Teaching the way a fig tree grows… from the top down

fig tree: growing top to bottomFor 17 miserable years I was an architect in three countries. Unfortunately I brought myself with me…

I was, for a time, part of a team that introduced a new building method: building from the top down…

I won an architectural competition with it, I also won an award of excellence for a building built that way.

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The cabbage didn’t become cauliflower without training

Just one more thing: the cabbage didn’t become cauliflower without training…

And you cannot become cause without training either…

So if you think DNA activation by itself will make you a human being, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Even though you’ll have the capacity… and now with the 14 second audio you do, you still need TRAINING in using it. Continue reading “The cabbage didn’t become cauliflower without training”

Do you want it just in case, or is it just in time? Updated

I see this time and time again: if and when you need it, there is a triple amount of chance that you will actually do what you need to do to learn it, engage with it, read it… do it.

Triple is still small for most people… but it is, hell, three times more than you would do if you just wanted it. 1

Want what? Growing, practice, spiritual capacities, healing, courses, coaching… transformation, living on the vertical plane, in reality, where nothing is wrong. That is what I “sell”…

I have been struggling to get through to this one client to be able to support him in using and keeping the activation of the capacity “causing.” Causing your life, to own what belongs to you, to own what you are doing, what you are feeling, even what you are NOT feeling.

Causing is a very high capacity, dependent on your capacity to own what you can own. What belongs to you.

I can feel that most of the time he is on his computer, reading articles. Continue reading “Do you want it just in case, or is it just in time? Updated”

How present are you? the common notion and the reality of being present

There is a video at the end of this post to test how present you are…

When I tell people to be present, or to get out of their mind, they understand it this way:

Be present to everything around you. The beauty, the ugliness, the sun, the wind, people.

Or alternatively, while doing guided meditation, pay attention to what the guide, the leader of the meditation tells you to pay attention to, your breathing, relaxing, whatever.

This type of notion seems to make it wrong when you are paying attention to what you are doing, thinking (as in problem solving), etc. Because you are present to one thing and one thing only.
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Your attitude: are you mirroring the attitude of the other?

confronted-by-alice-chaosI consider myself quite aware, quite present, and yet… I am still finding out stuff that I have had no idea about.

Your attitude, more often than not, comes as a mirror of your “opponent’s”… partner’s, “the other”.

One of the automatic behaviors happens without any thinking on our part: mirroring.

It is one of those phenomena when you act and then justify it later.

Example: I called on a participant yesterday, or was it on Monday?

I found myself tensing up, I found myself arguing.

The difference between you and me, is that I caught myself. What tipped me off is that I had no reason to be confronted, or confrontational. I was at peace about the topic, about the participant, about life. So suddenly hearing myself arguing was a dead giveaway.
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The Integrated Good Life & The Four Pillars Of Eudaimonia

Plants are integratedThe Integrated Good Life & The Four Pillars Of Eudaimonia

Eudamonia: the fulfilled life. The satisfying life. It’s a how… It’s about how much life you have in your years. Fulfilling the potential that you are.

It’s impossible to have “the Good Life” without Integration… but… 1

One of the hardest steps for students to complete in the 67 step coaching is the step about creating an integrated life.

Why? Because on the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, there is no such a thing as integration.

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The Attitude That Will Help You Climb The Tree Of Life

An attitude is an approach. It is the result of an internal conversation we are having with ourselves. An attitude is 100% in your power, even if you don’t feel you can change it. And true: you don’t change it directly. You change the conversation, the things you say to yourself.

We are taught in the Tree of Knowledge culture to have a strong “why” for our actions. A reason, and agenda, a purpose to what we want to do.

This attitude will keep you on the Tree of Knowledge, and will keep you wretched: the Tree of Knowledge is the home of wretched living. Continue reading “The Attitude That Will Help You Climb The Tree Of Life”

My experiment with increasing my Life Force, Part One

As you may have read, I discovered that my Life Force, the capacity to grow, has nearly diminished.

In this article I will report to you my own experience of trying to increase a capacity through working on it. Essentially the same kind of work I am asking you to do.

What is present, by the way, is fear. Intense fear. Fear of failure, fear of finding out that I am full of crap.

Now, you need to know that I have the detached capacity, so I am observing it and feeling it at the same time. What is there between the Observer and the feeling is an attitude of curiosity: the curiosity of a researcher. And maybe the curiosity of a kid looking at a bug, and enjoying saying: Grooooooss.

I also take the Unconditional Love Activator in my water, all day… allowing me to see and love myself with all my failings, all my faults, all my mistakes.

I can see that fear would hold back anyone who doesn’t have the capacity for being detached, standing in their Observer position, where you don’t have to take all your feelings seriously, from where a feeling is not often relevant.
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Don’t Pee on my Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining or how to become someone responsible

Judge-Judy-Sheindlin- Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's rainingI borrowed that expression from Judge Judy, because I like it. But it is also perfect, because Judge Judy calls for responsibility… to no avail… Why? Because responsibility is a capacity encoded and dormant in human DNA… only a few, the successful few have it turned on.

Responsibility is access to power, access to personal power. And most people are powerless, feel powerless, act powerless. Force is not power. And that is what passes for personal power nowadays: forcing, manipulating, controlling, coercing, etc.

This article is not about that. This article is about how to turn on and live with and through personal power.

As I have shared before, back in November I signed up to a money making scam program.

It hasn’t delivered, but I am OK. I haven’t abandoned ship. Now, that is very interesting, because most people that stay are in hope.

Hope is living in a future denying what is… because you don’t like it.

So the people are in hope, hope of some money they didn’t work for, because they don’t like how the world is: you have to have skills, you have to have knowledge, you have to work… f… that! So they gamble. And hope. 1
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Are you willing to become a prosperous “neighborhood”?

baby steps to become all you can beI republished an article, that is as important as anything you’ll ever learn, if you wanted to live a life of an expanding human being

Response when I first published it: no echo. Response this time: no echo. Nobody heard it. Nobody saw it. Nobody was interested.

The article is pinpointing the reason why you have what you have, and do not have what you want to have.

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