hideous that even when people see it, they don’t see it.

What is it?

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Did you get stuck at 3-year old behaving like a 3-year old child

Did you get stuck, ontologically, at a 3-year old’s level, and you are still behaving like a 3-year old child

Ontology is being science.

It looks at the grounds of your being. Here are a few examples: “I am an object in the world of objects.” “I am not free to be myself!” “There is something wrong and it needs to be fixed!” “Don’t tell me what to do!” “I already know!” “It’s mine!” “I am a girl” “I am not loved” “Life is dangerous” “I can’t count on anyone” “I am worthless” 1

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