Do you get the promised value when you buy something?

I wrote this article a few years ago. I was gung ho teaching the 67 steps. today I find my Playground more useful, because of its methodology… But this article has so many useful thiigs, I decided to republish it.

I had an interesting insight this morning.

Putting a price tag on any product, service, or coaching is going to be a lie. My strategy sessions. My 67 step coaching. My health consultations. My Water Energizer. My Heaven on Earth

Really, almost any product.

For one main reason:

You, The Buyer, create the value for yourself!

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12 behaviors to weed out to become worth a damn

Becoming worth a damn is what people in my 67 step coaching program are working on. But here is an aspect that is not touched on by Tai Lopez and his 67 steps program.

Being worth a damn is a tricky distinction: there are no guidelines to follow. If you want to be worth a damn, where you want to look is what value other people assign to you, how much respect, support, love, etc. you get from other people.

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Pinpoint accuracy or shotgun method?

There are really two types of people when it comes to making more money: one group will chase the mirage, the lottery approach, winning, betting on schemes… and the other, the tiny group that sees that making more money is a natural fallout of becoming worth a damn. 1

I am interested in talking to the second group, the tiny group.

You see, knowing that you should become worth a damn is nice and dandy… but knowing with pinpoint accuracy where you aren’t… what it is that you need to do next to increase your worth a damn factor is crucial.

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No energy? Likely you are Twitchy Little Bastard… A Marshmallow eater…

This morning I am running on fumes… (or how to increase your Twitchy Little Bastard 1 score)

Some activities fill you up, some activities drain your energy.

One of the most important capacities one can develop is to tell the difference… and start managing one’s energy.

Sometimes you give your energy to another and get back nothing… Maybe money, but money does not fill you up. Money does not give you energy. It may buy groceries… but even groceries only give you physical energy.

The depletion is of psychic energy, of spiritual energy, of intellectual energy.
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If I asked you: how much of my articles you actually get… What would you say?

If I asked you: how much of my articles you actually get… What would you say?

Experiments and tests show that if you have the right attitude, high level of interest, and you are coherent: you can receive as much as 7% of what is being said. Word based communication.

Re-listening or re-reading the same thing won’t improve the percentage much. Why? Because what you think is there replaces, effectively, what you hear or read the second time.

This is what is normal.

What is also normal is to believe that you got 100%. And for the speaker to think that you can get more than 7%.

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What is in common, what is a shared characteristic among people who become worth a damn?

libraryThere is not much in common. It is not talent. It is not ethnicity. Not personality. Not schooling. Not religious affiliation.

The one common characteristic I have found is books. People who become worth a damn are readers.

Even more importantly than being a reader: the most important commonality is when they started to read.
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Why do we have an ego, and how can we make it really useful? You don’t have any part that is not useful!

I just had a “conversation” with a student, where I suggested that she uses ego to support her growth.

From her answers it has become clear that “using ego” is not a commonplace conversation, and that it needs instruction.

So let’s see what ego is, and what it isn’t.

Ego is a lot like a kitchen knife: you can use it for good, for useful, or for harm… kill with it. You can also use it to clean it under your nails… somewhat useful, but not the right tool…

You can also call it bad, and ban it from your house. 1

I was looking for pictures for this article… in vain. All memes, all pictures said: do away with the ego, it’s bad.

You can see that this is a big conspiracy to strip you of your power. To turn you into powerless limp d-i-c-k. Without the go you are soft, with high aspirations and no power, no bones, no muscles, no strength.

Recognize yourself? Good… now get to work. Strengthen and direct ego to help you become worth a damn. It is never too late. Those who laugh last laugh best.

By the way, the people who are enlightened: got the joke played on them. Maybe that is what enlightenment is? Do you get the joke played on you?

Hey, I never said that ignorance is bliss… someone else said it. I believe that ignorance is not bliss, it is a hindrance.
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Three groups… three outcomes… which one do you belong to?

arrogance is weakness disguised as strengthThe most popular image I have on Instagram says: Arrogance is weakness disguised as strength.

Now, why this is worth writing about?

Because it is the tip of the iceberg of something really important.

We have spoken about the selfish gene. For the gene you are a survival vehicle only. And a person, who is not related to you, is competition, rival… standing in your gene’s way to make more copies of itself.

I know this is unfamiliar territory, but please bear with me, because where it is taking us is worth going to… so patience… you don’t have to understand the genes… unless you really want to.

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Life skills… skills you need for a good life

what-skill-to-learnHere is an article from skills you need dot com

Become worth a damn

The term ‘Life Skills’ refers to the skills you need to make the most out of life.

Life skills are usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life. They help us to accomplish our ambitions and live to our full potential.

Any skill that is useful in your life can be considered a life skill. Tying your shoe laces, swimming, driving a car and using a computer are, for most people, useful life skills.

Here at Skills You Need you’ll find lots of information about life skills and life skill development. We don’t cover tying your shoe laces but you will find hundreds of articles around personal development.

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arrogance is looking down... comparisonI have been dealing with arrogance in my students.

Arrogance is unearned boastful superiority.
Most people don’t know, don’t care because they themselves are not achievers… but you can have confidence that is justified by your accomplishments, your superior knowledge.

To the uninitiated, they look and sound the same. But they aren’t. You only need to scratch the surface.

I have detected a certain ancestral commonality in that behavior.

And have been pondering why and how and for what purpose are certain nationalities arrogant.

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