How bad news can be a godsend or how to eliminate neediness?

bad newsBad news. On my way home, climbing the long stairway off Euclid Avenue, I was listening to Step 21 of the 67 Steps. It’s about the superpower of being able to get into a relationship with people. Get into a relationship because you can see how their machine works. and because you see it, therefore you can speak their language.

Everything comes to you through people… and…

…you cannot get more abundance than what your people skills allow you to have.

I have been resigned about my ability to get better at dealing with people.

Resigned means: I have a fixed mindset about it, that says: it may be possible for you, but it’s impossible for me.

But being resigned doesn’t mean I have given up. I haven’t. But every time I read someone’s stuff, or watch someone’s stuff who is good at it, and maybe that is their superpower, I resent them. I do. Not nice, I know, but it is how it is.

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