Republished: The Duct Tape Approach to Raising Your Vibration

duct tape methodThe Duct Tape Approach to Raising your vibration

My observation has been that the biggest obstacle to returning people to the pristine state we began is the business of the mind, the business of the body.

What I call business is not the activity of getting things done: on the contrary: the wasteful, self-serving misfiring of the nerve-endings, whether it expresses itself in activity or not. The restlessness, the ADHD-type of running around, aimlessly, but self-importantly.

I have a few students that have taken this restlessness to the max, they do not allow any moment for themselves to just be.
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How You Lost Your Harmony, Flow And Grace, Or If You Have Lost Them, How To Get Them Back

What is this article about? It is about how the mind is an aberration, how it is like a cancer, how it enrolls you, how to lose your harmony, flow and grace

This article will need me to distinguish a few things, for you, maybe, the second time.

Please bear with me: it will be worth it.

First distinction: Tree of Knowledge.

Tree of Knowledge is a personal phenomenon: if you heard it, learned from another, and it wasn’t your personal experience, any knowledge is Tree of Knowledge. This doesn’t mean it is not true, it only means that you don’t know that. Your mind accepted it as true, but it will not influence how you are, because there was no learning process, training process.

Second distinction: Your invented purpose in life

I invented a purpose for my life some 20 years ago, in a seminar called Integrity.

The process they used was unique, maybe a little off the wall, but it worked really well for me.

The assignment was: observe your life and locate a recurring event or phenomenon that you really can’t stand. Turned it on its head and make a purpose of it for your life.

Some people are continually disappointed that all their efforts don’t produce results and no matter how much they effort, how right they are, how perfectly they do what they do, they tend to end up empty handed.

Others are givers. Give advice, give favors, but somehow no one appreciates them and they are lonely and miserable in the end.

Yet another may go along, unsuspecting, and always crash and burn…
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The Dark Forces: What They Are, What They Do, How They Pull Your Strings?

the dark side who is pulling the strings? I am not sure who the original dark forces are… they have been around for about three thousand years.

They mean business. I mean business for themselves. These are individuals in a close knit clan, dispersed all over the world, spreading mayhem and fishing in troubled waters.

You work for them. If I had a job, I would work for them. The president of the United States work for them. They own all the banks, all the money on Planet Earth.

They pull the strings in this seemingly chaotic world.

Now, one could think: kill them. But that is more of the same. They can do their dirty deeds only because the conscious awareness of people is so low. And it hasn’t grown.

As a civilization we have been reduced to biological robots, and the chances of breaking out of that predicament is slim.

The scenario of the Matrix movie is both true and untrue.

In that movie, your biological piece was used as an energy cell, and only your computer character actually moved, changed location, etc.

In the real world, (no, not a hologram, as far as I can see), you are carrying around your piece. But other than that, you haven’t had an original thought probably ever.

the dark side who is pulling the strings? Suggestions? yes. But original, un-influenced thought, probably never.

Why? Because that is how the Dark Side wants it.

Just watch yourself: you fill every waking moment with noise, brain candy, “information,” so you could never have a moment of reflection where you could maybe see through the possible cracks of this hoax we are living.

Instead of “killing them” I am interested in getting to know them enough, that I can mount an effective campaign to awaken people. Some people.

I knew they existed, I felt it all my life, but

1. I had no idea if I was targeted special or everyone was as miserable as I was
2. I had no recourse: I felt totally powerless given the onslaught of miserable feelings permeating me 80% of the time.

Recently I am starting to get insights, a little differentiation, some shades of gray, a little better grip on the “game.”

The first opening was when I discovered that the feelings I feel were mostly not mine.

There is a great working model that helps you understand the phenomenon if you read the amazing science fiction novel, The Mind Parasites by Colin Wilson. You probably can’t get a newly printed copy, but you can always buy a used copy, it is worth it.

It will free you up enough to start coming from your power instead of your weaknesses.

the dark side who is pulling the strings? One of the things I learned (and never honored, really, lol) from this book is to tread lightly… to move without noise, to not exclaim victories, to not brag, to not announce to the world that I am winning, because it immediately gets the attention of the Mind Parasites, which is an analogy of the Dark Side.

It is not me to tread lightly. I was born to be a leader, and an overt leader at that. So I have been barraged with attacks that even with the methods I have cannot be fended off.
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