Hard time keeping your attention on something?

I noticed something this morning.

  • If you keep your attention on your results
  • If you think that your results will prove that you are smart, etc.
  • If it is important to you that you look good/you are considered smart

Then you will be unwilling, or at least reluctant to look long enough so you can see, in a chess-like manner, where a series of steps take you.

You will be stuck in the fixit mode… where every trouble will require a silver bullet, a big red button, a one size fit all solution.


Example 1: This guy moved house. He got busy building an addition, now he is building an outdoor fire pit, while he is low on energy, languishes, and complains.

He and his wife decided to try meditation. He wants to do it so he can direct his attention. Continue reading “Hard time keeping your attention on something?”