Everything is a gift… though it isn’t what you expected…

One of the things that most people lack I have in abundance. It’s not all good… so don’t envy me just yet.

First I was born premature… very premature. Less than 2 lbs of bodyweight.

I was fed formula, because, I guess, the hospital thought it was a good idea… or my mother didn’t want to provide breast milk… so I developed a daily/nightly vomiting thing… ugh.

I was, as it turned out, dyslexic, and slightly autistic… which is an of course: dyslexia is on the autistic spectrum.

I would consider myself learning disabled… THEY considered me stupid…

When I was about seven, my father entered the room where my mother was beating me. My father said: Don’t beat her head, she is already stupid!

I was also severely nearsighted… got glasses when I got 9. finally I could see the blackboard. Yay. Continue reading “Everything is a gift… though it isn’t what you expected…”

I did the energetic brain cleansing webinar I promised yesterday

remove plaque from your brainI found, during the call, that I still have a non-functioning segment in my brain, that is cold… dead? Muscle test says it’s a part of the brain I could coax back to work, if I put the work into it.

That is me. I do what I need to do to grow, every day. And some days I grow, others I don’t… but I DO WHAT I NEED TO DO TO GROW!

What do YOU do?
15 bucks to get your starting point measurements 1 .

You now know where you are, how your brain works, to what degree you are barking up the wrong tree, to what degree what you see is not what is there. You may also know the causes: your hydration is off, your diet is off, your attitude is off.

So you decide to do something about it… but… no change… or temporary change only.

Why wouldn’t it work for you? It worked for me! It works for others!

This is what I’d like to talk about in this post. I even had some insight this morning. Maybe because I had the brain cleansing? I would not be surprised…

Please don’t discount brain health.

Everyone jabbers about mind-health, but unless your brain is healthy, unless it is a high performance machine, you are not going to be able to see, identify correctly, and correct.
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