Steal back your future

steal back your future from your personaWhat do you keep carrying that weighs you so down that you can never ascend? Or climb the Tree of Life, until you put it down?

Have you noticed that making changes, doing new things, going to places unfamiliar is difficult, near impossible?

Consider that you are dragging a persona with you, that is what makes the going so encumbered...

A coaching client of mine began to build her persona in an incident that happened when she was four years old. There was an escaped serial killer on the loose in her neck of the woods, and her mother left her in charge of her little sister who was in a cast. There was a knock on the front door, and she tried to drag the cast (heavy) down the steps into the basement, and also hold a kitchen knife to protect her...

Can you see the persona she built? "I am supposed to do the impossible."
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Days of Power energy download

days-of-powerOne can connect to Source on whatever vibrational level one is...

Vibrational level, in this context equals the consciousness level, or how far up you have ascended on the Tree of Life.

I know of four levels of connecting. Each higher level includes the previous lower level of capacities.

Level 0: Theta mode: you connect to your self... Here is the webinar recording that teaches it... Theta training. You have to be registered as a subscriber to that site.

  • Level 1: You can, for moments at a time, dis-identify with your mind
  • Level 2: You can measure ideas, concepts, and stuff you are not directly connected to, like people. You are a true empath with highly honed abilities. You don't live in your mind, you have released ego (the selfish gene) so you can connect, while you are connecting.
  • Level 3: You can download energies, like the activators, or the Energizer. I need to be highly coherent, balanced, and in good shape to "jump" to this level
  • Level 4: You can download the Avatar State energy and the Days of Power energies...

    Level 4 is barely tolerable. I can be there for only 30 seconds at a time... or it fries my brain... it is so burning.

    Tonight we'll have a Days of Power download, only the second time. It is very hard on me. And it is very hard for me to put myself on Level 4 of connecting.
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