What is faith, what is belief? Do you know what you know?

Assumptions, assuming… the not seeing beyond the cover

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life…

The biggest, I say, were the result of this cognitive bias we all have. Making assumptions based on insufficient data.

Assumption is jumping from seeing something and its meaning… without looking further, or looking again.

Given that astuteness is the exact opposite: making the correct interpretation of phenomena or data, assumption is the sign of stupidity.

And I have been guilty of that. Continue reading “What is faith, what is belief? Do you know what you know?”

Do you have permission to be happy, joyful, successful?

permission slipDo you BELIEVE you have permission to be happy, joyful, successful?

What’s the difference between believing and knowing?

Let me preface that belief is a human word… Source says that what we call belief is really using our word to create a personal reality… So what we call belief is really words considered reality… You’ll see why this is an important distinction in a sec…

If you haven’t read the relationship between reality and personal reality, read some of my older articles… like this one. We call personal reality ‘occurrence’ there.

Yesterday I went over to my new next door neighbors to pet the two dogs they have, and we chatted.

I considered wearing a mask, and I decided against it. Continue reading “Do you have permission to be happy, joyful, successful?”

Human blindness, near sightedness, immediate gratification

exponential growthHuman blindness, near sightedness, immediate gratification… and their relationship to your misery.

The famous story that teaches geometric vs. linear growth creates insights that disappear about as fast as your dreams after you wake up. 1

Homo Sapiens, even the ones who understood mathematics in school, are famous for near-sightedness.

In the story between the ant and the grasshopper, humans are the grasshopper, and even the ants of humanity are more hoarders, than intelligent beings…

What are you talking about Sophie… what is this b.s. again? You ask… because you think I am putting you and all of humanity down.

But what I am doing is bringing some distinctions, shades of gray, into your black and white world that has been leaving you miserable… utterly miserable. Continue reading “Human blindness, near sightedness, immediate gratification”

Why is a dog happy and you are not? Wanna know?

I bet the title of previous article, “Are you a taker” got instantly translated in your head to “Are you bad?”

What you don’t know is that if you are not allowed to take, you won’t be allowed to give… the ultimate stingy…

If you are not allowed to live according to your nature, you will do cartwheels to avoid it… even if and even when your nature would take you where you want to go. Continue reading “Why is a dog happy and you are not? Wanna know?”