Life is getting faster. Are you getting faster with it? Or hastier?


Mistakes… what causes them?

Today is a day when I am mistake-prone. The source of 99% of all my mistakes have been caused by a phenomenon that I see in everyone I speak with… so I am not alone.

The biggest difference between different people is only the frequency with which the incidents occur, no one is immune to this mistake.

I noticed that when I have worry or greed (eager is a version of greed) present, they make my vibration incoherent. I make this type of mistakes far more often. Even my dyslexia is tripling in symptoms when I am incoherent.
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Are you sure you are feeling THAT? How many emotions can you identify in yourself?

All Decisions Are Emotional. Later You Justify Them With Your Mind. Want to know what emotion blocks your breathing?

There is nothing new in that for many of you, but for those of you that didn’t know about it: let me explain.

Emotions is a guidance system that is much more ancient than the mind. You feel stuff way before the mind gets alert that something is going on. The mind is always late to every party. The mind asks the question: “What happened?” because it doesn’t know.

There is a saying: some people make things happen, others watch things happen, and yet more people ask: what the heck happened?

Now, up till here, this is pretty commonplace for a lot of people.

What I am going to say now is new, even I didn’t know until this past Saturday. It is so new, and it is so shocking, to me, that I have been telling it to everyone who is willing to listen.
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Muscle Testing To Raise Your Vibration

bach flower remedies to raise your vibration Muscle Testing To Raise Your Vibration

I have been trying to get the Muscle Testing program ready for sale, but I have had a snag: the emotions list was too long, too cumbersome, and most people would not be able or willing to go through a list of 100 stages… including myself.

Even measuring the vibrational level of each feeling didn’t feel right. Now what?!

But I suddenly had an inspiration, a minute ago, and I think I have had the solution all along, just didn’t think of it that way.

The Bach Flower Emotions and the Bach Flower Energies are perfect. They are recognizable, they are real, they cover all the field of character defect and attitude errors.

So I am going to use those as a guidance system to attack your “garden pests” in the garden of your being.

How does it work?

You observe your symptoms. You find the matching Bach Flower Remedy. You either buy the remedy at your local health food store, or order it online. You practice observing the ego aspects of your personality, and with the help of the Flower you transform it.

You will use muscle testing to make sure that you are picking the right Flower. But even if you pick the wrong one, you are going to start the work of weed picking, and your vibration will rise.

You’ll get better, and you’ll fly higher.

Warning: you should do this for the purpose of identifying, and correcting your ego-self. To get instant gratification is nice, but will not raise your vibration permanently: you need to earn your vibration and you can only do it with conscious work.

The Flowers help but will only do transformation, which is impermanent. Transfiguration is the goal: that is permanent.

So, what is your next step?

Your best bet is to buy a book on Bach Flower Remedies: I like the books by Mechthild Scheffer and Stefan Ball. I, personally, nowadays, always refer to Mechthild Scheffer‘s book: it speaks the language I resonate with: I read it and feel the feeling associated with the flower… perfect for me. Which means, to me, that I find her the most “Tree of Life” and the others Tree of Knowledge… i.e. they got to their conclusions through thinking, not connecting.

Nevertheless, I think the workbook by Stefan Ball is useful for you. Buy them locally, or order them from Amazon. I buy them on Amazon.

I will quote each flower from Mechthild’s book and add my empath observations, maybe experience.
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