Alive with pleasure… if that’s you, don’t read this article

One of the most attractive things I learned in Landmark Education is this: The Universe gets to you in one of three ways: Truth, Beauty or Goodness.

This statement says that the Universe can move you to tears, and you’ll feel alive inside. After all feeling alive is maybe the most missing for us: we are alive, we are breathing, eating, maybe even procreating, but we don’t often feel alive. I don’t.

Feeling alive is a special feeling. I remember an advertising line: Alive with pleasure. It was selling cigarettes… but I remember longingly trying on being alive with pleasure. I didn’t smoke.

So yesterday I was thinking of my clients and students and contemplated if I could guess what way the Universe would MOVE them, Truth, Beauty or Goodness.

I was wrong every time. Hm… so I looked further. Continue reading “Alive with pleasure… if that’s you, don’t read this article”

Will doing more of what you are doing make you successful?

Will doing more of what you are doing make you successful, happy, accomplished?

Most businesses, including my type of business… seem to accept anyone as a client.

But no business can serve everyone well.

Some people come, with credit card, cash in their hands, or their umbilical cord… ready to plug it into your business, and yet you, as a business, you as a person, are better off without them.

I can’t help everyone. I literally can’t produce the result you pay for without your participation, without you being part of the solution.

There is a saying: you can’t teach a pig to sing. It will only annoy the pig, and they’ll never sing.

This is not to say that some people are pigs… this is to say that some things you can do, some things you are willing to do, some things are in your nature to do, and others aren’t. Not a problem… Not wrong… those things are just beyond what you can do. Continue reading “Will doing more of what you are doing make you successful?”