Authenticity: what does being authentic get you?

authenticityI am a foreigner. I learned the English words, one by one. Since the age of 10… English was my third language. I have become fluent in 6 languages thus far.

I only started to learn the beingness words when I came to the United States at age 38 and started working on my transformation.

First, let me say what I mean by transformation: I don’t mean change, I don’t mean losing weight, I don’t mean that I or something outside of me changes. What does change is what I see… by looking at things differently.

And because your actions will be ALWAYS consistent with what you see, as a result my actions, my attitude, my mood will change, automatically.

I had had a glimpse of what’s possible for me… but it’s taken me a few decades to be able to see the world from a place from where life feels OK, I feel OK, and from where I can feel joy, freedom, and peace of mind, almost 24/7.

Back to beingness words

The first beingness word I looked into was generosity. I was a total beginner at distinguishing. Continue reading “Authenticity: what does being authentic get you?”