The ground of your being

life on the 14th floor: words and more wordsWhen you live on the 14th-15th floors of your being, the ground of your being comes from there too.

Let’s first look what is the ground of your being, the floor on which everything is built that is compatible with that floor.

On the 13th floor the ruler is Life. Nature. The Universe. No interpretation. Life, nature, the universe gives you your actions, your attitudes, your interpretation of events.

Virtues live on the 13th floor, because virtues are a Yes to life. Anything gets evaluated by that question: is it a Yes to life or a no to life.

Is it part of the flow, or is it a blockage to the flow. Blockages need to go. Attitudes, needs, wants, habits, activities that are a no to life, that don’t fit the flow of life, Nature, the Universe, must go, because it is evil. Against life. Continue reading “The ground of your being”

The missing science so you can start mastering your beingness: the Real Kabbalah

Today’s “What’s the truth about you?” workshop is the first experiment to get to beingness through feelings.

The challenge, for the participant, is to accurately feel their feelings, and maybe even what the feeling wants them to do, the inner dynamics.

My experience is that despite what everyone teaches, you cannot get to what you want through words. But you can get to what you want through the feelings level and the through feelings level to the beingness level: the creative plane.

If the “Law of Attraction” or the “Law of Similars” has any water to hold, if being in energetic alignment with what you want does actually allow you to go for it, having, use it, keep it, then this is the most important skill you want to develop. Continue reading “The missing science so you can start mastering your beingness: the Real Kabbalah”

What causes you turmoil has a strong connection to your intrinsic Self, either positively or negatively

puppet-on-a-string-2Continued from the previous article…

Sometimes the turmoil is caused by some inner pressure that is societally driven.

When being true to yourself is not politically correct.

Your ability, your capacity to hold controversy and ambivalence comes really handy when you have a turmoil.

Why? Because the urge to call the turmoil wrong, and the urge to look for a fix is overwhelming if you don’t have that capacity, that emotional and spiritual maturity.

And most people don’t.
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Republished: Want real love in your life? Awaken caring, compassion and empathy in you

transform yourself to activate compassionHow do you go about awakening compassion, caring and empathy?

The first step of transformation, and awakening a missing capacity is transformation!, is to tell the truth about how it is now.

Transformation is so rare, because people are unwilling to tell the truth. Why? Because truth, any truth about you, will first be painful, and it will piss you off.

The truth about you is that you, the way you are, are unable to feel for another person. You mistake your loin’s yearning, your heart’s yearning for connection to a feeling for the other, but they are not the same.

At this point only a handful of people are able to feel, feel deeply for another person.

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Republished: Self-Discipline and Brilliance: what is the connection? Conation? WTF is conation?

a dog's conation and a cat's conation are differentBrilliance: what is it, and how is it connected to the Original Design, your vibration, and your world view?

If you have been borderline a failure, but you think you are smart, this may be the article that you need to find your brilliance and your power to act on it.

I play the Self-Discipline Avatar State audio in the background. 24/7.

I am dealing with several issues, among others I eat the way a chain smoker smokes: from the moment I get up till the moment I go go bed. There is always something in my mouth, food, or tea, or water. It is a defense mechanism to the onslaught of feelings I have difficulty dealing with, given that they have nothing to do with me, they come from the environment.

I would like to restrict my eating to a few hours a day. Why? To demonstrate my power over my behavior. And I could use dropping a few pounds, eh, about 10 or so. I am having the hardest time, though with the self-discipline audio it is a tad easier. I have already dropped 10 lbs, that’s why I have only 10 more to go.

Yesterday I had an insight:
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Never really say no?

Master-the-art-of-saying-no-so-you-can-say-yes-to-what-matters-most-e1357110457770Saying no feels rude. Any type of no. Setting your boundaries, hanging up the phone, saying you are busy…

Even when no one knows you have a hard time saying no.

How do I know? I just observed myself.

The price of being polite, agreeable, and accommodating

I was on a webinar where they showed how to use a graphics software and it was really good and really enjoyable. Then they started to pitch a bonus… I wasn’t interested in the offer.

