Updated: This year be your own Valentine

Energetically you show up in the world much like a person who wears several outfits, one on top of the other.

Why would you do that? Because you hope that one of those outfits will make you look good enough and help you make it in the world, also known as survival.

We live in the age of looking good and making it.

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How Visualization Can Help You Attain Results… and Why It Probably Won’t?

visualizationVisualization is a tool to accomplish what you want, but it can also be the tool to diagnose what you are not resonating with. Or a tool to get trapped in the desire trap.

The ultimate clue as to what you can have and hold onto, is to what degree you can visualize, what detail, what variety of images you can have in your “movie”.

This is what vision boards and vision movies use.

As with any other singular method, the results are a mixed bag: about 6% of the users see their vision materialize, some sees some result, most see no result.

Why is that? why is it that a Frank Kern, millionaire marketer, can envision in one afternoon a whole life, with a lot of details, like the tiles of the bathroom, and a few years later get exactly that, while another person can’t imagine a coherent image, and can’t get results…

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Build your house on rock: Starting from what is, instead of a delusion

build-your-house-on-rockMy disastrous conversation with the zealous Christian on the other end of the phone opened my eye to something I could not see clearly before.

What I saw is where religion, the popularized version, and where modern spiritual teacherdom overlap and join forces to dupe you.

Before I start:

does your experience of yourself match these principles:
–you are already perfect.
–You are already divine, you just don’t know it.

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Updated: Happiness is an energetic phenomenon… remove blockages to restore the flow

restoring-the-flowHappiness is an energetic phenomenon, it is not a “feeling” per se, albeit it is a feeling of flow.

Well-being is also an energetic phenomenon… and just like happiness, it is a feeling of flow.

Flow is the undisturbed, unrestricted life force. It’s energetic. It is real. It is not a feeling… it cannot be pretended.

Your mind cannot pretend that there is flow, you cannot imagine flow and flow would happen. It happens the other way around: there is flow and then your mind catches up with it… only to often just block it again.
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Can you remove the delusions from your view? Get smarter?

069-miscommunicationEvery day thousands of people search for methods to improve their brains, so that they can make more money, do a better job.

They find audios, exercises, videos, Geniuxole System bs., Christie Marie Sheldon blockage removal bs., Pam Ragland’s thought shifting bs., but they are not getting any solution to the fundamental issue why their judgment is off, why what they read doesn’t make a difference, why they make so many mistakes. 1

They think there is something wrong with their brain, but there is nothing wrong with their brains.

So what is the problem, that they don’t know to address, because they don’t know about the problem, they are only dealing with the results of the problem?
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remove the biggest blockage: your head up your ass

Summary: We have all heard about blockages… we can even visualize them. We know of people who claim that they clear them… but what are blockages, really? And how do you remove them?

Yesterday we had a session on the Carrot and Stick webinar workshop, and it went differently than the way I planned. We could say that I encountered a blockage in or with people… because they didn’t want to do what I wanted them to do… Instead of forcing my plan on them, I started to listen and started to hear that I was forcing to build a skyscraper on insufficient foundation… We spent the whole 210 minute long session building foundation, and tearing up foundation that was fear-based. We are not done, but we started the work that needs to be done… foundation building. Foundation that will allow a healthy human being to be built upon, instead of trying to fix the plumbing on the 3rd floor… which is like hocus pocus.

You can do a lot of hocus pocus, but you can only work with what’s there, and you can only have flow if you find out exactly what keeps some old stuff stuck there.
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