The myth that if you are better than…

The myth that if you are better than the average, if you are better than the other guy/gal then you are OK...

If you knew how others view you, if you knew how you rank as a human... really, you'd be up in arms, shouting "bloody murder!" because you are delusional. You can't see the other, you can't see yourself, and you definitely can't see yourself the way others see you... so any and all negative feedback is a surprise and an insult.

But if you are comparing yourself to another 99 percenter... whether they are average, below average, or above average, you are comparing yourself to something irrelevant...

Scientists, statisticians say humanity and its characteristics, intelligence, achievement, health, etc. can be described with the bell curve, where they focus on the average...

But if you ask anyone if they want to be average, they mostly say no... and they fancy themselves as above average.

But even if you are above average, you are comparing yourself against people who you don't respect... who are miserable, unproductive, undisciplined, liars, cheaters, like yourself. Continue reading "The myth that if you are better than…"

Today’s solution is tomorrow’s bigger problem… if you are not connected to Consciousness

your holy grailI have updated this post... clarified some things, so read it again...

Humans, YOU, want to fix things...

Fixing is forceful, and narrow cone of vision.

Fixing is low consciousness...

Today's solution is tomorrow's bigger problem.

frankenstein... cobbled togetherYour identity, the things you are known for, your typical behavior have all been fixes... solution to some perceived problem and now you are like a puppet on a string... powerless, inauthentic, and incapable of being happy, peaceful, joyful, and fulfilled.

1. For example, as a kid, I experienced getting hurt because I trusted someone... so I decided to never ever ever ever trust anyone again... I became fiercely independent... in everything. Continue reading "Today’s solution is tomorrow’s bigger problem… if you are not connected to Consciousness"

Pattern recognition… or how widely and how deeply do you see?

From time to time I watch an animated feature movie on Netflix.

Those movies have the most clues for inner world patterns of all the movies... even though they are clearly designed to distribute memes... to train the next generation to become sheep.

But the artists that make the movies unwittingly, or defiantly, place some fundamental guidance and truth in those movies.

So it is with this little movie: Leap. (In other languages it is called the Ballerina)

It's about a little orphan girl who lives in an orphanage, but dreams about becoming a dancer... a ballet dancer. She escapes the orphanage and goes to Paris to enroll in the famed ballet institute... to fulfill on her dream.

Through unpredictable events, she does... and though she can't dance... a cleaning lady she finds turns out to be an ex famous dancer, until an accident made her an cripple. And she will become her mentor.

OK, here are the principles in the movie that stirred my inside up and explained a lot of things to me about me: Continue reading "Pattern recognition… or how widely and how deeply do you see?"

Emotional Intelligence and your experience of life

Emotional Intelligence is a buzz word, an expression, that no one explains, and yet, everyone pretends that they know what they are talking about.

No such THING as emotional intelligence... it is made up.

And yet: some people maneuver life better than others, have less upsets, upheavals, self-hate, than others.

They take obstacles differently than others. They are OK with themselves, and they don't worry about what other people think about them. They are not attention, approval, drama seekers. They just do what they do... and let others do what others do.

We call those people emotionally intelligent.

I guess you are reading this article because you are not like that. Continue reading "Emotional Intelligence and your experience of life"

Are you stingy or you are in survival with barely enough energy to DO your life?

You are stingy with others... You don't have energy to be kind, caring, supportive... Or if you do, maybe your family and friends are not kind or supportive to you... Here is the why...

To be kind, etc... you need an abundance of surplus energy. If your body is in survival mode, the first things that NEED to go are the nice things for others... then for yourself. Some dogooders reverse the order...

People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don't find myself saying, "Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner." I don't try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds. ~ Carl R. Rogers

That, being wonderful as a sunset, includes yourself, but...

You may be able to imagine yourself looking at others this way... but looking at yourself as perfect, wonderful, and no need to change?

Rarely if ever...

Occasionally I stand in front of my bathroom mirror and I like what I see. Occasionally. One minute out of thousands a week.

So why are we unable to even imagine that we are like the sunset... or the sunrise: my favorite. Continue reading "Are you stingy or you are in survival with barely enough energy to DO your life?"

Why can’t you learn, and how could you? The single most important factor…

Going from smart to intelligent...

