The cost of believing in the power of mind

people don't think... and thinking is power.You are supposedly the peak of evolution… and you supposedly have a brilliant tool: your thinking brain. But when you only use it to do mind-functions, remembering and recalling, you use only 1-3% of its power… and you are a slave. Unless you have the courage to learn to use your brain correctly… you’ll remain a slave.

A famous physics professor, one day, was shaking his head.

‘I can’t teach them physics the way I learned physics’ he complained.

I interview students for my graduate program, and they are all, almost all, unable to think for themselves.

When they show up for the interview, I ask them: Why are you wearing the suit jacket you are wearing?
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The chemicals in your food: are they a big threat?


coverThe biggest threat to “them” is the man who stops jumping

There is an issue that I need to address: your trained Chemophobia.

You have been trained to bark up the wrong tree.

You have been trained to have Chemophobia, and it is bigger threat to your health than the chemicals themselves.

Why? For the same reason that you are attracted to film stars’ sex life… You don’t know chemistry, but you understand some words. So you are morbidly curious…
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9/11. Their Goal is To Keep You From Your Personal Power

fear 9/11. Their Goal is To Keep You From Your Personal Power

Who are the “they” in the title? You’ll find out!

It is a day before the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and we could tally up what it has cost us, taxpayers, citizens.

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The Dark Side… What Can You Do About It?

The Dark Side… What is the Dark Side?

What I originally thought the Dark Side was, has, over time, gone through a lot of changes, from the mundane to the very sophisticated.

If you look, we have approximately as much information and clarity about the Dark Side as we have about the dark side of the moon… we can’t see it. We know it’s there… but what’s there?

Maybe it is like the flip side of good? Tasty? Fattening? Sexy? Hm… that’s a thought.

Dark Side. Maybe it is Evil, but what is evil? What is wrong with evil? what is wrong with killing, stealing, lying, cheating, poisoning the rivers, lowering the prices below the product’s value, owning all media and giving people what they want, bread and circus? What is wrong with being a politician only to sell out the people to whom you promised that you are going to be “from the people, for the people?”

Or what is wrong with yelling at your spouse and calling them names? Or your employees, or your children, or that knucklehead in the other car?

Or hiding the rotten apples under the beautiful ones in the basket at the farmers market?

ways of evil, ways of the dark side to assert power over another Dark Side. Evil, all that? The big and the small? Nearly everything we do these days?

You don’t know, do you? Even reading it feels bad (unless you are one of them, of course and then you smirk or outright laugh) but you can’t put your finger on it, why it’s evil, can you?

How about looking at it all through just one simple distinction: evil is seeking power over another. Or even more basic, in the language of ancient Kabbalists: the desire to receive for the self alone.

Hm, isn’t that what life is all about? Winning? No.

You see, the problem with seeking power over another is that it flies in the face of the Original Design.

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