The fraudulent promises to change your core beliefs

Do you think that the words spoken in your head are your beliefs?

What words? you say.

That ‘what words?’ was two of them. The words are spoken in your head.

There is a whole lot of talking that seems to be going on in your head, and if you think it is you, then they accomplished what they intended: you become a puppet on word-strings.

There is no such thing as a belief, and those words are NOT belief.

Don’t believe me? Just add words consciously, and see how much difference they make. None, that’s how much. Continue reading “The fraudulent promises to change your core beliefs”

What are beliefs? And what keeps you from what you want?

Is there really such a thing as a belief?

One of the things that keep you stuck is the language that you use.

One of the words that definitely hand over the reins to someone else is the word belief.

I, personally, argue that such a thing even exists.

Approaching life, approaching reality, approaching tasks with inadequate tools, antiquated tools will lead to disaster, and that is where you, most of you, find yourself.

Lots of words, lots of books, lots of talking, but no advancement. Neither personally, nor as a race.

As a true empath, I actually see why.

You and everything you read is stuck on the surface. On the seeming working of the Universe, or in this case, the seeming working of a human.

If we dealt with computers, or cars, or even houses the way we deal with, try to fix, etc. humans, ourselves, our thinking, our behavior, we would go back to the stone age. Continue reading “What are beliefs? And what keeps you from what you want?”