How to change your view of life so you can change your life

What you see is what gives you your attitude and your actions in life.

So if we can change what you see, we can help you change your life.

I love the analogy of the winding mountain pass where an unsuspecting motorist happens onto a car wreck in the middle of the two-lane road.

His options are to

  1. drive into the solid rock on the left,
  2. into the abyss on the right,
  3. into the wreck in the middle… or to
  4. slow down and drive around the wreck. Slowly.

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Vision, Values, Mission… are there any pre-requisites?

If you have lived a lifestyle that left you with no foundation for self-growth is answering the question… what comes first: the chicken or the egg.

You, people in this predicament have one characteristic in common: you don’t want to do anything that you cannot see the immediate usefulness of it.

Usefulness can also be enjoyment… enjoyment is useful. 1

This common characteristic has rendered you to either rely on your quick intelligence in school, and you had reasonable to good grades, or you had bad grades… the result in common: no knowledge of the world, no foundation for self-growth, because no real learning took place.

The percentage of humanity that would like to grow, but has nothing going for them, other than that vague desire, is a staggering 70%. 70%!

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Can you conquer your laziness, your lack of action, your slacker nature… Your sissy nature?

In this article we’ll go deep into what’s going on, inside you, that fails you… We’ll look at different schools of thought to do that. Understanding the inner dynamic is the first step towards success.

That, and knowing that every number in your Starting Point Measurements can be changed… Nothing is fixed. Not even your DNA.

If you look at yourself and your behavior, and then compare it with what you say, what you’ve said, there is rarely any similarity between the person who spoke and the person who acts.

It’s quite confusing.

If the mindpower people were correct, if their model were accurate, your actions would come from your thoughts.

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Can Addictions Be Cured By Energy Treatments, Meditation, Law of Attraction, Even Activation? Any Idea? Read This Post To Be Surprised…

Addiction-imageWe are all addicted. How dare you say that? Well, if you live in the 21st Century, you are addicted. How come? Because addiction is simply pleasure seeking behavior. The hunt for more endorphins.

There are two kinds of pleasure:

  1. Seeking for excitement or other dopamine releasing activity or substance
  2. seeking for the cessation of some discomfort or pain. Ask a person who is in pain and ask what they want. They won’t say: I want a shot of whiskey. They will say: I want this pain to stop. That is also pleasure seeking behavior, just like:Escape from depression.
    Escape from the noise of the world.
    Escape from your troubles.
    Escape from your pressing duties.
    Escape from your debts, worries, pain, anxiety, phobias, fears, guilt, etc. is all pleasure seeking activity.

Which makes us all addicted. To different things, to different degrees, but yet…
Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article
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For the “other” you are the enemy

do you think this is a game?Do you think this is a game?!

In the past five months I have taken all my senses, all my capacities inward, and to sensing and feeling.

The brain plasticity allows you to re-organize what you use to get valid information about your world, and I moved all my available capacities to inner and outer sensation.

You, on the other hand, have moved all your available capacities to the mind, where it intermingles with untruth… but this article is not about that.

Anyway, this morning I was paying attention to the dynamic between the world and me… to the attitudes and feelings of critters around, small and big, and I saw something that shook me up a bit.
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You asked for your vibrational reading. You don’t agree…

You asked for your vibrational reading. You got it. You don’t agree… Here is a public answer

I measured someone’s vibration, re-measured 3 times. It was consistently 100.

We emailed back and forth, this is the last email that came, this morning:

Hello Sophie,
My last message to you was a kind of joke, I must apologize and thank you for your reply. The reason for my writing is to let you know for the final time that you are wrong. My vibration is somewhere around 350, not 100.

Your ‘measurement’ threw me off and brought me down! I was left to ponder and bounce this around my head for too long, (nearly 2 days) before it was finally undeniable that it was not the truth. I am now just left to wonder how often you make such mistakes. People that come to you for help may be vulnerable and I urge you to take caution. I believe that you think you are 100% (maybe just 99%) correct so I will not go into the $ side of this.

The main purpose of this email is to simply urge you to please go and check yourself. Healers are sometimes among the 1st to need healing. I do not personally want anything from you, or expect that you do, this is simply a plea.

Be well,

Thank you, you taught me a big lesson.

I am glad to share this email with everyone, and answer it publicly. This article is to clarify and explain what is the issue between the email writer and myself… And potentially between what you ask for and what you get.

This article may leave you disturbed, confused. Just hang in there.

Let’s go deep first… below the water level of the iceberg, OK? Language…

First off: my muscle test answers the question I ask. You may have asked a different question, meant a different question, had a different question in mind, but I will take it you asked the same question I will ask ‘Source’ in the muscle test, and therein lies the problem.

Language is both a tool of communication and a tool of deception. Intentional or unintentional

The way we speak it, the listener can only assume that they know what you said. In classes it takes me several minutes to succeed in making the speaker re-word what they said so it is clear and has only on meaning.

