Second wind, second chance

second wind wingsDo you have the fighting spirit? Have you ever accessed your second wind?

I am sure you were immediately thinking of fighting, and not spirit… and you are about to hang up… and go do something mundane and maybe even boring to calm down your spirit that wants to come alive… ‘go back to sleep. Nothing to see here’

The fighting spirit is the spirit fighting for more life, more aliveness, more joy, more love, more everything. For you.

The factions fighting and bickering and backbiting and slandering online and in your groups are not spirit… they are all fear based… and I would say death-based, not life based. Not for themselves either.

It’s a smokescreen to hide that they are about death… theirs.

So let’s talk, instead, about the fighting spirit, that is all for you, about you, and you have, probably, only a fleeing memory of when you last saw it.

The fighting spirit is what gives you the second wind. Continue reading “Second wind, second chance”

When you go beyond the horizontal plane…

walking through a wallI participated with Landmark Education in all kinds of positions, participant, coach, trainee, leader. After 26 years I quit.

I quit for the same reason I quit Emotions Anonymous, and ACOA, Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.

I quit because they were stuck. Stuck in the ordinary world. Stuck in the ordinary mindset. The participants, the leaders… they never moved out of the deep misery… so they were going back, year after year, “sharing” the same stories with the exact same words, with the exact same emotions they shared the year before. Continue reading “When you go beyond the horizontal plane…”