Narcolepsy, tiredness, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, panic attacks…

narcolepsyI started this article 3 years ago, but the topic is as fresh as a daisy… Adrenal Fatigue and its nasty side effects.

I just measured a woman’s Starting Point Measurements, and suggested that she gets her Health Measures… so she can start behaving in a way that builds her up, instead of behaving in a way, living in a way, that destroys her.

She is a writer of books… and she has a family, sky high desire, no, maybe even higher.

When I clicked “send” on the email with the Starting point measurements, Rob Brezsny’s horoscope email popped up…

Here is my horoscope for the coming weeks: Continue reading “Narcolepsy, tiredness, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, panic attacks…”

30-day challenge ideas… or why did I have brain fog yesterday?

I had a free Talk-to-me-webinar yesterday.

For the first time in many months I was foggy, I was not in my top form… I couldn’t remember words, I wasn’t funny at all.

What happened, you ask? Simple, I violated one of the fundamental “rules” that life sets up: you are best if you have a system for your life.

The most important are your schedule… when you do things.

Being predictable when you go to sleep and when you get up. Eating the things that nurture you. Drinking enough water.

I violated the sleep times… Continue reading “30-day challenge ideas… or why did I have brain fog yesterday?”

Brain Fog plagues billions of people. Is it keeping you from attaining the good life?

If you have brain fog, you can only take advantage of a tiny part of your innate intelligence: your brain is in survival mode.

Brain fog is real. Your brain isn’t firing, your brain isn’t working properly… it is half dead from… From what? And how can you change that? This is what this article is about.

I published this article before I realized that my own brain is misbehaving… that it was operating at a 10% capacity… and my IQ was way way way below what it could be.

I have used my own energy audio to fix it, and now it operates at 60%… Still not at full capacity… but the people I have tested, I have not found anyone with better than 10%… so my 60% is spectacular.

What did I actually do? I used my energy audio to keep my brain to stay connected to Consciousness and start repairing the damage that it ignored for too long. I also change my diet, temporarily, to an almost vegetarian diet: I eat fish and an occasional egg… as far as animal products go.

If you want to read about the energy audio… here is a link to all the articles that talk about my miraculous recovery… my brain, my heart, and my energy level… all due 60% to the energy audio, and 40% to the eating changes.

And you can buy it for yourself… if you feel adventurous.

Sometimes it is temporary: you didn’t sleep well, you didn’t have your morning coffee, you had too much coffee… you are tired.

But mostly it is a symptom… and a big issue.

Why I started to be interested in brain fog?

I planned to have 10 calls to help this dude replace his income and work from home.

I was quizzing him. He has been talking to me, at least once a week for 11 years… the results of the conversation were very eye opening: He was never really interested enough to learn from me. 11 years, more than a 100 hours… street value: $20 K.

I have gifted him courses, activators, I have gifted him with my famous health consultation… Result: he never used any of it, and of course he never benefited from what he didn’t do. He eats, thinks, lives exactly as he did 11 years ago.

Still has no idea much of anything. But why?

On one hand, he is not curious. On the other hand: if you have brain fog, you can only take advantage of a tiny part of your innate intelligence: you are in survival. Continue reading “Brain Fog plagues billions of people. Is it keeping you from attaining the good life?”

Brain Fog or depression… what’s the connection?

Is brain fog the same as depression, or is depression associated with brain fog?

My assertion is that if you treat the brain fog, you also treat the depression.

Their overlap is 90%. And because brain fog is not emotional but all physical, the approach to treat it is all physical.

The human body is complicated. Not complex… Complex is still penetrable with the human mind, or with artificial brains. No. It’s complicated… not penetrable.

What different foods, different chemicals, different gut flora do and how they interact is complicated.

Trying to understand it is impossible. Not near impossible: it is impossible. Explaining, finding cures or fixes to symptoms is impractical and ineffective, and yet, this is the level of medicine and science… explaining, finding cures for symptoms, finding fixes to symptoms. Ugh.

So what can you do? Continue reading “Brain Fog or depression… what’s the connection?”

Depleted… One of the causes of brain fog…

Depleted… One of the causes of brain fog… or foggy brain? Or brain that is not worth a dime.


You don’t have unlimited brain power.

The brain’s thinking/creative function, also choices, are located in the frontal cortex. That part is the latest addition to the multi-layered brain.

That part needs the most fuel.

People who don’t understand how their brain work will not amount to much. Their brain power will be used for mundane stuff and not for something that actually creates value for them and the world.

Using an analogy that, maybe, everyone can understand, let me use some examples that are more obvious.

If you had a quota of electricity you can use to heat your house, you would, probably, allow your hallways, your porch, your basement to remain cold, and would only heat the rooms where you spend a lot of time… or you’ll run out of electricity before you run out of time. Continue reading “Depleted… One of the causes of brain fog…”