You don’t know what you say doesn’t mean anything. You think you are communicating.

And you don’t know what you hear doesn’t mean anything… you think you heard what you think you heard.

The language is a relational associative tool, everything is connected to everything in it… and that is both its strength and its pitfall. 1


Reality, collective hunch at best… but is that true through and through? What does language have to do with it?

In the Playground we learn and practice a kind of speaking that reduces every utterance to what’s real, what is not associative, not relational, not meaning, not interpretation, not concept, not generality, but real.

Because none of those (concept, generalities, etc.) can be real. If everyone has a different meaning for those, they are not real… real is the same for everyone. Even a Martian (imaginary alien) unfamiliar with our culture, could say the same thing. If you need the Martian to know the cultural meaning of things, it is not real.

Now, what does this have to do with the woman who asked for her vibrational reading and is now suggesting that I have my head examined? (I am exaggerating, this is not what she said… sorry Martian… lol.)

People talk how they talk, and if they actually mean to communicate, they have a defined meaning, a definition of the words they use. Many people like to fish in the muddy waters, and they create the muddy waters with their words… beware.

The imaginary number of vibration is one of these made up ‘distinctions’ that can cause a lot of grief, because it can be used in so many different ways.

Obviously, I am one to blame. I have popularized the word ‘vibration’ but I mean something other than what most people mean.

What most people mean is aliveness, density, energy, mood. But those are derivative of some internal ‘thing’ that I measure.

There are people that say: exercise, and your vibration will jump up. No, your vibration will not respond to exercise, maybe your mood, or your physical energy, or mental clarity, but not your vibration.

There are people that say: anger is low vibration… suppress it. Replace it with love. Or upgrade your emotions by saying more positive things, and your vibration will go up with it.

But that ‘theory’ also considers your vibration as malleable as your temperature…

The vibration that I measure is not changing, it is not like the weather, it is steady.

My vibration doesn’t go down when I am angry, even when I get temporarily depressed, like yesterday.

Your vibration doesn’t go higher when you have a mystical experience. When you feel spiritual. When you feel loving. When you just want to hug everybody.

Because the vibration I measure is a more complex phenomenon: it looks at you in relationship to All-of-it, to possibility, to Expanding Human Being, to the direction of evolution of humans.

The different aspects of a human, of course, know which way they are supposed to grow if they are to keep up with the law of evolution.

What is the current level of humanity on the vibrational scale?

The current level of human evolution 2 is that humans are

  1. risk averse
  2. desires to be lead
  3. will only do something if must
  4. makes all decisions based on first impression and following the herd.

Not that far from the animal kingdom.

These are hard-wired behaviors, like it is hard wired in a fish to live in the water. Yet, some fish climbed out of water eons ago, and practiced living there, until a new species was born that can live on land.

It’s OK to remain a fish, but you need to know that to remain on the level of the stone age man is not your natural state, your natural state, what is in harmony with all-of-it and the inner urge to evolve, is to become a human being.

Most humans will choose to not evolve. To not use brain plasticity, different actions, to get on the path of evolving themselves and the species.

What makes you choose to evolve?

It is a matter of your

  1. level of consciousness, awareness,
  2. your level of seeing reality accurately, and you how you handle fear, thought, and risk…
  3. who and what is calling the shot in your one-person universe.

All these three deserve an article by themselves, I, instead, have workshops, ongoing workshops for them… because, after all, this is behavioral, even your consciousness is behavioral. Unless you look, you won’t see. Unless you stop to think, you’ll always end up with your prejudice. Talking to your prejudiced mind will not make much of a difference. 3

The Playground deals, almost exclusively, with how you see reality accurately.

It is not a very comfortable program, in that most of what you know never happened, not true, and you have lived your life based on that knowledge. Not pleasant to look at your life and see that it’s the result of delusion, fuzzy thinking, mistakes and prejudices. It isn’t, trust me.

But the rewards are tremendous. Miraculous, if you ask me.

People ask me how I raise my own vibration from 35 to 180, and I can tell you, it was 90% in the Playground that I did it. I had nearly everything I know turn out to be not so… grrrr… but once I saw it, it was gone. For good.

What do the remedies do with regards to evolution?

The remedies help with fear and taking steps that will take you out of the water. They also help you to have the courage to look around and not be fixated on what tries to hold your attention: mostly bad stuff.

In the Itch experiment and what will come out of it, an actual course, we’ll take back our power to call the shot, instead of leaving it to happenstance, circumstance, other people, prejudice, fear, resistance, anger, and other stuff like that.

The woman who I mention in the beginning of this article, has a different interpretation of vibration, and never considered that we are not talking about the same thing.

