Spiritual Arrogance

1-spiritual-arrogance-pict-1Humans have a dual nature, a dual nature that is the enemy of growth, enemy of learning, enemy to the survival of the species…

Arrogance and pride…

Arrogance is duality itself.

  • It says, on one hand: I already know. I know. I am beyond that.
  • On the other hand: OMG, I am so stupid. I make so many mistakes. I better slow down, and not be so sure.

We call the arrogant side “it” in this article. And it talks. And it knows. And it pontificates…

What “it” says it knows? It knows everything. It knows if it is worth it to listen, if it is worth for you to do. It knows if you can. It knows the future, the past, what it all means, what it doesn’t mean, what it’s all about, what is important and what isn’t. Continue reading “Spiritual Arrogance”

My secret weapon

The Big Bundle of energies other people sell piecemeal… I am going to sell you as a bundle.

We all hear and read about energy healing, but most of that healing doesn’t work or it’s disappointing.

But here is an energy tool that works… Really.

July 29, 2018. As you may know I accidentally poisoned myself. The toxin came from food, and according to muscle test there was a 90% chance it was going to kill me. And it felt exactly like that.

After a few days I looked what I could use… nothing chemical, Source said. Nothing physical, Source said. Energy? Maybe, Source said.

When I say Source said, I mean: I muscletested while connected to Source.

Finally I settled on the “Big Bundle” and I could hear as the dried out, dead parts of my colon started to break up, and break off… I felt almost immediate relief. I have done the treatment two more times, and today I actually had appetite to eat a little bit, and I now know I’ll live.

This Big Bundle is my secret weapon. It is big because the energies are big. Continue reading “My secret weapon”

Energy healing, coaching, nutritional consulting: what do they all have in common?

preacher1Yesterday I had an “energy healer” type of person on the Open Mic aka Talk to Me webinar.

Normally these webinars are really fun: we talk. Students ask questions, some great, some simple and to the point… they have fun, I have fun, and our relationship deepens.

Yesterday was a different kind of session: there was this “energy healer” guy… and he was into arguing, debating, talking about what he thinks, what he learned, blah blah blah.

He considered my webinar his forum to disseminate his wisdom. His learning. His take on the world.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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Why are you holding your breath? And why it is an ineffective way to manage your emotions…

732290I get insights in bite size chunks… here is a new insight I just got.

Your attention, that force to reckon with, that power you wield to bring life to stuff is connected to your breath.

They say: what you pay attention to starts moving. This is why, when you are at the chiropractor, they say: breathe into your hip, or your knees…

You see, they know breathing into something brings it mobility, awareness, and life… what they didn’t know is that it is your attention that is brought to the sore or stuck part with the breath.
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The Pleasure Principle and winning in life

tumblr_ni0hxucPbU1u23a8fo1_1280Psychology, as a science and as a practice has some tools: Observation and brain scans.

But the problem with either is that the human element, the interpreter between what is being seen, their mindset, their attitude, their approach, is crucial.

But, of course, this is true everywhere, except with psychologists, we expect them to interpret what they observe accurately… except they don’t. As a rule.

And then there are some outliers… like Freud.

I am observing myself, and I am observing my students.

And I am getting clearer and clearer, that The Pleasure Principle is indeed one that has to be taken seriously.
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Can you feel energy? I mean you, personally… Different energies?

benders bend energies... in a certain spectrum. avatars bend all the spectrumsWhen I put the word “energy” into the search box on google, most listings are about electricity, and the rest are about woo woo sites.

People still don’t understand energy. Why? Because our receptors for energy are not differentiated enough, and not connected to the conscious mind enough for us to have more words… and without words there is no understanding. 1

I have always been weather sensitive. You know those insufferable people that know what weather is coming, where the wind is coming from, the pressure and the magnetism, and don’t stop talking about it.

I didn’t talk about it, but that’s it. The rest has always been true to me. I’ve felt it, I’ve known it. Insufferable for myself… lol.

And I paid attention, so I wasn’t merely an “I am suffering” type of insufferable, suffering from the bad feelings that others could not believe I was feeling.

If I can feel it, you can feel it, but you have no distinctions, the building blocks of perceived reality, and I do.
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Find a Growth Method That Matches Your Personality

growing-as-personThere are two categories of humans

  1. sheep, victim, the effect… not in action, hoping, praying, visualizing, etc.
  2. the climber

In this article I want to talk about the climber. The politician. The ruthless user. The win-lose type of person.

Why do you want to know them? Because you need to know evil intimately to fight evil.
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Inner peace… is it possible for you?

anxious,depressed, peaceful

Inner Peace is elusive, like health.

What do you call peace? The lack of war? What do you call health? Lack of illness?

Imagine that you are walking in a forest, on a footpath on a beautiful summer day. The birds are chirping. There is a slight breeze. There is peace. And you may know that animals are hunting, eating another, and yet there is peace.

It seems that peace is when you are OK with how it is, good, bad, ugly, you are OK. When a ball comes your way: you catch it. When a branch blocks your way, you bend it away. When there is a climb in the path, you climb. When a stone gets in your shoe, you shake it out. No resistance. Life is good.

If you can bring that OK-ness…

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Tools to remove Dark Side attachments yourself

sorcerer-overloadThis article gives you some tools that you can use to remove the Dark Side attachments you unwittingly gathered through curiosity, greed, or desire to heal. If I refused to remove your attachments, this is what I can offer to you, for now. If you can’t afford my services to remove you attachments, this is also your path.

From time to time I am approached by people that I know are dangerous. Some are unconscious of the danger they pose… they are like zombies… operated by a power greater than themselves: an evil and dark power.

How did that happen? They find themselves attracted to weird stuff… energies, spells, curses, rituals, magical, magik.

The attraction comes from weakness. And the weakness gets exploited.

Thousands of weak sorcerer wannabees walk around the planet, all enslaved by killer energies. Many come to me to curse me or ask for help.
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Customer Favorite #2: Heaven on Earth

hoe-labelThe Heaven on Earth remedy is based on the Bach Flower remedies.

It’s 40 distinct energies that remedy 40 human weaknesses and follies. How? I don’t know.

There was a time when I was making custom Bach remedies for each customer and client. It took a long time, because I needed to connect to the person, and muscle test them for 40 different remedies.

The time I spent, in today’s rate, would have cost a buyer about 70 dollars. They paid nothing. I didn’t value my own time… that was before I created the Unconditional Love Activators. Before that there was no love lost between me and myself.

But as soon as I found the Unconditional Love Activator, my relationship to myself changed… Continue reading “Customer Favorite #2: Heaven on Earth”