How much good are you able to receive? A gram? A ton?

Your ability to receive depends on the size of your cup… or the empty space in your vessel.

A vessel is like a cup. If you are buying stuff but aren’t receiving value from what you buy, your cup may be too small, or your cup may be full with stuff you already know, you already do… your cup may even be overflowing…

Your vessel and your actions

It’s a psychological fact that you choose to buy something or not to buy it emotionally and then, after you bought it, you justify it rationally.

Whether it is to choose a partner, choose your work, choose a project, or to buy something like a course is immaterial: the psychological fact remains: you buy with emotion and justify it later with your mind.

But how does it really work? Why do you really choose certain things and say no to others?
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What do you need to do to raise your vibration?

suck-it-upMary asks: what do I need to do to raise my vibration?

To be able to answer that question, we need to agree on what the vibrational number indicates.

What does the vibrational number indicate?

Unfortunately, unlike a speedometer that only measures one thing: speed, unlike a thermometer, that only measures one thing, temperature, the vibrational scale measures a lot more.

And the Anna Karenina principle starts kicking in: Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Or the way Aristotle expressed it: For men are good in but one way, but bad in many.
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Become a match to your dreams

worth-itWhen I google this phrase, “become a match to your dreams” all the sites I find talk about the Law of Attraction or manifestation… so I have to suppress my distaste for the misdirection those sites and those teachers carry… and just relate to the sentence itself.

Most of the people, when I ask them what they want, talk about stuff that they have no business talking about. Most, I say, because I do have some, a few, exceptions.

When you consider that you have to work for everything… that the Law of Attraction, if there were anything valid like that, would say: when you are ready, when you have done your work, fully and without cutting corners, then the results will follow.

That is the REAL Law of Attraction. The law that tells you that you can earn what you want with work, that is complete, and thorough.
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Updated: Energy medicine, energy remedy… what the heck are we talking about? I cannot wrap your mind around it!

subtle energies illustration: the concept of subtle energy

Summary: Energy remedies are the next line of defense, the next healing modality. Eearly adapters are raving… but the general population, hasn’t even heard about them, don’t trust them. But they work, and they work fast and effectively.

I never believed in energies, until 2010. I actually thought of anyone who babbled on about energies that they were flakes… I accompanied my boy friend to a get-together with a friend. They spent a few hours swapping energies… Showing off.

I was prepared to be bored, instead I was, in quick succession, tormented, delighted, soothed, uplifted, and torn apart by the energies they gave to each other.

Energies can be defined, felt, transmitted, and infused in suitable medium.

You go to the chiropractor and they use light or laser therapy… you see the light, you believe that something is happening.

You get X-ray: you believe that something is happening.
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remove the biggest blockage: your head up your ass

Summary: We have all heard about blockages… we can even visualize them. We know of people who claim that they clear them… but what are blockages, really? And how do you remove them?

Yesterday we had a session on the Carrot and Stick webinar workshop, and it went differently than the way I planned. We could say that I encountered a blockage in or with people… because they didn’t want to do what I wanted them to do… Instead of forcing my plan on them, I started to listen and started to hear that I was forcing to build a skyscraper on insufficient foundation… We spent the whole 210 minute long session building foundation, and tearing up foundation that was fear-based. We are not done, but we started the work that needs to be done… foundation building. Foundation that will allow a healthy human being to be built upon, instead of trying to fix the plumbing on the 3rd floor… which is like hocus pocus.

You can do a lot of hocus pocus, but you can only work with what’s there, and you can only have flow if you find out exactly what keeps some old stuff stuck there.
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The get into action activator, or how to accomplish things in your life

get into action

Dear Sophie, I’ve purchased three audio activators so far, and all I can say is… you deliver. The – Get Into Action activator should be subtitled – how to get organized immediately.

When you read that, you should say: I want that for myself. Really.

There are two types of people.

  1. Type One: They live a vegetable life. They have no ambition, they are not up to anything. They may have some higher aspirations tickled when they watch a movie, for example, but they don’t see that living, thriving, accomplishing is for them.
  2. Type Two: The second group sees that life is pretty much what you make it… but they lack the motive power to rise to the occasion. They want to, they’d like to, they dream about it, they may even plan to live a life suitable for a human being, but gravity, insistence on comfort, safety, pulls them too much. Continue reading “The get into action activator, or how to accomplish things in your life”

Raise your vibration using The Placebo Effect

dreaming about vs making it happen

The Placebo Effect

We all talk about the Placebo Effect as if it were a bad thing. In fact it’s one of the best things that we know about ourselves, about humans, that can support us in achieving most anything.

The Placebo Effect is a prime example of using the Reticular Activator, which is, if I am not mistaken, an actual function of the brain, and it has something to do with your attention.

Attention is NOT from your mind, attention is a function of the brain that comes from the back region of the brain, and it is not verbal, not thoughts: verbal stuff and thoughts are the stuff of the mind… But we are a lot more than our minds.
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What is a spiritual practice? And what does it have to do with raising your vibration?

self-awareness-2Spiritual practices are the tools we have to activate our capacities, including the new capacities just received on September 4-5.

The expression, spiritual practice, has two parts:

  1. Practice: something you do again and again, until it becomes second nature to you. Like driving. Like touch-typing, like reading. First it is chunky, you need all you got to perform the task, and you experience more failures than successes, like in learning to ride a bicycle… in learning to walk.

    to-insist-on-spiritual-practiceOnce you rise on the levels of learning, from unconscious incompetence, to conscious incompetence, to conscious competence (you still need to think about it!) to unconscious competence, you need to pick another spiritual practice, otherwise you will be stuck with thousands of capacities not used. Still in the basement of your being.
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Why are people so low vibration? Including teachers, healers

If you read one of my previous articles, your answer (most of it) is there: our upbringing is based on the interest of the “powers that be” and not on the interest of the individual, or the interest of the human race: the Original Design, evolution, being an expanding personality.

Our lives, what we are allowed to do, see and know, is not that much different from what you see in the movies “The Truman Show” or “The Matrix” and we are policed, rigorously, and incessantly.

And the policing forces are also “sheep” and have no idea about the truth, about their own status…

So, humanity, in lack of real information, to understand and make what they see easier to handle, easier to be with, invented an imaginary world of explanations, gods, spirits, angels… just to be able to make sense of what they needed to deal with.

Vibration, your vibration, your consciousness level and the ability to be with stuff that is not easy to be with are correlated: meaning: once one gets high, the other gets high as well.
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The gap between who you are and who you say (pretend) you are causes stress


The gap between who you are and who you say (pretend) you are causes stress. Most of us have lofty ideals and mediocre (at best) actions…

This is why noted gurus, healers, coaches, teachers have a low vibration.

You, the person seeking enlightenment, peace, healing, or success, expect the person who teaches you to know it all, be all, and never have any negative feelings, to not be like you.

The truth is that no matter where you are on the evolutionary scale, you will always have negative feelings.

The difference between someone with low vibration and someone with high vibration is what they do with the negative feelings.
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