How a collage is a diagnostic tool


the field of admirer-admired collage“What does it matter how many lovers you have if none of them gives you the universe?” French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan posed that question. I invite you to put it at the top of your list of hot topics to meditate on. In doing so, I trust you won’t use it as an excuse to disparage your companions for their inadequacies. Rather, I hope it will mobilize you to supercharge your intimate alliances; to deepen your awareness of the synergistic beauty you could create together; to heighten your ability to be given the universe by those whose fates are interwoven with yours.

In the current live course, from Upset to Communication we have come to the last of the four non-elevated fields of communication, Admirer-admired. My horoscope, above, for the coming week reflects that.

One of my students has already sent me her collage. It has given me a glimpse into her internal conversations that is deeper than I have ever seen… and I have known her for almost six years now.

Collages, where you go through pictures in magazines, or memes on the internet, are the best way to reveal to yourself your relationship, opinion, attitude about the world, about others, about yourself, about effort, ambition, etc.

Making collages has two parts:
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The size of your foundation, your astuteness, capacities

Note: this is an important article… please read. It summarizes a lot of what is not working about you… and what you can do about it.

I really enjoy the work on people’s hydration.

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Tai Lopez’s 5 Steps To ‘The Good Life’

tai-party-croppedI am a coach. But spirituality is a tricky thing: not much action: most things happen on the inside as a result of some shift.

But… but it is only possible to coach someone who is in action.

For decades I tried to coach people who weren’t… and it was a waste of my efforts. Decades. I hated my life… 🙁

Finally I wisened up when I myself bought Tai’s program and started to do it.

It was action. Daily or five times a week action. I either did it or didn’t do it. I either paid attention or I didn’t. I was either humble and soaked it up like a sponge, or judged it. I was either growing or shrinking. It had a what and it had a how aspect. Excellent.

I saw that it is the perfect thing for my clients and students to do: do the 67 steps… and then suddenly there will be sense in coaching them. 1
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