Suffering? Miserable? Three Kinds of Misery You Can Beat

Suffering? Miserable? I have distinguished Three Causes You Have Control Over…

Motto: Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional

Most everybody gets miserable and suffering from time to time. Some more, some less.

I used to be miserable and suffering more than most… and I had no idea how to get out of it. It was like a deep hole, and the bright happy world was outside of the hole, and definitely outside of my reach.

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Republished: Feeling weak? Drained? Or weird? You may have a Dark Side attachment that is sucking you dry

collar-leash-humanReader asks:

Can your energy or vibration be “stolen” from you? If so, can you please point me in the direction of the person or thing that can help me protect myself? I used to be happy and friendly, now I think I have mini anxiety attacks, because when someone gets too close I start sweating and blushing for no reason. All this happened immediately after I started dating someone who was really deep into the occult (I didn’t know at the time).

I connected to the reader and lo and behold, she has an attachment on the right hand side towards the back of her neck.

Energy draining, or enslavement attachment are very frequent.

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Learned helplessness versus innovate yourself out of your box

7426919_f496Learned helplessness is a technical term coined by Dr. Martin Seligman.

I don’t want to spend time with what he means by that, and how he came to discover this phenomenon… you can google it if you want to know.

If you are in the 67 steps, it’s step 7…

What I want to focus on here is the place where you won’t look: today… Where you locked yourself into a small box.

How come you are the way you are, how come you live in such a tiny box, no fulfillment, no energy, no love, no success…

So, how do you find the areas where you have learned helplessness limiting your life, the dance floor, the ability to accomplish?
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What is Vibration?

what is vibration? how do you measure vibrational frequency?What is vibration? What is the vibration that is the vibrational scale of 1 to 1000?

In this article I’ll answer the questions: what is vibration, and what that means. I’ll also tell you how to measure vibration. And in the end I’ll let you know how to pick a teacher or a guru who is the best vibrational match to you, so you can start raising your vibration with their teaching. Continue reading “What is Vibration?”

Here is a little inspiration… for freedom, for liberty, for being moved by what’s possible


I don’t know about you, but I need to be reminded occasionally, that life is not about me, that even my life isn’t about me. That there are bigger and better things, more inspiring than what’s going on in my little world.

This short video did the job famously for me today. Enjoy.

Low Vibration? High Vibration? What’s The Difference?

What is Low Vibration? What is High Vibration? Is it really vibration? Why should I have one rather than the other? Really?

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Breakthroughs: how do you cause them? There is a science to causing breakthroughs! Learn it!

the joke: the rooster and the dog No matter on what level you are on the evolutionary scale, the percentage of knowledge that you didn’t know that you didn’t know stays at 99%.

Sometimes it overlaps with what you know that you don’t know, but mostly not.

All breakthroughs come from that 99%.

There is a certain way of being in the world that triggers the 99% to “release” that hidden knowledge to you. Seth Godin calls that “certain way of being in the world” poking the box.

Most people poke their nose into other people’s stuff (gossip) but never poke the box. So the breakthroughs are few and far between, though they could be frequent. I love the sound of popcorn popping: that reminds me of the sound of the breakthroughs.

Anyway, I habitually poke the box, and my breakthroughs are frequent, but this past 10 days I had big breakthroughs, and even one of my students almost had one, though she doesn’t know it was a potential breakthrough.

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