Bad feelings… they are the best guidance

bad feelingsFeeling… different feelings, if they are consciously felt, guide you in different ways. Acting on guidance is not jerky… it is deliberate… What is jerky is fixing.

Of course like with most important things, the words we use are, maybe intentionally, used to confound us, to give us no clarity.

It is useful to separate and distinguish feelings and emotions in that feelings are what you actually feel in your body, emotions are the meaning you gave to those feelings.

Margoczi, a Hungarian author, says that emotions are wholly and fully created by words. This is useful to consider, even if this is not exactly accurate, for the purposes of having a sense of power, a feeling of power, this is very useful.

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What is the source of your bad feelings? Do you know?

Almost all bad feelings you have come as a result of your delusional self, your precious “I” is scared of being devalued.

It is as if you were a gold plated coin pretending to be solid gold, and life would be continually threatening you to reveal your fakeness.

I used to be like you. I felt that there was a big gap between my accomplishments and my abilities… and maybe there was.

But most importantly, every little error, every little mistake I made or even just faced!!! jerked me down a hellish path…

filling me with dread, and fear, and remorse, and regret, and who even knows words for those horrible feelings.

And mistakes? I made plenty.

I misunderstood, I jumped into conclusion, I tried to do something too fast before I even saw what the heck I was supposed to do… Put my foot in the mouth… lol.

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