In this article I am biting off more than I can chew... So it will probably make more sense to people who are in my programs, and will make sense once I learn how to speak/write it coherently. 1I was just checking what the dictionary (Tree of Knowledge says about intelligent vs. smart. Turns out that probably intentionally, just to make you less intelligent, lol, not funny, they use the two terms opposite of what they actually measure.

here is just one of the definitions on the internet:

  • The difference between smartness and intelligence is mainly behavioral. (truth value of this statement: 20%.)
  • While an intelligent person can be smart, a smart person may not be intelligent. (truth value of this statement: 80%.)
  • Intelligence means the ability to acquire information rather rapidly. (truth value of this statement: 30%.)
  • Intelligence is a trait a person has since birth. (truth value of this statement: 10%.)

Continue reading "Why can’t you learn, and how could you? The single most important factor…"

Overwhelm, survival mode, resignation, what is the connection? And un-managed, how they lead to becoming dead man walking?

dead man walkingI had an important and eye-opening insight today. A looking back...

Let me tell you the story so you get the fact that the likelihood of me ever discovering this was between none and zero.

It began some 30 years ago when I was a magazine publisher. Every time a magazine was already in the street, I went to my computer and cleaned up the space, I archived everything that was said and done, made room for the new issue. I did the same thing in the office.

I called this time and energy consuming step "cleaning from the root", or alternatively "preparing for a new harvest"...

My life was organized, orderly, I was thin, vibrant, beautiful, and OK.

Then something happened. There is always something that happens before this process begins to really ramp up... but truth be told, it really begins around age 3... hidden for quite a while. Continue reading "Overwhelm, survival mode, resignation, what is the connection? And un-managed, how they lead to becoming dead man walking?"

THERE is a Principle of Power in every person: and there does not appear to be any limit to the possibilities of his growth

This article is based on Wallace D. Wattles' famous third book, The Science Of Being Great and, of course, what I have to say about the topic.

We all want to be great... or at least be considered great, and we all fall short... because we are NOT great, not great at all. The gap between what we hope and what we produce keeps us, overtly or covertly miserable and self-hating.

By being great Wallace D. Wattles means someone who tunes in to All-Knowledge AND acts in a Certain Way. Neither of it is typical... neither of it is practiced by the majority, although all consider it a standard, an ideal... for others.

This chapter establishes the grounds from which Wattles builds his theory: Human being is miserable unless he is growing. Miserable, unless he is advancing. By nature...

I am definitely an example of being able to tune into the All-Knowledge, and am a student of acting in a Certain Way. I am not there much of the time... maybe not even 80%. But the quality of my life is incomparable with what it was before I started practicing the Certain Way.

Read and heed. You'll know if you are ready to hear this or not. How will you know? This will sound like good news if you are ready. And boring or not for you, if you are not. Or worse than that: you'll think of all the people for whom this should be a must, but not you... (Especially if your soul correction is "Removing The Dark Side".

I hope you are ready. For your own sake...
Continue reading "THERE is a Principle of Power in every person: and there does not appear to be any limit to the possibilities of his growth"

Your soul correction and how you react to things… like being abandoned in a car as a child

One of the most interesting things to track is how much of the interpretation of an original incident depends on the person's soul correction.

OK, let me explain: we come into the world with a supposedly blank slate... We don't know anything, and we need to learn everything.

And yet, we seem to have a certain bend... as if humanity had sub-species... Continue reading "Your soul correction and how you react to things… like being abandoned in a car as a child"

Strong emotions or curiosity… choose!

I have found that bringing curiosity to life, especially things that normally would cause you strong emotions, can counteract the narrowing of your cone of vision, narrowing of your intelligence, narrowing of your emotional flexibility... while destroying life where you are, where I am... inside me.

Let me say it again: bringing curiosity to things can counteract with misery, upset, anxiety, frustration, anger, despair, resignation, sadness, depression... the whole never ending pool of negative emotions.

It takes training.

Our access, humans' access to reality, nowadays, is our emotions... instead of our feelings (sensory perceptions and observation) and our reasoning capacity.

Instead of getting a first hand view of reality, we, humans, inside the cave of our minds, we interact with the shadows reality casts... and we are jerked through upheavals by things that aren't even real. Continue reading "Strong emotions or curiosity… choose!"