Yet, I caught myself staying on the call… and instead of just disconnecting, I tried to multitask: saying yes and no at the same time. I felt my shoulders tighten, and my stomach hurt.

Oh, I want to say no, and I am not saying it, instead I am acting it out… I thought, and then, finally, I hung up.
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Who is this site for? Is it for you?

Sophie Benshitta Maven empath raise your vibrationI am an empath.

An empath is like a psychic in a way. A true empath can feel and identify your feelings, whether they are emotions or physical sensations. I can feel them stronger than you yourself. Using those feelings as guidance I can inform you about the source of your feelings and advise you on a way to restore balance and well-being.

Through empathy I have also found a way to connect, directly, to the Source of All-of-It, in a two-way fashion, so I can ask questions and receive answers, get energies, get guidance, and support. I don’t know of anyone who does what I do, and I cannot teach much of it: so far I haven’t found anyone who can connect, at will, to another person, for example.

I have asked for and received strong energies from Source. I can embed these energies into liquids or into audios. The Avatar State audio, for example, assists you in identifying the areas where you are out of alignment, and help you correct them.

The Heaven on Earth Energy bundle, and the Energizer, infused in water, help you deal with emotions suggested by the mind or the Dark Side, so you can be well, and healthy.
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Is being astute a good thing? Or does it mean you are a bad person who wants to deceive others?

astute? frog or ice cream chooseIf someone says: You are very astute… that is a high compliment. It means that you can see what most people can’t, and you can see it accurately.

One of the issues that keep you from being astute is that you are dehydrated, that you are not well. The other issue is that your vibration is too low. This other article explains why and how.

Let me check your vibration


Often when people use my Water Energizer® to energize their water, or change their diet to what matches their body better, they get smarter, they get more astute.

When you are in survival, because you are not well, you retreat to the mind… the stupidest part of you, that isn’t even looking before it speaks. When you try to be astute from the mind, or be astute from the intellect, you aren’t.

You can only be astute from intelligence, from actually looking. Intelligence is a Right Brain phenomenon: not word-based, not logic-based, not based on what you know. It is based on what you see, what consciousness sees, without any filters.

Trying to be astute from the mind or the intellect, both left-brain phenomenon, word based, stored pictures based, you aren’t astute. You can’t. You are a smart Alec or a dumb Alec… neither intelligent, nor astute.

One of my best students asked for the capacity. I turned the capacity on for her… and she promptly trashed it, by using the mind and the intellect to keep it active.

We could also say: she used thinking. Which says one more thing about intelligence: intelligence is not present when there is thinking. Thinking is mind and intellect. Intelligence is seeing. Intelligence is getting it. Not thinking.

So, with that said: If I asked you what would be the most important capacity to master in the coming years, you would come up with all kinds of capacities, but I bet you would not think of saying: becoming astute.
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Activism, reforms, revolution…

Did you know that every revolution has been, historically, just a re-shuffling of who is going to have power over who?

When I first read Osho’s book, Rebellion, Revolution and Religiousness, I actively worked on understanding.

In Hungary we learned a lot more history than American students, and I personally have seen revolution, and reform and all that never changed anything on the long run.

A lot of people repeat Osho’s words: he is very easy to repeat without understanding, without making the words yours. But I don’t believe any of those people really get what he was saying.

I am not sure he understood himself, after all 90% of what he said came from the Tree of Knowledge. 1

But his statements that neither revolution nor reform make any difference, are as good as gold.
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Did you have a long holiday? Spent a lot of time with family?

returning-to-the-dark-sideSome capacities, especially the ones that are your main soul correction capacities, are hard to keep on.

What does Source have to say about that?

There are different reasons.

Reason #1: You need more capacities turned on before you can tackle the “big one”.

Any capacity dealing with your Dark Side has huge support from the Dark Side, namely the Opponent.

One student is trying to keep on the capacity Generosity. Generosity is the Desire to receive for the sake of sharing… the opposite of Desire to receive for the Self Alone.

Any and every area can be the battle field for this… And this student has it in spades. Every and all areas.

She was attempting to exercise “no judgment”, i.e. allowing another’s light shine. But she caught that she continued doing that, tearing everyone else’s achievement down, after she did judged.
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