Why don’t the low carb diets, low carb power bar, low carb shakes get you off carbs?

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One of the problems with the low carb diets is that they don’t address the real issue.

The real issue is that you have sold your soul to the “devil,” you have become a slave to a pattern of tastes that is not natural, that was created artificially by the Powers that Be.

If you watched me eat, you would see that I don’t crave sweets. I have no sweet tasting food in my diet.

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Molecules of Emotion… Are you suppressing the negative?

Summary: Emotions… without emotions you feel deadened. But you only want good emotions… unfortunately, for you, you can’t have the good without the bad, life is a roller coaster, and you would hate to be stranded on the top of the peak anyway…

I listened to the audiobook, Molecules of Emotions some 10 years ago in the car. It’s a book written by a scientist, Candace Pert.

I did not set out to be a scientist of emotions… but I was eminently suited: instead of just talking about it, instead of writing about, I can actually verify the “findings”, verify or un-verify the theories by feeling.

Our language doesn’t keep up with the emotions: just like we don’t have words for the billions of colors that can be created with the four base colors of light, red, blue and yellow… and of course white… we don’t have accurate words for the feelings that are a combination, an energetic combination of base feelings.
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Why is it harmful for you to search for information on the internet?

leaves-flyingKnowledge is power. But knowledge is different from information.

Information is someone’s opinion, someone’s take on something… totally unreliable. It depends on the person’s world view (sheep or individual), and intentions. Looking your organs that look outward you can only see what can be seen… not even one layer below… You see what they want you to see.

If you have no core, if you have no substance, every opinion, also called information. will sway you… will blow you around like wind blows dry leaves in the fall.
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Develop your Awareness, your conscious awareness

the awareness we are talking about in this article is self-awarenessAwareness 1 , when it is in the context of raising your vibration, is an inner awareness, awareness of what lies below the surface, maybe even several layers deep. But to develop awareness, we need to start real close to the surface, and maybe even outside of it… a little bit. 2

Awareness of your insides is developed through practices in focusing your attention on the details of your emotional responses and your attitudes. You can’t learn anything about yourself, your insides, from others, or from a book: you can only be guided where to look, how to look, but what you will see is what you will see… no telling.
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Osho on Knowledge and Knowing


ZEN IS JUST ZEN. There is nothing comparable to it. It is unique — unique in the sense that it is the most ordinary and yet the most extraordinary phenomenon that has happened to human consciousness. It is the most ordinary because it does not believe in knowledge, it does not believe in mind. It is not a philosophy, not a religion either. It is the acceptance of the ordinary existence with a total heart, with one’s total being, not desiring some other world, supra-mundane, supra-mental.
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It’s not wrong beliefs that keep you stuck in poverty, sickness, or misery

fractal_hand_largeBeliefs are thought forms. Words. Mind-stuff.

The Universe is holographic. Holographic, among others, means that the patterns repeat in big and small things alike. 1

One of the patterns is the tree-like diagram of root-stem-fruit. We’ll examine that pattern in this article

The roots are hidden in the soil. The stem looks the same for most trees. And then the fruit is very specific.

Most self-improvement systems are busy improving the fruit without ever attending, or even being aware of the roots.
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What is the difference between a blind man and you?

blind manWhat is the difference between a blind man and you?

You would think that the difference is that you can see and the blind man can’t… But the real difference is that the blind man knows…
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What is the work to become an Expanding Human Being? A case study

what is your spiritual work?

The sentence I hear only occasionally, is “But what is the work?”

It is not because it is not a question that concerns many, it is because you are trained to know the answer, or at least pretend that you do.

I didn’t realize this until yesterday. I did not connect the dots… I didn’t see the forest for the trees.

What woke me up and made me see the big picture was an email from a new student.

And that, in spite of the fact that I had an opinion about her, a judgment, if you wish, that she talks to much and listens little.

Some of the time my attitude and my opinion matched 🙁 when I didn’t see that my opinion is a mind chatter, and that I can create my attitude freely.

Other times I had an attitude of service, in spite of my opinion of her predisposition to talk a lot.

And then the miracle happened. She started to ask clarifying questions, and… GASP! started to do the work.
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How they enslave a person, a nation, the world

You have heard the expression over and over again: “History Repeats Itself”

The history we are talking about here is bad. Wars, oppression, mass killings, abuse, lawlessness, tyranny, fascism, genocide… but as a rule, history, good or bad, repeats itself… We don’t mind the good… let it come, the more the merrier, but the bad? No thank you.

Why can BAD history repeat itself?

Why didn’t the people who saw the signs stop these processes in their beginning stages? Because they didn’t see the signs. By the time the signs are visible to the masses, the deed is done, people are dead, maimed, expelled, enslaved.

People of Germany, after the war was over, said: We didn’t see it.
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Growing, transformation, hitting a wall, being or getting stuck

HitTheWallI am in a state that can be compared to the cocoon 1 state. I intend to emerge on the other side as a butterfly.

Wasn’t I a butterfly before? Who knows. But humans don’t live a day or two, like butterflies, and they have more stages than butterflies.

When you grow (if you grow) spiritually your growth pattern is much like…
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