Confessions Of An Empath

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Confessions Of An Empath

I didn't know that the feelings I experienced weren't only mine until a few months ago. I was 63 years old. I had never heard about the phenomenon, so I never suspected.

I had a long history of living like a phoenix... burned and crashed and then reborn from the ashes.

My Mother, the empath

I hear that the curse of being an empath is inherited, and upon further looking into the path, confirming it with muscle testing, my mother carried the cursed gene.

Did she show any signs of being empathic in ways that it would be a good thing? Not at all. Instead she showed the aspect of empaths that the unaware empath demonstrates: being the trash collector of other people's badness.
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You Wake Up In The Morning Only Because You Didn’t Die The Night Before

I woke up this morning because I didn't die the night before. I need coffee to face the day You Wake Up In The Morning Only Because You Didn't Die The Night Before

There is a core group of people that come to every class, every meditation, read most of what I write.

You would expect them to rise steadily on the vibrational scale, wouldn't you? I did.

To my dismay they aren't. Why not? They are doing the work, right? You say. Maybe even they say that.

No. They don't. They may pretend to do the work, but the work they do, is not the work to do.

Let me explain: The work to do is to restore the Original Design in your own life, and live it.
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What Is The Holographic Universe, And Why It Is Important For You To Know It Inside And Out?

holographic universe: hologram or real? matrix or is there anything else? What Is The Holographic Universe, And Why It Is Important For You To Know It Inside And Out?

I've read a book 1 on the holographic universe. It was interesting, it was nice, but it was hard to see why it was useful to know it. Yet, this may be the most important piece of information that humanity needs right now. This information may change the future.

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Why Would You Want To Be Grateful? What is Gratitude Going To Do For You?

Gratitude puts you in the driver seat, activates abundance In this article I am going to teach you about gratitude. I will show you why you haven't been able to evoke this powerful state, even though gratitude opens the gates of Heaven, opens your ability to ask for what you desire, and get it.

Chances are that your Original Design capacities have been activated. That means that your vibrational frequency is at 299, or will be in a matter of hours or days.

299 is the dividing line between being able to be a cause in your life and in your reality, or staying an effect.

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Star Trek The Next Generation, Plugged Up Toilet, Foul Breath, Higher Vibration

higher vibration

Star Trek, Plugged Up Toilet, Foul Breath, Higher Vibration

If you know me, you know that I love movies. There was a time in my life when I thought that meant that I should, somehow, be involved with movies.

Today I know better. Movies is Source's way to talk to me, to open my mind, make me an Expanding Human Being.

So, what about movies... are you going to talk about them?

Yes, yes. But before I get to them, I'd like to share how I notice that my vibration is significantly higher than it used to be.

Yesterday I heard a knock on my back door, and it was my landlord. Turns out the hot water heater broke and flooded the basement.

He asked for a flashlight, and futzed about for quite a while. An hour later I noticed that the water was shut off. I saw him leave... so I yelled after him: "You never told me you were going to shut off the water, so I can be prepared..." I felt angry for a minute and then I laughed.

My landlord was true to form, totally oblivious of other people's needs, concerns, rights, or anything beyond his own needs and concerns. It is actually funny.

I had an energy treatment and massage appointment today, and I was looking forward to the session and the money... I'll just take a shower in the downstairs apartment, I thought, but turns out the water is turned off in the whole house. Bummer. No water to wash my hands, no water to flush, luckily I had some energy water in my pitchers...

Called the client and canceled. I am not comfortable having a client when I am unbathed, and the toilet is not flushed.

Then I observed my mouth. It went in the usual "I am personally offended" position, corners down, pouting. But the emotion wasn't there. I laughed. I scanned my body, and no sign of tension. Wow. I don't think this ever happened to me before. I had nothing to process, no attitude to adjust, I was just peaceful, cheerful, happy, as if nothing happened.

OK, this is what's possible when you raise your vibration.

Now, onto the movies:

Movie #1: Star Trek, The Next Generation

I was advised by Source to watch this series on my computer. (Oh, no, not another Medium 104-episode run!?)

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No One CAN Do It FOR You… And Even if They Could…

Most "do-it-for-you" programs don't work. Why? Are they bad? Are they fakes, thieves, or is there something in our design as human beings that prevents us from taking advantage of these opportunities. This is what this article is about. Surprising. Documented. True.

Note from a decade later: Imagine waking up one morning with the physique of a body builder. A copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Or a female equivalent of Arnold...

Do you think it would benefit you? For longer than a minute?

Everything that you did not earn will atrophy. I have learned this the hard way. I started to turn on DNA capacities for people... and look with horror, as one after the other they turned off.

The recipient didn't earn it, so they can't keep it.

It's the same with lottery winners... You have to earn what you want... And that is the principle of this article.

No One CAN Do Anything FOR You... And Even if They Could...

Surprising title, isn't it? Especially from an Internet Marketer and Coach. After all, the best product to sell is something that you do for them, right?

Yes and no.

Everyone hopes that what they need can and will be done for them. So, as an Internet Marketer I can make a boatload of cash by promising that.

But here is the kicker: No one really appreciates what they get ready. Why? Are they unappreciative? Do they lack the genes for appreciation? Do they have the habit of it?


If we take what Kabbalah* says about how it all works, especially what is the inner motivator of every human being: to develop one's Self to the fullest in a lifetime by correcting the areas where they fall short from fully being their divine (giving) nature... every time someone does something FOR you, they rob you of the opportunity to do it for your Self... because the thing looks done.
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