What is the negative energy you are trying to eliminate?

Before i say anything else, all the illustrations about negative energy, negativity I use in this post are b.s. and harmful… The Hungarian Christmas pictures… I remember being a child…

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Why do you have uncomfortable feelings? The answer will surprise you…

Meeting others’ expectation of you: the need and the controversy: how it has lead you to be the way you are

This is a very important article. If you just read one article, this is it. Without getting this, what I am showing here, you can’t and won’t be able to fulfill your destiny as a human.

This morning I looked up the expression “eager beaver” in Hungarian. And cried again. This time without tears. This time, not for myself. This time for humanity. This article is what you can get when you cry with your eyes open…

To belong to the cool guys, you needed to, at least, pretend, that work, school work, reading, learning, achieving are not important to you.

It is pretending that you don’t care.

The cool guys are losers. In life. But they look good.

Being eager in response to an inner or outer need, is considered uncool.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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The new worry epidemic… keeping you entitled, a kid

This article is long… the original writer was probably paid for each word… In spite of my intent to edit it, I could not make it shorter.

The gist of it is that instead of using our god given ability to think to think things through, to plan, to prevent, we use it instead to worry… Worry is unproductive and makes absolutely no difference. In fact, it makes you stupid… Very stupid, unprepared, make emotional decisions, avoid action… in simple terms, to become a Shrinking Human… instead of an Expanding Human Being.

Oh, and it also makes you sick… if being sick and stupid with worry weren’t enough.
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My teaching style… does it work? should I change it?

learning-styles-posterSummary: In this article I examine different teaching styles in the area of spirituality, consciousness and transformation, and I explain why I teach the way I teach.

I got an email from a student of mine yesterday. I quote the whole letter in the footnotes… 1

I have been obsessing over it for the past hour or so: it feels hurtful, it feels like she says that I am wrong to teach the way I teach.

Her argument that Scientology teaches the way she suggests that I teach sounds really compelling, after all they got her to a respectable low vibration of 130… with a lot of what she says they did well. This sentence was tongue in cheek, if you haven’t noticed. 130 is misery.

Her vibration is 200 now. Not very high, but she got herself off the street level hustle and bustle…
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Raise your vibration to grow… as a person

The key to growth is noticing… The key to raising your vibration is awareness

“Dear Astrology Guy: Please tell me why I have to work so hard — meditate, reflect, read, analyze, poke, prod, investigate — to discover truths about myself that must be obvious to others. Why is it so hard for me to see where I need healing and where I need to let go? Why is it such an ordeal to grasp what is interfering with my wholeness when I can quickly pinpoint what other people’s issues are? -Overworked Virgo.” Dear Overworked: I’m happy to report that you will soon be offered a gush of revelations about who you are, how you can heal, and what strategies will best serve your quest to minimize your anxiety. Are you prepared to absorb some intense teachings? For best results, make yourself extra receptive.

Now, if you are like me, you want to raise your vibration! You don’t want to wait for the “right alignment of the planets” to be able to heal, or minimize your anxiety, get guidance, etc. You want to do it now, if possible. You can if you concentrate on raising your vibration instead of all the details.

You want to take an active stance, an active position in the matter.
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Activators produce permanent change once they are established… What’s in the way? What’s the difficulty?

PhotoReading and normal reading produce different results Activators produce permanent change once they are established… What’s in the way?

In several tests, comparing comprehension and the ability to recall and use the information after reading a book, people performed much better when they read the book with the PhotoReading method than when they read it “normally.” The retention, the length of time that the knowledge is available was also multiple of the “normal” reading length.

The tests compare the same person, (as opposed to groups) so the base knowledge, the vocabulary, and interests, (which are fundamentally influencing the results,) are the same in the comparison. Person A, normal reading, vs. person A PhotoReading, got it? If you compared my results with yours, the comparison would not be valid, because we have a different level of knowledge and vocabulary, and interests.

So the comparison is comparing comprehension between two states:

  1. you have a chance to read every word with your conscious mind, look up words that you don’t know, re-read paragraphs that you don’t understand completely, ponder, etc. You can read, at the rate of about 30 pages an hour, and it will take as long as it takes.
  2. in an altered state of mind, with eyes fuzzy and focused behind the pages so you cannot actually see what’s on the page, at a rate of 1 page a second… a normal book takes a few minutes to read this way.

Why would it be so? After all it doesn’t make sense, does it?

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