The invisible difference between a producer and you… is in the how dimension of life

The secret of producers in the invisible (both to you and them!) dimension. They do something differently from you… and they don’t even know it. I am an empath… and I feel what you do, and I feel what they do… I feel your how…

One area where the two how’s are strikingly different is your self-image. This is crucial… by the way. So please pay attention.

I won’t charge you a million dollars, even though it would be worth it.

You are who you are, the many different characteristics that describe what you do, how you feel, what you go for, and what you shun… are all a result of decisions you made when you were upset, in trouble, and when your brain misbehaved. Continue reading “The invisible difference between a producer and you… is in the how dimension of life”

Why you are not, in fact cannot be curious? Are you screwed now?

I have decided to re-read the Feelings book, and this time make it a study, memorize the names of the different needs, take a more earnest approach to learning the “language” of the machine that is need-based.

I am feeling a mix of fear and excitement. where? in my stomach, expanding to my chest.

My plan is to read/study the book is to study it at the beginning of my evening reading session for about 10 minutes, and then switch to my “other” book… whatever book I am reading in the evening at the time… currently it is “Curious” by Ian Leslie.

I am reading Curious for the second time, and this time it is, given the chance, going to change something in me and consequently in how I teach, how i guide, and what I expect YOU to do.

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A counter-intuitive strategy you’ve been missing…

build the habit firstSometimes you just do what you do… but you can’t see the forest for the trees… until someone puts a label on what you do… I am talking about myself…

This is what happened today… what a glorious day!

Because unless you see the forest… you may be doing the right thing, but

1. cannot teach others to do the same
2. cannot start a new “forest” in a different area

Create the habit first… That is the principle… Unless you know the principle, you can’t teach it… Unless you can teach it, it is not conscious enough… it is not guiding enough.

Most people start doing things wanting instant results. It is like building the penthouse first… It is not going to work.

Why is this revolutionary?

When you tackle one thing at a time, you are doing simple things easy. That is another principle: do simple things easy! Continue reading “A counter-intuitive strategy you’ve been missing…”

Capacities, constructive attitudes. How do you create them?

Capacities, possibilities, new constructive attitudes…

  • What these share is that they are words first and foremost.
  • The second thing: saying the words will not make you that…
    And unfortunately, it turned out that turning on the capacities in the DNA won’t create permanent changes… unless.

So what is the technology of inventing and making these capacities, possibilities and attitudes real?

This is what this article is about. It’s about you learning how to have what you want.

Let’s first talk about what people want… What you want. Continue reading “Capacities, constructive attitudes. How do you create them?”