Conscious awareness is the best predictor of worldly success… your worth a damn factor is close second


To my surprise, people have no idea that their worth a damn factor has been neglected since they were little babies.

They get “encouragement” to not know that there is such a thing… and then they grow up to be seriously not worth a damn, and they suffer.

How does it work?

If you are consistently praised for being a good girl, a pretty girl, a smart girl… you’ll think that that is what there is to it. That is your ticket to the good life, to paradise.
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Osho vs. Andy Shaw

osho- the big show
andy shaw creating a bug free mind... innocent

As you can tell, I read a lot of Osho. I read it for the good stuff, and tolerate it for the bad stuff.

I put down the book about 3 times per page, to muscle test his statements that sound so authoritative, but don’t sit well with me.

Osho’s personal vibration is 300, and the truth percentage of what he says is 7%. Not much, if you ask me. It is even less than the 10% of Andy Shaw’s book. People use this 10% to poopoo the book “Create the bug free mind” as if you could find a lot of things with a higher truth value: not so, and you’ll see in a minute why.
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Are your friends under mind control? you?


Today’s article is for people that are able and willing to think. Readers. Learners. People able to hold a thought. If you are 90% of my visitors: leave now. Please.

We are under mind-controlling influences, most of the time. If you want to have a life not directed by the mind control influences, this article is a must to understand what they do and how they do it.

I also point you to the direction how to use this as your opportunity to become and Expanding Human Being.
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