Made a new video on the New Healing Modality… which is the Heaven on Earth

newmodalityreportcoverThe video is rushed… I had a webinar scheduled… and I wanted to video to be short… it’s about 10 minutes… I may have to redo it… Please let me know if I should redo it or if it is good enough…

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Healing/Transformational Modality: Bach Flower Remedies Updated, introducing Bach Energies

Bach Flower Remedies, bach flower therapy, list of all the essencesSummary: New Healing Modality, the turning of subtle energies of plants into downloadable, infusable energies is a new modality. The 40 energies of the Heaven on Earth, the 40 Bach Energies don’t interfere with each other, unlike their original, the Bach Flower Remedies, where if you included more than 8 remedies in a mix, your results started to diminish.

I created an audio recording of myself downloading all 40 Bach Energies, one by one. The energies are very specific, they “grab you” exactly where you feel those negative feelings the energy counters.

Want to read about it? Amazing, a total emotional detox.

The original of this article was published in December, 2011… and this is the third revision to date

Since I first published this article, a lot happened, so let me update you: I got tired of preparing individual Bach Remedies for people. Especially because the muscle test showed that each person needed way more of the individual flowers than the eight Dr. Bach limits a mix.

And I also got emotionally tired of having to feel all those negative emotions of people for sometimes as long as 20 minutes… So I asked Source is the remedies can be duplicated energetically. That was the beginning of a new era in energy medicine.
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Adventures of an Empath: Bach Flower Remedies to Bach Flower Energies: a 21st Century Miracle

adventures of an empath: sounds to me like a lamed vovnik, but I could be wrong Adventures of an Empath: Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Essences are specially made remedies, aqueous (water based) essences made with fresh water, the sun, and a specific and special flower (for the most part it’s a flower).

Edward Bach, who was a medical doctor, was an empath himself, and a very sensitive man. He correctly intuited that emotional disturbances cause all physical illnesses, blockages, and therefore if the blockages are released, the person will be well.

The blockages are caused by ego-based attitudes: we could call them character flaws. Bach found the 38 flowers in 10 years. Once he completed the set and he was satisfied, his work on Earth done, he died.

I was first relating to his work with distrust and aversion. I think I related to everything that way… but I can’t really remember. But later on I got curious and I got “hooked” by the simplicity and the elegance of his method.

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