My advanced students are now focusing in on soul correction.

climbing the tree of lifeWhat is soul correction and why would the “divine” part of you need correction?

Let me explain:

The Universe has three energetic components: the positive, the negative, and the neutral.

This repeats itself on every level, the micro and the macro…

On the macro level the positive, giving component is The Force. The negative, receiving component are the souls, and the neutral/restrictive component is the individual’s consciousness.
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Delusion of choice, bread of shame, perpetration-withhold… dynamics in the invisible reality

what is your level of vibration?I am like a dog with a bone… and this bone, even though I have talked about it, is going to get some chewing done on… because it is coming up and is in my face.

OK, what am I talking about?

We have been talking about reality… a lot, but mostly we have been talking about the visible part of reality, what the Martian can see.

Now, that is just great, but what about the invisible part of reality, the more than 90% of reality?

Really good and tricky question. The invisible part is, by the way, the “don’t know that you don’t know” part of reality.

But, luckily, we do know some stuff from that invisible part due to some incredibly observant people who can connect the dots… visible, invisible, principles that are true in either area. Continue reading “Delusion of choice, bread of shame, perpetration-withhold… dynamics in the invisible reality”

DNA Activation: You want to be special but you don’t want to do anything for it… not really.

mental states illustration... making energy visibleI was researching this whole Third Eye humbug on the internet.

Of all the “supernatural” abilities people want, this seems to take the prize!

People want to be special, want to stand out, want to amaze people, but they don’t want to pay the price. Please check if you are part of “people”. My hunch is that if you tell the truth, you’ll find that you are.

Now, what is wrong with this picture?

It violates fundamental spiritual laws.

What are spiritual laws? Why are they spiritual?

Spiritual laws are the laws of the invisible. Energy, for example. Energy is invisible. It can be made visible, 1 but what you see is not the energy itself, you see its effects… Or you feel it… or you hear it… the effect, not the cause.
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The path is very narrow

different-cognitive-thinkingYou can’t have it both ways… and you have to have it both ways

The West, the culture of the West is forcing. Forceful. Goal oriented. Mercantile.

No one is interested in the process, only in the result.

Western people are unhappy, and don’t even know the meaning of joy. Continue reading “The path is very narrow”

Days of Power – Get a huge energy infusion

days-of-powerSome days are special in that you can get enough power infusion into your life for a whole month, some days even for a whole year.


That pesky but is there, of course.

To connect to that power, on your own, you need to have a high enough consciousness… and you don’t. So what can you do?

For the most part: nothing. You can work on elevating your consciousness, but so far you have proven unequal to the task, and unwilling to do the work. Because what elevates consciousness is restriction… Restricting your desire to receive for the self alone… Going against your selfish genes.

But you can “use” an intermediary, a channel… me. Continue reading “Days of Power – Get a huge energy infusion”

Bread of shame and the capacity that makes it OK to receive… by earning it retrospectively.

FREEBread of shame 1 is a term Kabbalah uses for a situation when someone receives and receives, with no means, no desire, or no opportunity to reciprocate or earn it.

Welfare recipients eat bread of shame.
Adult children who don’t pull their weight live on bread of shame

And I have had some opportunities for bread of shame…

Receiving bread of shame is often the perpetration in the perpetration-withhold dynamic.

You receive unearned benefits… and to compensate, you get angry and hate the giver. Nasty dynamic. Sinister.
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There is no such thing as a free lunch… you need to earn it. Somehow

free_lunchThe concept of earning it, earning the light, earning the capacity

People who come to me don’t know that you cannot have anything long without earning it.

In Kabbalah they talk about the advance of Light… that you lost with interest… if you don’t do what you promised to do.

I learned this the hard way: I promised to send a stack of postdated checks as a donation to the Kabbalah Centre. Then I realized that it wasn’t going to work for me, and didn’t send the checks.

When I made the promise, the result was almost instant: I got several orders, and I made a lot of money that day.

Then, when I decided not to send the checks, the refund requests came, I hurt my back and had to see a chiropractor every day for two weeks, and my car broke down needing repair.
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Wanting to help? Don’t get hooked and pulled off your path

help wanted. inquire withinA friend of mine called me this morning. He reported that on Channel 5 they are selling audios like mine. I got hooked.

I said: “Not audios like mine! audios sounding like mine… Those audios are just sound, no energy!” actually I shouted it.

But he had a different agenda, he just needed a foot in the door… But for that he needed to pull me out of my equilibrium, my harmony… like make me stand on one foot, or rub my tummy circularly with one hand and hit my head… near impossible.
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Updated: Higher Vibration and The Illusion of Dark Side

dark side illusion Questions about dark side and dark energies are coming up a lot nowadays.

My approach to dark side


… is Kabbalistic because Kabbalah’s approach to this issue is more useful for someone who wants to understand the issue or Dark Side.

You see, “where attention goes energy flows.” And that attention actually creates or strengthens that which it energizes, even if it wasn’t there before. Especially when you say you don’t want it. Resistance to something is like pouring oil on the fire… makes it bigger. Like “I have no time”, like : I am confused,” like “nobody likes me.” creates exactly what it complains about. Or “I am NOT stupid” or “I don’t want to feel this” or telling fear to go away, and the thousand and one way you can resist something. Even ignoring something is resistance to it.

In a recent Landmark Education seminar I learned that the poison that human beings swallowed wholly and greedily is “there is something wrong here,” the foundation of human misery, the dark side: Right and Wrong… behaving as if there were a right way and this isn’t it.

It seems that you never stop for a second to ask the questions that could create choice:

Possible question to create choice #1:
You ask: Hm, Something wrong here? Says who? Then answer: _I_ say so (the same person who asked the question). Next: ask: who assigned me to be the judge? Do I know how it is supposed to be? Do I see the whole picture? — And if you are anyone other than God, the answer is that you can’t see the whole picture, and therefore you don’t know if it is really wrong what’s happening… so you can see that you can’t tell wrong from right… Not knowing is a much higher state than being sure.

Possible question #2: Who or what wins if I choose to say “there is something wrong here.”
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I won’t do anything for money I wouldn’t do for free

work-for-moneyI promised to you to report whether the method I recommended worked or not.

The method: tell the story in a way that you completely own what belongs to you, your actions, your reactions, your attitude, your thoughts, your emotions, your expectations, your intentions, etc. And keep telling the story until all the blame disappears.

Now, just by retelling the story to you, I managed to disappear the blame. (Of course I have been practicing taking responsibility for what I own, what belongs to me, for decades! You may not get such fast result!) I started to feel energized, happy, bright, and ambitious again. I started to ask questions and get answers.
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