She feels at peace gardening, and such, and keeps herself at this calm by meditating, and such. (I actually don’t know what she does, though the gardening is her words)

The inner tension is barely noticeable, because her soul has given up. I feel your inner tension stronger than you do, maybe because it is my curse to feel it so strongly. I have had clients that I felt they are not breathing, and they said ‘I am breathing’ but when I checked, they breathed with only 10% of their lung capacity… the chest and the belly didn’t move at all.

I felt that they weren’t breathing, they weren’t.

So, with this woman, I feel the inner tension between soul and the rest, she probably doesn’t, at least that is what she says.

Playing possum, retreating from life, doing peaceful things, is low vibration on my vibrational scale. It is not a life suitable to a human being… it is settling for less, following, maybe years, the inner calling to avoid taking risks, avoid being found out, avoid being alive.

Some of my students take frequent breaks to go into that ‘barely breathing’ mode… but they come back, and risk again.

Who am I to tell you what to do? I root for you, I see the potential in you, I feel your inner desire and inner tension… but ultimately you decide who you are going to be.

My job is to accept it. I may not like it, I may weep, I may get angry, but I accept it. And don’t ask you to live by any standards other than your own.

I allow it. Let it be. Make room for it. However it is against what I think is right, what I think should be, what I think you should do… I allow it.

In my experience, that is the hardest thing to do for the unevolved human. Pretending that you do: hey, that’s easy. But to allow, energetically, emotionally, in every way… that is hard.

And, surprise, once you allow anything, it allows you to be. Allows you to look. Allows you to think intelligently. And maybe, maybe, answer something intelligent, that truly connects to another person, and helps them through the barrier they are experiencing. Or not.

And your (my) job is, to allow that, as well.

That is why I decided to call myself the Edison of Transformation: Edison did not resist any of the results his failing experiments showed. Instead, he stayed calm, collected, (maybe after carryiong on a bit? lol!) and then regaining his inner balance, looked what is useful in what happened.

Hey, I can’t think of a better person to model myself after.

PS: what do you think of Rob Brezsny’s horoscope? Can you see the connection?

I enjoy getting spam emails with outrageous declarations that are at odds with common sense. ‘Eating salads makes you sick’ is one of my favorites, along with ‘Water is worse for you than vodka’ and ‘Smoking is healthier than exercising.’ Why do I love reading these laughable claims? Well, they remind me that every day I am barraged by nonsense and delusion from the news media, the Internet, politicians, celebrities, and a host of fanatics. ‘Smoking is healthier than exercising’ is just a more extreme and obvious lie than many others that are better disguised. The moral of the story for you in the coming week: Be alert for exaggerations that clue you in to what’s going on discreetly below the surface. Watch carefully for glitches in the Matrix.

Evolution, social genes, and brain plasticity

stoneageYour social genes haven’t changed in the past 200,000 years. They are still the same as when humans were hunter gatherers, the stone age. Social genes are the genes that define behavior.

Where do we see this? Hunter-gatherers were not adventurous. They didn’t go hunting again, until they had to. They preferred to share, to be nice to each other, that way they didn’t have to risk confrontation. This lived in clans, hunted in clans, and followed the leaders.

They judged everything by their first impression of it, or by prejudice: they didn’t experiment, didn’t stop to think, didn’t give second chances. A wolf in sheep’s clothing would be accepted as sheep.

And yet, this bunch of scared followers now live in cities, drive cars, study at universities.
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Change your brain… and you can change your life

hack-your-brainIt seems it is video-day here in my house… today. Mind you, I am not quite doing it for entertainment, I am looking for some solution.

In my coaching calls and even watching, observing myself, I have realized that some foundational skills are missing. They are the kind of foundation without which you simply can’t have what you want, you can’t feel better about yourself, and you can’t accomplish much of anything worth writing home about.

So I have to either find a way or make one, to teach you the missing skills.

In this case I’d prefer to find a way, after all if someone is already teaching it, why invent the wheel.

One of the videos I found is a TEDx talk by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, the founder of the brain plasticity based brain training center.
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The Path To Enlightenment, raising your vibration, begins with training your attention

path to enlightenment is mastering your attentionThe Brain That Changes Itself Needs You To Teach It First to perform the new action by doing it hundreds of times…

In his book, The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge, a medical doctor, deals with the physical activities, and problem solving abilities of your brain.

In that he says, and shows with valid examples, you find out that the brain demonstrates a certain plasticity, as far as how you can see, feel, or move your body.

What no one is talking about though is what differentiates a human being from a robot or an animal: changing your attention, changing your consciousness also depends on your brain’s ability to change itself.
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Why An Activator Cannot Change Your Behavior, Only You Can?

nerves that work together fire together Why An Activator Cannot Change Your Behavior, Only You Can?

What happens when you get an activator downloaded to you? Even though the activator (a set of statements that are worded as commands, and are very similar to affirmations) alters the “terrain” or the balance of power in the sub-conscious, those affirmations will not alter your behavior.

What will alter your behavior?

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