You’d rather be right than be happy or rich…

lie to me... you cannot. your microexpressions that you cannot control will give you away You’d rather be right than happy, you’d rather be right than rich… Your microexpressions will give you away

I had a few remarkable experiences the past few days.

The conclusions from these experiences make me mad, angry, bitter, and hopeless… but that should not surprise you: the condition of humanity is hopeless.

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Why you do what you do, why you don’t do what you don’t do?

epicurus god trilemmaThere are two types of students and there are two types of teachers.

Teacher One says: I’ll teach you!
Teacher Two says: I won’t quit until you learned it!

Student One says: I’ll come to your class, I’ll pay for your program and then I’ll try!
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Life is counter-intuitive if your source of intuition is your mind… Get out of your mind!

Castaway on the moon>
Life is counter-intuitive if your source of intuition is your mind

Most of what you call intuition, isn’t. It is, in fact, reaction. Mostly it is the reaction of your reptilian brain.

The reptilian brain seems to have retained the memories and learned behaviors of our reptilian ancestors, as if it had been us, personally gone through the experiences of a reptile.

Hold your breath when there is danger. Make yourself unnoticeable and blend into your environment unless you are ready for a confrontation, attack first ask questions later… these are all from the reptilian brain.

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…And I recoil from dirty laundry…

I should be doing some laundry. I have run out of socks… And anyways, I want to tame this beast of not doing my laundry.

I gather a load’s worth of stuff, carry it to the washing machine… and the distaste, the disgust is so strong… I take a beeline… and sit down by my computer.

Distaste, eh? Yeah, says muscle test. Disgust? yes. Was it always there? No. Was it from when i was 3? later… from age seven.

What was happening at age seven? I went to school. We had a live-in help: my mother was working on her Masters Degree, coming home around nine every night. My brother was about a year old… and was probably driving the live-in help bonkers.

And I recoil from dirty laundry…

I sit really quietly. The fear joins the distaste. I feel terror. I feel being beaten. Screamed at. Wrapped in wet sheets… Can’t breathe…

I must have wet my bed. I don’t remember. My body remembers. The fear, the disgust, the gagging.

The body remembers.
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You see only what the mind allows you to see

Your mind, your IT, your "I" in the fixed mindset won’t allow you to see what is not favorable to your self-image. This results in you living the life of an underachiever, without any sense of self, without any sense of adventure, Without any sense of being alive. you are thing in the world of things… pushed around. Coaching can unstuck you…

perspective-3This is a four years old article. I am rewriting it to include fixed mindset, the distinction from Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset.

When the mind takes over your perception you see what your mind wants to see.

We have all experienced how the mind tricks us into believing that something other than what’s happening is happening.

When you are dizzy, sea-sick or drunk: the room seems to be spinning. When someone tells you skinny is good, you start liking skinny. When someone tells you you are ugly, you start seeing ugly.

Here are some examples:

1. You are not allowed to see what your mind doesn’t allow you to see…

…this is why Japanese soldiers could not see, till the end, that they were beaten.

drowned-japanese-soldiersMore than that: Japanese soldiers enlisted into the Japanese navy, but never considered that they should learn to swim: the option that their vessel would sink never occurred to them: after all their emperor was invincible. They would not even make any moves to get a life preserver when they were under attack: their mind told them that nothing can, nothing could happen to them… and they died by drowning… victims of the mind hiding reality from them.

You are that Japanese soldier, you just don’t know it.
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Ignorance is not bliss. Knowledge is not power. But you can be happy on a sinking ship of a humanity that is annihilating itself

The paradigm we live in has no access to happiness… no bridge, no path, no door… We are locked into unhappiness

I just hung up with my friend from university. 1 Frenzied gossiping about Trump and the hopelessness of the future… Just like we would have done during the Second World War… An activity (gossiping, complaining, blaming, etc.) that will make no difference. But what will? What could?

I have to admit, this conversation lead to a turning point for me… and if and when I turn about-face, I can lead you to do the same… The turning wasn’t instant. But it is done. I am happy again.

This is what I learned in the conversation and after… when I reflected on it:

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Does having more capacities raise your vibration too?

presidential-election-2016Superiority… The word comes up a lot in my coaching. Mostly in the context of your soulcorrection.

But in reality, some things are superior to other things… because all exists on many scales.

On the DNA capacities “scale” someone with 30 capacities is superior to someone who has 29, 20, 10, 7.

I haven’t found anyone with less than seven capacities, though I am sure there are.

So superior is not the issue. Acting superior is the issue.

It attacks people’s egos, the part of a human that makes sure the person survives. And as in any competition, it can get ugly. 1

People tend to cultivate the capacities that they consider an unfair advantage in the competition for survival.

In politics, it is mostly lying convincingly, trashing the other, promising, and such. In many areas that is physical strength.
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