Why would you want to connect to Source? Will it raise your vibration?

Let me start with the story of a famous thief…

Arthur Barry was described by Time as “The slickest second-story man in the East,” truly one of the most famous jewel thieves of all times. 1
In his years of crime, he committed as many as 150 burglaries and stole jewels valued between $5 and $10 million.
He seldom robbed from anyone not listed in the Social Register and often did his work in… get this…
A tuxedo!
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The Second Phase Activators Course or what does cancer have to do with your how?

Human DNA has 160 spiritual capacities hard-coded. These are the capacities that can and hopefully will take humanity to the “human being” level, (and beyond,) where beingness causes action, not greed and other survival energies. At present there are eight individuals on the human being level on the planet. I don’t know who they are… I know I am one of the eight. You need 60 active spiritual capacities to be on that level.

80 of these capacities is activated in the Second Phase Activator Course.

A “normal” human has 2-5 spiritual capacities active, helping them to grow, make money, get along with others and themselves. Be healthy, be wise, be happy. 2-5 is mighty few…

The Starting Point measurements include this measure: how many of the 160 spiritual capacities you have active. And often someone asks me to pay to tell them what capacities they have active.

I never do it… because it’s useless, gossipy knowledge, a way to lord over other people.
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Molecules of Emotion… Are you suppressing the negative?

Summary: Emotions… without emotions you feel deadened. But you only want good emotions… unfortunately, for you, you can’t have the good without the bad, life is a roller coaster, and you would hate to be stranded on the top of the peak anyway…

I listened to the audiobook, Molecules of Emotions some 10 years ago in the car. It’s a book written by a scientist, Candace Pert.

I did not set out to be a scientist of emotions… but I was eminently suited: instead of just talking about it, instead of writing about, I can actually verify the “findings”, verify or un-verify the theories by feeling.

Our language doesn’t keep up with the emotions: just like we don’t have words for the billions of colors that can be created with the four base colors of light, red, blue and yellow… and of course white… we don’t have accurate words for the feelings that are a combination, an energetic combination of base feelings.
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What is the opposite of entitled?

what do I deserve?Every generation is more entitled than the previous one. Why? Let me explain…

If appreciative is the opposite of entitled… does that mean that all those people who are not appreciative are entitled?

Entitled 1 is a worldview. It is a ground-of-being phenomenon, invisible, like the floor. An unexamined truth. To you. But for the other, it is quite obvious… 2

So how do you know that you are not appreciative? that you are entitled?

This is how:

  • Even when you thank someone, they frown…
  • You may even be diligent in thanking someone, you may even feel a stab of thankfulness, but those thanks are the waves on the waters, not the bottom of the sea… The bottom of your sea is entitlement.

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Do your spiritual practices make you higher vibration?

What is the common error in many of the spiritual practices, an error that result in not what someone wanted from the practice, but instead forcing, or self-righteousness… neither of which are very spiritual? 1

I am learning a lot by observing Gurjieff at different stages of his journey, and through the different students he had.

If I am not mistaken, the mistake is made early on… in the intention.

I have learned different meditation techniques. What was in common with them is the desire to be free from the thoughts, and the harmful emotions.

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The person who is most adaptable and willing to change is going to win in life

Changeability, adaptability: what prevents you from being changeable or adaptable so you can win?

Darwin may have said: The species that is most adaptable wins the genetic lottery. Humanity’s, society’s emphasis is on smarts, but smart people are often losers.

Groups of people survived in history if they could adapt to the changing environment, the changing of the world successfully.

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Do you have a core identity? Something that will not change? Something that can lead you to greatness?

Some countries need to manufacture a history for their people. Other countries created one by following a credo, an ethic, that is personally binding.

Father Geoffrey invented a history for England.

The question we’ll look at: can you invent greatness for another… Can a great path that doesn’t oblige have any positive influence on the person, or instead it will give them wrongful pride… “I am better than you” nationalist or racial superiority?

Let me examine the difference between the different stories of different peoples, so I can explain the difference between the individuals who hail from different cultures.

I am going to bumble my way through this… so expect this article to be a little chunky… I apologize ahead of time. No disrespect meant… Honest.


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Cooking from recipes… or being a master chef… a huge life lesson

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I watched some instructive videos of a guy who is making a living publishing books that he only compiled. Cookbooks, mainly. Recipe books.


I have been anguished by the inability of my clients to use their food list and make it fully satisfying… Result: their well being plateaus at 20-30%, while mine is 70%.

I saw an article that suggests that following recipes is way inferior to knowing how to cook, knowing the patterns, the principles, the methods, the science and the art of preparing food. I republished that article here –>Cooking Jazz

Preparing food and your relationship to it is a how, not a what. And how you do anything is how you do everything, remember?

If your relationship to food, to the preparation, to cooking is in one way, we’ll find the same thing in other areas of life. So pay close attention to what is your relationship to cooking: this can be life altering.
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Are you tough enough to deserve the good life?


To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.

I am continuing the inquiry into curiosity… the intrinsic motivation of humans… how you lost it, how to rekindle it… and what might be in the way.

I am going to use myself, because curiosity is so rare, and so relatively unconscious, unobserved, and unacknowledged, that I don’t even know who I could ask about their own experience… Let’s hope that this state of affairs will change soon.

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How do you generate positive energy… and how can you tell? Be ready to be surprised…

boomerangprinciple-kabbalahSummary: What people consider positive isn’t… It is actually intensely negative energy… and contribute to the Dark Side and the destruction of humanity.

But teachers teach it… churches teach it… and yet… it is not true, and it is harmful. In this article I will teach you a rule of thumb, that if you use it, you’ll start turning the tides… and your actions and thoughts generators of positive energy…

Remember Deedee? The woman who made a huge list of things that showed how high minded she was?

And yet, her vibration clocked in at a puny 70; hugely negative energy, much lower than the average negative energy of people on the planet.
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