Becoming like god where you create with your word.


With regards to the title... I am not suggesting that you become like Jesus... but become like the Creator, who supposedly said: there shall be light... or whatever he said... This Creator created with his word. That is the god I mean...

The main difference between a human and a human being, the next level of human evolution, is an inner difference. Not biological, physical, physiological. Instead a difference in what tells the one and the other to do things, what attitude to have, how to do things.

Humans listen to memes, the voices. Voices that are not the human's friends, voices that have no rhyme and reason, voices that make the human misbehave, and take actions that on the long run make him miserable.

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How Does The Universe Get To You? Are You A Truth, A Beauty, Or A Goodness Person?


I've been weeping for an hour or so. It is the tears of the soul.

The trigger: thinking of Billy Elliot, well known to many: where the spirit had a chance to fully express itself through a human: a rare phenomenon: we seem to have a hard time hearing the gently nudging of the spirit. By spirit I really mean the soul: I use the words interchangeably. In Hebrew: ruah, neshama, nefesh: they are different states of the same soul: expressing where the soul is with regards to its correction, with regards to becoming like God. 1

The other movie is "Together," a 2002 Chinese movie about a young violinist, whose father, tirelessly grooms him and pushes him to be a top performer. We, together with the boy, find out that his father is not his father. The man who brought him up since he was a few days old found him at a train station with a violin next to him. He searched for the mother in vain, and he took it on himself to bring up the boy the way the mother seemed to have asked him: to become a violinist. 2
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Why are people so low vibration? Including the teachers, the gurus, the energy practitioners?


If you read one of my previous articles, your answer (most of it) is there: our upbringing is based on the interest of the "powers that be" and not on the interest of the individual, or the interest of the human race: the Original Design, evolution, being an expanding personality.

Our lives, what we are allowed to do, see and know, is not that much different from what you see in the movies "The Truman Show" or "The Matrix" and we are policed, rigorously, and incessantly.

And the policing forces are also "sheep" and have no idea about the truth, about their own status...

So, humanity, in lack of real information, to understand and make what they see easier to handle, easier to be with, invented an imaginary world of explanations, gods, spirits, angels... just to be able to make sense of what they needed to deal with.

Vibration, your vibration, your consciousness level and the ability to be with stuff that is not easy to be with are correlated: meaning: once one gets high, the other gets high as well.
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The path to raising your vibration, to earn your vibration, to become a Human Being, a creator


Animals seem to be happy. Humans are unhappy, pretending to be happy.

Why is this discrepancy?

Consider that what makes you unhappy is your Soul. The Soul that is at cross-purposes with the part of you that is the bodymind, the part of you that guides your behavior, thoughts, and attitudes.

It's been so maybe forever.

The Soul is the aspect of you that wants to become like God, that wants to become a Creator.

The bodymind only cares about receiving: receiving fun, pleasure, power over others, and being safe, being right, looking good. Some disciplines call it the ego... I won't... Calling it ego hasn't proved to be effective, because we have a limited perspective, a cookie cutter concept of ego, and that will limit what you'll see... so I'll call what defines you, what guides your actions, what gives you your attitudes the bodymind.
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Is Becoming Like Jesus The Same As Becoming Like God?


Is Becoming Like Jesus the same as becoming like god?

I need to state first, that I am not a Christian.

I have a Jewish heritage, grew up atheist in a Communist country, had people been allowed to be religious, they would have been predominantly Catholic there, attended one year of religious education in Israel and left for profound differences in world view. Have been studying Kabbalah for 8 years.

I am not religious. But I am very interested in the heritage of the world I am here to help connect, help ascend.

And in Jesus, and the tale, I was always interested in. I even read the bible in Hungarian... didn't understand much, but I read it.

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Becoming Like God, Clinging To The Tree of Life


Becoming Like God, Climbing The Tree of Life

This is a very old article. The truth value of this article is only 10%... my newer articles' truth value is 60%. And yet... this article has elements of truth... 10%...

There are two fundamental ways to live life, and that reflects in every choice we make, every thought we have, every action we take.

    • One way is to say: "I am all I can be, and my job is to make the best with what I have got. If I choose to grow, I have schools to go to, I have people who know more than I do, and I can learn from them." This is the Tree of Knowledge way.

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