What is the secret formula of accomplishment? Money, health, loving relationships?

from-little-to-bigSummary: In this article I am attempting to make the impossible possible, the unlikely likely… making great white sharks from minnows… 1 to awaken the spirit dormant within you.

There is a “secret” formula, hiding in plain sight… But you can only see what your societally established filters allow through. Let us see, if I can break through, and show you the secret, so you can, finally, start accomplishing stuff… instead of being a permanent failure.

Warning: don’t miss the footnotes: in this article they are especially important!

To get anything of value accomplished one needs

  1. work and one needs
  2. tools and skills. One also needs an environment (context) where
  3. one’s purpose makes sense, and seems possible, seems doable to the person intending the accomplishment.
  4. it is supported by the environment (context) and doable.
  5. And one needs other people that make it possible to do more than just take care of life, taking care of the basics of life, so one has time for an accomplishment, outside of the basics of life.

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No matter what I do… A great self-deception

no-matter-what-i-doDo you ever use that one, “No matter what I do…”?

I caught myself saying that today. It was regarding eating. I used to have it in every area of my life, but it seems that the Harmonize audio has zapped that excuse almost completely out of use.

The “No matter what I do…” is not for public consumption, very rarely, if ever, I hear it from a student. I feel it, and I identify it… the answer is always a chuckle.

The feeling is a tight belt or rope from underarm to underarm. Painful, restricting, completely blocking your movement forward. Self-imposed, unreal, much more effective than anything real that you need to face.
no-matter-what-i-do2The behavior: no action. Not even an attempt. It is used as a jolly joker in card games: it replaces any action with the statement. If you can say: “No matter what I do…” plus no action: for you it is as good as have acted and failed.

The chuckle is irrepressible, it is like a micro-expression, it happened before you are conscious that it’s coming. Then it disappears as fast as it came, and you are back again in the seriousness of your victimhood.
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The Nature of Reality: Glimpses, reality, filters: why is the world the way world is… different for different people?

the nature of realityI had a rare glimpse at the nature of reality today.

It’s been happening quite some time, but I could never catch the why of it…

Imagine the scenario: you are playing a card game with 52 cards. No one is there to move the cards, just you, and you don’t cheat.

You get to a point where you are clear that you lost the game. So you go and make yourself a cup of tea, go to the bathroom, answer the phone… whatever.

About 10 minutes later you come back and look at the game. Before you close it, you just want to look at it again. And miracle: you suddenly see a way that, in three more steps, instead of losing, you’ll win this game.

You suspect divine intervention. You suspect miracle… but what happened, really? What is the “real” nature of reality?

Ever since I started to run the Harmonize Your Vibration audio in the background, I’ve been having miracles like this happen, several times a day… but this time I caught the “what happened” part, for the first time.

I caught the thoughts “it’s impossible…” and “I can’t…”
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