Why my niece died and other things worth your attention

People think that a mite infestation, especially the spider mite infestation is more a nuisance than anything.

After all what harm can these critters cause… no bacteria, no virus… no big deal.

But the truth is much more complicated, and much more dramatic than that.

The spider mites that live their whole life-cycle hidden from observation, have the visible stage: the nymph getting nutrients from the host.

A simple bite would harmful, would be painful, maybe it even would itch, but it probably wouldn’t kill you.

What kills you, and it does, that the nymph is attached to your skin, inner or outer, and its chemicals irritate the skin for days.

My niece died of cervical cancer.
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Do you want to become smarter? Slow down!

simple-fake-solutions-2Cheap Closure Now

As you know I am working, instead of the CDC that, truthfully, should do this work, but doesn’t… I am working on effective methods of turning this epidemic of biting mites around.

And while I am doing the work of a scientist, being scientist, guinea pig, janitor, judge and executioner at the same time, I learn more than I have bargained for.

I have learned something today, and I’d like to share it with you. It is one of the main moves you render yourself a miserable loser in this game called Life.

The move is called: Cheap Closure Now.
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What’s been happening here… at yourvibration.com

end of winter, did you notice?I have been too busy with my “other” tasks, removing attachments, and testing methods to rid myself and the world of parasitic mite infestation.

I am happy to report that the second type of mite, spider mite, has been turned into “has been”, for now at least. Finally, now that the pressure of nightly fear of going to sleep, the incessant itching, is lowered to a bearable level.

The weather has turned springlike, and today I noticed that it went by unnoticed, I only paid attention that now I have to wear less clothing. No thought of going for a walk, no thought of gratitude, just going through the days teeth gritted. Life felt like a chore, something to survive.

Today, when I woke up with no itch, no mites, I noticed the quality of the light, the color of the sky, and I felt a deep gratitude.
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It takes two to tango

dance-in-the-rainMy horoscope said this today:

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Will you be the difficult wizard, Virgo? Please say yes. Use your magic to summon elemental forces that will shatter the popular obstacles. Offer the tart medicine that tempers and tests as it heals. Bring us bracing revelations that provoke a fresher, sweeter order. I know it’s a lot to ask, but right now there’s no one more suited to the tasks. Only you can manage the stern grace that will keep us honest. Only you have the tough humility necessary to solve the riddles that no one else can even make sense of.

That is really weird timing, because for the past day I have been wondering if I am out of step with the direction society, you, want to go and therefore I am out of step with life?
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News on the fight against the microscopic biting mites

Biting Mites… News.

A few things:

Most discovery comes through mistakes.

I had already known that butter causes the mite population explode, but… you know, sometimes you just have to make the same mistake twice.

So I made my green beans with butter: big mistake. That night I didn’t sleep much from all the itching and biting.

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