Can The Dark Side Get To Me? What the Dark Side talks to…

This article is from 2012… but it connects to self-image, so it is evergreen and timely.

I know, I know, I haven’t been writing as many articles as before.

Have I dried up? I don’t think so.

So why have I been so quiet?

You deserve to know.

In the beginning of May (2012) I asked for and was given the tool to give people a tool to energize their water.

When you drink water that energizes your body, when you drink water that returns, each time you drink it, some of your cells to their normal state, your life becomes more consistent with life than with death. Continue reading “Can The Dark Side Get To Me? What the Dark Side talks to…”

How, in 20 minutes, I altered my future, and how you can do it (easy) yourself. Oh, and I also raised my vibration, noticeably.

the renaming technique to raise your vibrationHow, in 20 minutes, I altered my future, and how you can do it (easy) yourself. Oh, and I also raised my vibration, noticeably.

There is a Landmark 1 distinction called “Your probable, almost certain future.”

They teach it in the Advanced Course, because beginners are almost certainly not willing to look at where their lives are heading in such a certain fashion. Even advanced students lie, pretend, avoid, so they also avoid having a breakthrough.

Imagine your life being a train on laid down tracks. It’s heading towards its designated future at 100 miles an hour. You can look out the windows, you can pull down the shades, you can read, watch TV… whatever.

None of these activities will matter, you life will end up where it’s heading… unless.
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Is it belief that is holding you back? Is self-image a belief?

what-others-say won't effect your self-image

Life is a between you and you deal

The only thing that effects your quality of life is your own experience of yourself. Not your opinion of yourself. Instead your EXPERIENCE of yourself. Your actions come from that self-experience, aka self-image.

Others’ reaction to you or your actions merely brings that area into focus… your experience of yourself was already there.

Admonishment and your experience of yourself. Praise and your experience of yourself

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Updated: Are you at cause or are you at effect?


Can context be cause?

Note: I wrote this article three years ago, but it is as timely as ever… It moved me then, and it moves me today… Enjoy!

This question doesn’t sound like it could make much sense, does it? But when you find out what it means, you’ll be thrilled to know that it is the panacea, the cure for most of what ails us.

By the way, Nature’s fundamental law is: Like causes cause like effects. If something you consider “cause” doesn’t work reliably, it is not a cause, it’s an effect. Like prayer, like certain remedies, like the “Law” of attraction, like thinking positively, like placebo…

The Second Phase Activators Course just finished on Sunday, and I am working on the next course. Making decisions, creating some new stuff. And a big change: I will not allow everyone to sign up, just because they want to be in it.

There are some current students who, because of their attitude, lag behind. This creates tension in the group: I spend more time trying to unstuck the unwilling or lazy ones than actually teaching stuff. (The main unwilling attitudes ‘it’s good enough for me the way it is,’ ‘why rock the boat,’ or belligerence or even hostility/resistance are the attitudes I have been experiencing and won’t tolerate in my next courses.

These people also don’t have a big enough desire to change or even to experiment, and change and experimenting are mandatory if you want to create a shift in your life to the better.)

I also needed to create changes in MY attitude to be able to believe that I can pick and choose who I want to teach. That is a long shot from where I started: accepting anyone who was willing.
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Bits and Pieces of Love and more… Personal stuff, love activator

Hidden stuff, suppressed stuff, when it has a chance to spill out, has a tendency to reek (smell bad) and wreak havoc.

I am reading a book that heals by digging out such stuff… it doesn’t stop there, you’ll see.

Anyway, I am reading it, and obviously the mind has a tendency to dig along with the clients, dig along with what you read… no, my mind has the tendency to dig along, after all, I know the value of digging.

So, I must have dug quite a little, because I didn’t want to get up today. Then I had a digging conversation with a friend I wanted to start a business with and decided not to pursue the business. Then I read an email request for a private session outside of my schedule and the s**t hit the fan.

I felt offended, I felt violated, I was irate. After all people should ask for a time slot I have available, not something else… right?

The reaction was off the wall disproportionate to the trigger: after all I know how to say no, right? Baaaah!

Oh ho, something big got unearthed!

I dug deep in my personal history to see what this email triggered. I found tons of incidents with injustice, asking for what I didn’t want to give, or didn’t have, and accusing me of being bad, or unkind.

Most of the incidents “starred” my mother. I found myself sobbing. The incidents happened 50-60 years ago. I wrecked my brain to recall an incident that was pleasant, but each lead to another direction of horrific incidents, teachers abusing little kids, doctors fondling little kids, horror, oh horror.

Finally I found something that had no negative anything: my mom had a black currant bush in her cottage garden and she used to make me back currant preserves. Just for me. I love those: they are tart with a hint of sweetness. I haven’t had anything like that for over 30 years. Now I can call myself “the daughter for whom my mother made black currant preserves”, instead of all the horrid stuff.

It is hard to believe that a small positive memory used as a mantra can alter my relationship to abuse, abusive people, users, and such. It seems to be working. I’ll keep at it. Being personally offended is one of the most unpleasant feelings I can feel.

On another note, this whole upset thing didn’t start today.

In fact it started with me downloading the first set of activators for real love. The activators covered 9% of real love… and true to form I came unglued. All activators first do that to me: it lasts anywhere from 3-5 days, and then I have a lifetime of bliss with the elevated consciousness.
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