Your soul correction and how you react to things… like being abandoned in a car as a child

One of the most interesting things to track is how much of the interpretation of an original incident depends on the person’s soul correction.

OK, let me explain: we come into the world with a supposedly blank slate… We don’t know anything, and we need to learn everything.

And yet, we seem to have a certain bend… as if humanity had sub-species… Continue reading “Your soul correction and how you react to things… like being abandoned in a car as a child”

Strong emotions or curiosity… choose!

I have found that bringing curiosity to life, especially things that normally would cause you strong emotions, can counteract the narrowing of your cone of vision, narrowing of your intelligence, narrowing of your emotional flexibility… while destroying life where you are, where I am… inside me.

Let me say it again: bringing curiosity to things can counteract with misery, upset, anxiety, frustration, anger, despair, resignation, sadness, depression… the whole never ending pool of negative emotions.

It takes training.

Our access, humans’ access to reality, nowadays, is our emotions… instead of our feelings (sensory perceptions and observation) and our reasoning capacity.

Instead of getting a first hand view of reality, we, humans, inside the cave of our minds, we interact with the shadows reality casts… and we are jerked through upheavals by things that aren’t even real. Continue reading “Strong emotions or curiosity… choose!”

What makes Keanu Reeves special and why you would want to learn a thing or two from him_

OK, I am in the middle of writing an article, but this hit my inbox and enough of you have been asking for some advice on what to practice… so here it is: observe Keanu Reeves, and learn to be like him…

Can you? The answer is: probably not… but… by learning and internalizing what he is doing as humility, etc, you’ll have more of reality and more ways to be than you are being now.

Don’t be mistaken: humanity is arrogant. Haughty. Self-centered. Self-aggrandizing. The opposite of what Keanu Reeves is, and the opposite of what would make you life a life worth living.

Now, if you have been smart and own my Big Bundle energy: if you study Keanu Reeves, or even just read this article while you have the energy bundle on your ears, your consciousness will hear it, and hear it as instruction or request: you requesting to be like him… and consciousness will help you. Continue reading “What makes Keanu Reeves special and why you would want to learn a thing or two from him_”

Yesterday’s enlightenment is today’s pretense

You may not be able to see it on gurus… but I can. Gurus are liars… because they share an incident in their past that doesn’t go beyond that moment…

But repeating that incident is hard… and most of the time we don’t know how it happened… like a past life memory, or any other insight. The mechanism is hidden from our view.

And then this gurus go around doing what gurus do: extrapolate from that one experience, and teach the unsuspecting millions the only way… ugh… They teach how to live, how to think, how to this and that…

And because you want what they are talking about, you fall for it… Make a decision to do it, buy it, follow it, and then it doesn’t work.


How one is to make decisions in life? Decisions that work… It’s not a stupid question…

Continue reading “Yesterday’s enlightenment is today’s pretense”

What does your pretense do to you and your life?

shark and seal I just had a conversation with a long-time student of mine who hasn’t been coming to any of my classes, but still follows my teachings..

She bought the Big Bundle of energies… for the second time, So instead of giving her a refund, I opted to adjust her predatory genes, and also her oldest son’s.

They both had 10 predatory genes active, and they were both miserable… trying to force life to fit them, instead of gently and naturally fit themselves to life… to reality. Continue reading “What does your pretense do to you and your life?”

From the limited perspective of the human mind…

From the limited perspective of the human mind… 1

This has been one of the most valuable phrases I have ever used… (I learned it from Robert Scheinfeld 23 years ago… I have been at this for a long long time)

Currently, as I play the Big Bundle energy straight into my ear, I have been going foggy, dizzy, nauseous, blanked out… with some regularity. Continue reading “From the limited perspective of the human mind…”

It sounds a lot like science fiction… hey, it is science, but not fiction…

My Sunday calls

Here is a sentence that will cement your view of me as an arrogant b-i-t-c-h, or will make you curious, if you haven’t thought that I was an arrogant b-i-t-c-h…

If you don’t listen to my Sunday calls, then you are a lazy, good for nothing, slacker… lol Oh, you have known that? I apologize, I thought I was telling you something new.

But all kidding aside, my Sunday calls are the single most interesting thing I sell… to the right people… people who are ready. The one-percenters… Continue reading “It sounds a lot like science fiction… hey, it is science, but not fiction…”

Are you a user of the Big Bundle of energies… my audio product?

OK, a new challenge is presenting itself: a bunch of people have bought the Big Bundle… and as usual, they don’t pay attention, they think that however they will use it will be OK.

Surprise: how you do anything is how you do everything, and if it had worked, you wouldn’t be here now… Would you? You would be out there enjoying your life.

So it is time to learn something new, you have NEVER considered doing before: do things the way they are supposed to be done.

One of the main and fundamental issues with Homo Sapiens is their immense arrogance.

Don’t be stupid… Please. Continue reading “Are you a user of the Big Bundle of energies… my audio product?”

Could you get smarter with my methods?

welcome to lake wobegon… as it turns out, I can answer this question… at least whether your hardware is capable to run better and faster…

For a number of years I marketed a program that promised to make you smarter. Forgot its name… something Genius in the name of it. I don’t know if it worked or not… probably not.

When I checked who were the people who clicked over to the page, and every visitor was from outside of the Western world…

I always pondered why that was… Continue reading “Could you get smarter with my methods?”

Brain Fog plagues billions of people. Is it keeping you from attaining the good life?

If you have brain fog, you can only take advantage of a tiny part of your innate intelligence: your brain is in survival mode.

Brain fog is real. Your brain isn’t firing, your brain isn’t working properly… it is half dead from… From what? And how can you change that? This is what this article is about.

I published this article before I realized that my own brain is misbehaving… that it was operating at a 10% capacity… and my IQ was way way way below what it could be.

I have used my own energy audio to fix it, and now it operates at 60%… Still not at full capacity… but the people I have tested, I have not found anyone with better than 10%… so my 60% is spectacular.

What did I actually do? I used my energy audio to keep my brain to stay connected to Consciousness and start repairing the damage that it ignored for too long. I also change my diet, temporarily, to an almost vegetarian diet: I eat fish and an occasional egg… as far as animal products go.

If you want to read about the energy audio… here is a link to all the articles that talk about my miraculous recovery… my brain, my heart, and my energy level… all due 60% to the energy audio, and 40% to the eating changes.

And you can buy it for yourself… if you feel adventurous.

Sometimes it is temporary: you didn’t sleep well, you didn’t have your morning coffee, you had too much coffee… you are tired.

But mostly it is a symptom… and a big issue.

Why I started to be interested in brain fog?

I planned to have 10 calls to help this dude replace his income and work from home.

I was quizzing him. He has been talking to me, at least once a week for 11 years… the results of the conversation were very eye opening: He was never really interested enough to learn from me. 11 years, more than a 100 hours… street value: $20 K.

I have gifted him courses, activators, I have gifted him with my famous health consultation… Result: he never used any of it, and of course he never benefited from what he didn’t do. He eats, thinks, lives exactly as he did 11 years ago.

Still has no idea much of anything. But why?

On one hand, he is not curious. On the other hand: if you have brain fog, you can only take advantage of a tiny part of your innate intelligence: you are in survival. Continue reading “Brain Fog plagues billions of people. Is it keeping you from attaining the good life?”