Case study: Attachment removal and what YOU can learn from it

dave-watts-song-thrush-turdus-philomelos-eating-a-worm-ukI started to offer attachment removal in 2015, I think. This is one I did today… and I am sharing it with you because there is a great lesson in it, especially if you read Osho’s words I also included:

She: Do I have any attachments?


yes. you have about 20

She: I really feel weak even though I take the activators. I have a friend at work who’s always monitoring me (who am I with, comments all the time on my facebook, befriends my new friends even if she don’t know them, ask me where I am, wants to know my life all the time etc etc). It really drains me and wondering if she’s one of the attachment.

coworkers can’t put attachments on you, I even don’t know how to do it. Only so called healers, witches, sorcerers can do it… it is a kind of voodoo

UPDATE: since I published this article, originally, I have found that there are “jumping”, infections attachments that jump on you if you connect, energetically, with someone. And then you become an infectious host.
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Republished: Feeling weak? Drained? Or weird? You may have a Dark Side attachment that is sucking you dry

collar-leash-humanReader asks:

Can your energy or vibration be “stolen” from you? If so, can you please point me in the direction of the person or thing that can help me protect myself? I used to be happy and friendly, now I think I have mini anxiety attacks, because when someone gets too close I start sweating and blushing for no reason. All this happened immediately after I started dating someone who was really deep into the occult (I didn’t know at the time).

I connected to the reader and lo and behold, she has an attachment on the right hand side towards the back of her neck.

Energy draining, or enslavement attachment are very frequent.

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Republished: My experience with removing cords/attachments so far and some vibrational reviews

emotional-cord-releaseAfter sending out that email yesterday 1if you are not on my list, here is the email I sent yesterday. From that email I got many requests for checking, and most people had attachments and cords, so now I have a lot more experience to tell you what attachment removal does, etc. So here is the email:
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Locked in/Locked out… another symptom of scarcity thinking and how to return to freedom

One of the phenomenon I notice with people is that they do not have moves in communication. This comes from the binary way of “thinking”… either or, one or the other, yes or no.

One area where this is detrimental to your well-being, to your success, to your energy, to your mood, is promises.

Requests and promises are actions. But they are not binary, even though the multitudes, and your mother and your boss, treat them as such.

When I request something of you, you think you are locked in to say either yes or no.

But your thinking is wrong… So what other choices do you have?

Here are the other choices, you didn’t know you had:

I found a missing capacity. I am now clear why you are not doing your spiritual work

flowers-or-weeds-chooseOK, if you have found yourself not being willing, or not being able to do the practices, or keep doing them: this article is for you.

I have been studying learning styles, thinking styles, teaching methods to make my teaching more effective. And while it wasn’t a waste of time, because it brought me to this day and this knowledge, it was putting the cart in front of the horse.

Today I recounted some effective teaching methods to a friend… They were effective to me. But when I looked at all the people who were exposed to the same teaching, same teaching method, same teacher, at the same time as myself, I found that those other people didn’t get the same results I got, in fact, most of them got no results at all. 1
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Can giving be evil?

desire to receive for the sake of sharingWhat is desire to receive for the self alone?

I have a client who is a do-gooder. Actually I have quite a few like him. He volunteers in a nursing home, pays for people’s attachment removal, giving is never far from his mind.

So when I told him that his dominant belief that he needs to be a giver, a do-gooder, and after I pulled this dominant belief he needs to start taking care of himself, and start growing.

Now, this flies in the face of what society tells you, what the church tells you.

Society is not interested in you, it actually prefers that you are anaemic, weak, tired, and stagnant. Society doesn’t like giants.

But LIFE does.

The distinction I borrowed from Kabbalah because it feels right is “desire to receive for the self alone”.
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The truth about erasing negativity – Updated

erasing negativity in your life is like picking sand burrs off your clothesIf you are like me, you want to feel free, at ease, full of energy, loving life. But…

The journey to freedom has been fraught with controversies…

Of all the things I’ve ever done, (outside of personal coaching), it was removing attachments, cords, curses and spells, and removing the gaping wounds of the soul fragments… that proved to be the most effective thing to turn people around, and raise their vibration.


Everyone and their brother talks about removing negativity, but they talk about this, and go about it waving a magic wand. Nothing they say works to remove negativity actually works.
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Dark mood… what caused it and how I got out of it?

dark-mood-2Today I descended into the kind of dark mood I used to live in all the time.

It’s been long coming. Even someone with my abilities, can be worn thin… and this is what’s been happening. I can only imagine what it must be like for you to be so near to where I am now, all the time.

Irritant after irritant, I won’t go into detail about all of them, but will mention a few.
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Updated: Case Study: Inelia Benz

Update June 2014: A reader asked if I am still afraid of Inelia Benz… so I made a mistake and I connected to her. Immediately I got three energetic attachments, also known as Dark Side attachments designed to kill.

An energetic attachment is much like heart worm: it goes deep and it blocks life force, and eventually makes you sick and kill you.

The male person also mentioned in the footnote, does the same thing… the attachments do the same, and attach at a similar place… I have had people listening to these “teachers” come to me for attachment removal. It is nasty to remove…

I had to connect to measure her vibration… it is 100. Low and nasty.

Original Article from 2011:
inelia benz review Inelia Benz

All the people I have reviewed or critiqued, I have had no fear. Not so with Inelia Benz. I am afraid. 1

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