Raising Your Vibration: It’s a process, not an event

It’s a process, not an event

One of the issues you may deal with is the result of widespread misinformation. It’s been around for thousands of years, and it is as damaging as any mass-distributed toxin, maybe even more. Why? Because your body can’t manufacture antibodies against information.

The idea of instant healing, instant transformation, instant transfiguration is what I am talking about.

That idea makes you think that you can get from A to Z in one fell swoop, suddenly; in a single action.

Life doesn’t work that way. Life is based on principles, one of them is the Principle of Process.

Insights may happen instantly, but turning an insight into a breakthrough, or a result takes a process. And even insights take a process as well.

Building anything takes a process of many steps.

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Do You Feel Stuck? Case study of a client who got unstuck

Do you feel stuck? Are you trying to do everything but you still are stuck at the miserable place instead of where you could be your best?

If so, you are not alone.

One of my clients used to be in constant survival.

  • He could see that he wasn’t doing what he really wanted to do with his life.
  • He knew he loved to learn.
  • Also: He loved to be in conversations about deep issues where he could distinguish, for himself and another what they were looking at, deeply, precisely and in a way that it altered life. He loved that.
  • And he loved teaching.

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Learn to change the context to raise your TLB

I read articles. And I found this one in my inbox today… I could have said: I already know this… and I would have missed a conclusion that is very important to YOU…

Don’t know what TLB is?… It is your Twitchy Little Bastard score… when it is low, you are weak at doing the deed… You run for the hill, you quit, you have no patience, no vision… You are likely a disappointed little victim of life. But you can read this article and get some surprising tools. I’ll summarize it at the end. Continue reading “Learn to change the context to raise your TLB”

Breakthrough: what is it? how do you cause it?

breakthroughBreakthrough: how do you cause one? There is a science to causing breakthroughs! Learn it! This article teaches it.

No matter on what level you are on the evolutionary scale, the percentage of knowledge that you didn’t know that you didn’t know stays at 99%.

Sometimes it overlaps with what you think you know because, most of what you think you know, you mostly do not know, or it isn’t so: low truth value.

But to cut this part short, every breakthrough comes from the 99% that you don’t know that you don’t know.

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Before a breakthrough you’ll have immense suffering

breakthrough‘There are people who take the heart out of you, and there are people who put it back,’ wrote author Charles de Lint. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, your heart will encounter far more of the latter than the former types of people in 2020. There may be one wrangler who tries to take the heart out of you, but there will be an array of nurturers who will strive to keep the heart in you — as well as boosters and builders who will add even more heart.’ my horoscope by Rob Brezsny came in the mail today.

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The mind is the stupid part of you…

Your mind, your stupid part, has no direct knowledge about reality. It has no concern, no regard to reality… It has in it what the memes have programmed it to have… 1% reality, 99% b.s. And your mind is, therefore, your worst friend. It is killing YOU and it is killing your life… sometimes slowly, sometimes really fast. 1

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My life in Film Noir, Fritz Lang’s M, Tongue in The Shoes

I had a conversation with Zsuzsa, a friend of mine from architecture school.

I normally hide from her, because she is traditionally areal downer. But last instant messaging we had she sounded upbeat, so I thought, I’d give it a try. I know how to break off a conversation when it goes south.

As fate has it, she broke her hand a few months ago, it didn’t heal well, and she has had a lot of pain. Interestingly it has changed her. Permanently or temporarily, I don’t know. My hunch is that it is temporary…

Anyway, I shared with her my experience with the nose bleed. She didn’t quite grasp it at first. She has had nose bleeds but her first thought wasn’t: this is the beginning of the end, so for her the chance of a breakthrough with that would have been small.

On the other hand, given that she is an architect, her right hand is her bread and butter, so creating a new way to look at it was a definite breakthrough for her.

I was mulling over this today as I was washing my hands in the bathroom.

“You need to trust the whisper inside your head that says that what’s happening is a good thing.” I thought, but then I cringed. Some 58 years ago I thought just that and where did it lead me?!
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What is MY Tikkun? Tikkun is your soul correction. Kabbalah

Tikkun is soul correction.

Why does the soul need correction?

Because the original vessel that became the souls of humanity was created for pure receiving. And although it was ‘infected’ with the desire to receive for the sake of sharing, its base and original nature is desire to receive for the self alone.

Each soul correction aka Tikkun has a different way of desire to receive for the self alone…

With that said: your Tikkun is your soul correction.

My tikkun, my soul-correction is ‘Forget Thyself.’ That is #34. You get to the soul correction number through adding up the individual digits of your date of birth. It will be a two digit number…

Ultimately, we could guess that soul correction is a Kabbalistic numerology guided phenomenon. Continue reading “What is MY Tikkun? Tikkun is your soul correction. Kabbalah”