How Cancer Thinks Like A Human

cancer and human beings are similar in behavior and mindset

If you want to understand cancer...

If you want to understand cancer watch yourself and people you know. You will understand more about the condition than through any other "information" source.

If you think you should only watch other people, it only means you are worse than others...

What is the similarity between cancer and humans?

Cancer is not part of an organization, it doesn't even know about the organization. It knows only about itself. Cancer doesn't care about the big picture. Cancer is driven exclusively by its mind, which tells him that he is to reproduce itself exactly the same way as its parents: all new members of the "family" need to be exactly the same, no individuality, no variations, not deviation. The new ones need to have faith, be Jewish, Christina, Hindu, Mohammedan, or whatever the "parents" were, no alterations.

The new cells are trained that it's a competition out there, and their loyalties need to lie with the family, right or wrong, loyalties are your number one concern. The survival of the "family."
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Why you feel how you feel and what can you do about it?

doggie-languageMost people live in a constant "this is not right... this is not where I am supposed to be, this is not how I am supposed to be, this is not what I am supposed to do" jerky place.

It seems inevitable, it feels bad, and all of it is based on delusions, pretenses, and lies.

Obviously you can't see your delusions. That is your "reality".

  • But... if you don't feel good, if you don't see clear, if you don't have a 360 degree view of the world in most issues... they you can be sure you have delusions.
  • and... if you don't go for growth, learning, profound well-being, fulfillment, expertise... they you can be sure your life and actions are based on delusions.

Delusion is a "cognitive bias"... you think something is as simple as X, while it is a lot more complicated than that... but you can't see beyond X. So you don't see what is, you only see the X.
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The Power of Breathing

the power of breathingThe Power Of Breathing

Anyone who desires to teach what they can do has a real big problem. The problem is remembering what they did to get where they are.

Of course, judging from people's vibrational numbers, most people that teach anything in this spiritual realm, don't teach what they do, they teach what they'd read, heard, but never actually experienced themselves. Their knowledge is Tree of Knowledge. Second hand knowledge, worthless. Fills the mind with useless information. Useless, as in: you can't act on it and achieve what it tries to express, because there are steps the speaker doesn't know about: it is not their experience.

Now, with that said, I have had the problem myself: accurately and completely teaching you all the steps I have done to get to where I am. I have been watching, observing myself, to find the missed pieces, or steps, that would make the path more complete, so that no steps are missing, so that you can get to exactly where I am, which is today 993 on the vibrational scale.

I have found a step that is a good candidate for "missing step." Breathing.

Some 36 years ago I was struggling with severe insomnia. I was tense. My mind was churning with unwanted thoughts. One day, accidentally, while looking for the bathroom, I entered a room where a group was practicing relaxation.
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Atheists are the most spiritual…

demotivation.us_Religion-is-for-people-who-are-afraid-of-going-to-hell.-Spirituality-is-for-those-who-have-already-been-there_138262858294I have a friend who I call a few times a year, and then we talk a lot for a few weeks, and then not for months at a clip.

I've called him the other day, and now we are talking again.

Today he asked me a question that put me in touch with something I buried deep...

He asked me "What is Energized Water?"

I wanted to find out what he thinks energized water is. And that conversation lead from the pristine spring he got his drinking water from when he was a kid, through the hot springs of Lourdes, the healing waters, to a realization, that because I am an atheist, I have been not allowing myself to be moved.

I wrote notes while we spoke. This is what I wrote...
Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable

seven-soul-heads-w350Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable as unique individual expressions of All That Is.

This is very catchy... titillating even. I read this on a blog talking about the reincarnated soul... Barry McGuiness: personal vibration: 170. Truth value of teaching: 4%.

People look at spiritual work as titillating, and that is why nothing happens as a result of the "work" they do. 1

Work is always painful. Work is never "nice", never an experience, never passive. The soul isn't doing the work, and the world's people consciousness isn't like the Bell Curve...

It's more like 99.99999999999999% of humanity is unconscious, and has scarcely any spiritual capacities working for them.
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Never really say no?

Master-the-art-of-saying-no-so-you-can-say-yes-to-what-matters-most-e1357110457770Saying no feels rude. Any type of no. Setting your boundaries, hanging up the phone, saying you are busy...

Even when no one knows you have a hard time saying no.

How do I know? I just observed myself.

The price of being polite, agreeable, and accommodating

I was on a webinar where they showed how to use a graphics software and it was really good and really enjoyable. Then they started to pitch a bonus... I wasn't interested in the offer.

Yet, I caught myself staying on the call... and instead of just disconnecting, I tried to multitask: saying yes and no at the same time. I felt my shoulders tighten, and my stomach hurt.

Oh, I want to say no, and I am not saying it, instead I am acting it out... I thought, and then, finally, I hung up.
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Activism, reforms, revolution…

Did you know that every revolution has been, historically, just a re-shuffling of who is going to have power over who?

When I first read Osho's book, Rebellion, Revolution and Religiousness, I actively worked on understanding.

In Hungary we learned a lot more history than American students, and I personally have seen revolution, and reform and all that never changed anything on the long run.

A lot of people repeat Osho's words: he is very easy to repeat without understanding, without making the words yours. But I don't believe any of those people really get what he was saying.

I am not sure he understood himself, after all 90% of what he said came from the Tree of Knowledge. 1

But his statements that neither revolution nor reform make any difference, are as good as gold.
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Why my “system” seems so unorganized… hard to follow… and more

puzzle-731x1024Please read my email exchange with an exceptional student of mine...

I want you to learn something from it: my process, how to write intelligent emails (not mine, lol) and how to look at my articles in a constructive way.

Also, if you are someone like a doctor, a scientist, my method probably drives you crazy... I seem disorganized, have no answers to many questions... I have had people quit my programs complaining about that.

I this article I explain why things are the way they are, why I work the way I work... It's obvious that it's not for everybody... no clear cut anything.... 🙁

Lot to learn:

Dear Sophie

Could it be: -- If Courage gives you strength to stand up to the fear of unknown. Then Self-Trust must give you strength to handle whatever comes next. So maybe both of these capacities are a Base.
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People who say the whole truth was revealed to them are lying. Even if their name was Moses…

moses made up a whole story from an insightThe nature of "revelation" is that you get a glimpse beyond the veil, then the veil closes.

People who talk about "grand" revelations are filling in the gaps in sight and memory with their imagination, that is why most things you read have a very low truth value. 1%-10%... very few over 20%.

So what is the process that allows revelation to create a system of higher truth value?

My experience has been that experimentation, using the fresh and dramatic information as a starting point, you start to poke the edges of the unknown and get little bits of new information. Thus you enlarged the "hole" but not with your imagination, but with truth.

This is my method. It takes time, it takes creativity, it takes all I got. And it takes willing participants who are willing for me to experiment with them.
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Advising, giving advice, helping


Unless it's your job to give advice, don't.

Why? Because giving advice comes from your shadow side, from your dark side.

How? When you give advice, you place yourself above the other person. Giving advice is asserting your superiority.

Have you noticed that you can get fired for that? Even if your advice is right on the spot...

By the way: this is true for healers, coaches, salespeople, helpers, charity volunteers, parents, relatives, everyone.
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