The Bottomless Pit that Greed is and entrainment

entrainment to greedNature is weird.

Osmosis is a process in which molecules of a solvent, like water, tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one, thus equalizing the concentrations on each side of the membrane.

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Thou Shall Prosper: Money comes to you via people

expand your networkThe Second commandment of Prosperity: Extend the Network of Your Connectedness to Many People…

Before I continue on why and how your relationships are probably the most important component in making money… let’s look at the difference between rich and prosperous.

Prosperous is not only a state where you have abundance of stuff, it is also a sense that you are growing, expanding, getting more from life than if you weren’t prosperous, regardless of the money aspect.

Stagnant, not growing, doesn’t delight the soul.

Some 35 years ago I heard a profound interview where the interviewee said that only when someone looks at the future and sees growth that they experience themselves rich, while stagnation fills the heart with fear, anxiety, and a whiff of death.

When you just want to make money you are missing this important distinction.

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Addictive Tendencies in Sharing The Light

This article is evergreen. I wrote it nine years ago… and it still speaks to me… the addictive tendencies will not disappear with time…

Yehuda Berg writes:A physical circuit

There are people in our lives who don’t want to receive what we have to give them. …

… we invest efforts into keeping some relationships burning in our lives that we’d be better off letting burn out.

… life is all about circuitry. When we share our Light with people who don’t want to receive it, it’s like trying to fill a bottle when the cap is still on. Try as you might, with all of the love, intention, and desire to share, your energy simply cannot penetrate. And as with our favorite spiritual illustration, the lightbulb, if the negative pole is blocked, the circuit cannot be completed, and the energy cannot flow.

It’s not about judging people as worthy or unworthy. It’s about discerning who is ‘open’ to receive, and willing to use what we have to offer – wisdom, love, time, concern – no matter what flavor!

No doubt, if you go through your relationships, in your head, one by one, you are going find several that fit the above description: Your desire to contribute to them is not received with an equal amount of desire to receive from you.

Some people, including myself, more than I am happy to admit, make it our life’s purpose to give where it is not appreciated, or even not wanted. But everyone, at one time or another, decides where to give, by their own concepts, instead of looking where there is the most reception.

At the same time, one may fall into the opposite trap, the bottomless pit, or the bottle with the cap off, but cracked. I call that the Black Hole… the other extreme of the No Circuitry sole correction.

I used to have a client (or two, or three, or four… grrr) where we would have great conversations, I would be able to express all the light the Light wanted me to channel, but nothing would stick with the recipient.

This particular client, let’s call him Matt, was hungry for solutions, hungry for light, hungry… insatiable. What he wasn’t hungry for is making changes in his thinking or in his actions.

My style of coaching is to leave the client with a set of practices or action that they must complete in order for the session to make any real difference. Matt never did any of the actions, any of the practices. Instead, he came to every call as if the previous one had never happened. Unchanged.

He remembered them all right, but remembering is the booby prize… not much value there. His life didn’t notice he had that session.

I “fired him” from my practice… after a while.

I noticed that there was a certain co-dependency developing: it gave me a sense of accomplishment and an experience of being very bright to channel the Light. And he came to me the way an alcoholic goes to the pub.

I needed to restrict my addictive tendencies and ask him to get his daily fix someplace else.

Result? I started to channel the Light into my writing, into my business, into my garden, and into my own well-being. All areas were parched… and all those areas are now starting to blossom.

The point? There is an abundance of Light available for you to channel. But channel it to someplace where it can make a difference, someplace where it will cause abundance. OK?

How do you get an attachment? Why some people get attachments while others don’t?

jumping attachmentI have been watching, patiently, for understanding the differences that put one at risk of attachments, while others escape an interaction with the same person, without getting an attachment.

After seeing enough people, and repeatedly removing attachments from the same person, this is what I think I see:

People who want to connect, lean in, emotionally or in actuality, to hear more, to connect more… and that creates the environment in which the attachment can bridge the gap.

This is especially true for jumping attachments.

In my previous article I was looking at the desperate desire to be connected, to fill in the emptiness inside.

As a true empath, I am especially susceptible, even though I don’t feel I lean in, I probably do.

My intention is not from the desire to connect, it is from my work. I need to connect to you to serve you.

I pay a price. I am like a Hoover for jumping attachments, and those with jumping attachments hover, and insist on connecting and connecting again.

If they don’t pay me to remove their attachment, I program my email to automatically delete their emails to me. But even when they do, sometimes it takes a long time and a lot of work to rid them of their attachments.
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Money: how to make more of it, how to keep more of it… a series. Part 1.

money is tightMoney is tight, and has been for the past six weeks. Why? I don’t know.

As my habit, if I don’t know something… I start experimenting, examining different avenues that promise to get one to a desired outcome… in this case a steady income.

I am going to adhere to certain rules

Rule #1: the goals need to be realistic: i.e. based in reality, not a pipe-dream. This means, taking into consideration all and all sorts of limitations… instead of what YOU normally do, ignore them.
Rule #2: I will keep in mind short term and long term goals, at the same time. Ignoring this rule is detrimental to your life, not just to your success.

I will examine all teachings, some I will test, some I will meditate over.

I’ll start with what I have already tested, if you don’t mind.

Money is tight around here

Greasing the chute… i.e. making money move.

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Abundance, money, love, entertainment… Can they be yours now? Can Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance take you there?

abundance as having all you needIn my previous article I write about the two dimensions a person can live, the horizontal dimension and the vertical dimension.

And in many of my articles I write that the part of you we can call Soul is actively seeking the fulfillment of its desire.
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When Does Tithing Activate The Law Of Attraction?

tithing: does it activate the law of attraction?Tithing Or Not Tithing, That Is The Question. Does tithing really work?

Now, why does this issue come up, and why now?

I have a client who asked this question, and because he has given me an opportunity to think this over, maybe even channel a little bit of knowledge, here is what I have come up with so far:

Tithing requires you to give from the seed level of vibration of gratitude. From that frequency you can activate value exchange. A value exchange, from a place of equal values changing hands, not from a place of being a bottomless pit in need, asking for handout, asking for more than you can give back. 1 What does that mean? Tithing is a kind of thank-you, appreciation (acknowledging value) expressed on the level of gratitude. 2

So when people ask: what is the vibrational frequency of money, they really should say: what is the vibrational frequency of equal trade? I give you this and you give me that, and we are both winners.

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